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A Matter of Time

Happy Anna Weekend 2017!

A/N-Set in A Major Life Universe here.  This takes place in the off season when Kristoff is still in the Minor Leagues.  Most of the fic is told from Kristoff’s view.  I wanted to give Anna’s POV this time in this little backstory.  

Rating: T (for brief mention of sex)

Words: around 1300

Anna, like most people lived by the ticking of the clock.  She knew down to the second how long it took her to walk to the bus stop. She could already tell if she was going to miss it when she walked out the door of the apartment.  She hit the snooze button on her phone exactly 5 times each weekday morning unless she was extra tired and went for a sixth.  

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And You May Lose Your Heart [Stephen Strange x Reader]

Author’s Note: Buckle up, folks. This is a long one. Ahaaaaa. This took a while to write. I haven’t written anything of this length in ages. But it was actually nice to take my time and really get detailed. Although I probably won’t do fics this long that often lol. Hope you like~

Spoiler Warning: They’re brief, but spoilers are spoilers. So.

Word Count: 11,054 (you read that right)

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y’know what i really live for? yoongi breaking people’s expectations

like i somewhat have this coffee shop au in my head, no specific pairing really, but like yoongi frequents this coffee shop all the time

he always has his laptop  open and he sits in what the employees all dub, “his” corner, with his laptop and his notebook out and huge ass headphones on and he’s there every morning on weekdays for a few hours before he leaves

and poor guy has the most intimidating resting face and he always looks so tired and dead that everyone just automatically dubs him as the typical morning grump that always orders black coffee, no milk or sugar, and hates people

the employees and the regulars all know of yoongi and everyone gives him a wide berth usually

but then one early morning, these 2 boys come in

they’re younger guys, relatively same height, one with a wide boxy smile and the other with cute bunny teeth

they both order drinks and they look around and they spot yoongi. they get huge smiles on their faces and they start. heading. to the corner™.

and the whole coffee shop just inhales as one and holds their breath because omfg there’s gonna be a murder

the guys sneak up on yoongi and then the boxy smile guy just thumps his hands on yoongi’s shoulder and yoongi jumps so hard and he turns around and

he smiles

the cutest, most endearing gummy smile with crescent eyes and squishy cheeks and everyone is flabbergasted and a little bit in love

and after that day, he sometimes comes in with a few other boys, always the same 6 though, and he smiles and laughs and jokes around all the time

and it’s beautiful :’)

I like to imagine coming home to you in a small apartment after a long day of work, a little pup trailing behind you as you greet me inside. Or maybe I would get home before you and have dinner waiting as you walk through the door. Either way, I like to imagine my home and my house finally being in the same place. I like to imagine Saturdays full of adventure and lazy Sundays with nowhere to be besides wrapped in your arms. I like to imagine busy, rushed weekday mornings; even dreaded Monday mornings would be something to look forward to when spent with you. I like to imagine falling asleep beside you every night and waking up next to you every day. I like to imagine no longer falling asleep to goodnight texts. I like to imagine no longer having to say goodbye. I like to imagine no longer going weeks without seeing the one person I want to be with always. I like to imagine forever with you.

In which Gabriel is king of flirting

For @casandsip because fluff.

Gabriel was the king of flirting. Everyone knew it. He told them so all the time.

He was charming. He was witty. He was reasonably good-looking and knew how to persuade people he was more than that. He could flatter his way into anybody’s good books.

But he still couldn’t get that gorgeous, adorable, floppy-haired art student to notice that he was hitting on him.

Every weekday morning at eight he’d shuffle into the coffee shop where Gabriel worked, rubbing his eyes and mussed-up and yawning hugely behind his hands, rubbing them together in their patched brown woollen gloves to chase away the late-winter cold. Every day he’d order the same boring boring black coffee in a take-away cup just in case he had to run away early (which he never did), and he’d smile the same sleepy distracted adorable diffident smile when he thanked Gabriel for making it. Then he’d curl up at one of their corner tables with his books and pencils (or charcoal, or pastels, or whatever it was that day), and go to work.

Gabriel had considered the question at great length over the last month or so—usually out loud, to Balthazar or Charlie or Anna or Castiel, until Balthazar draped a towel over his head to shut him up—and had come to the conclusion that there was absolutely nothing in the world so attractive as the expression of concentration on the face of a gorgeous genius as he made gorgeous works of genius. Unless it was the way he sometimes nibbled on his thumb when he was thinking. Or lowered his glasses on his nose to squint over the top of them for a different view. Or the way he filled his worn old shirts. Or—

Or the way he completely failed to notice every time Gabriel winked and flattered and tried to draw him into cheerfully suggestive conversation, because apparently his brain travelled straight from sleep to art without bothering to notice mundane details like the cutest of baristas in front of him.

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Be My Valentine

So this is my firs time writing anything NSFW so please be gentle with comments on it, feed back is greatly appreciated so that I can improve :) I hope you enjoy this.

For years I had waited for this day, the day that I would open my very own bakery/café and it was a very successful grand opening. After that my little business became even more popular and eventually I had become one of the top Café’s in the area, I was starting to get to know all the regular people who would come in and they were all so kind to me. There was a very special day, a day that I could never forget, it was the day that I met a man named Saeyoung. He was the kindest and funniest person in the world, always came in on the weekdays in between the morning and lunch rush maybe because there were less people that way. I fell for Saeyoung the moment I looked into his beautiful bright golden eyes; my heart didn’t stand a chance against his warm smile and happy laugh as he would tell his jokes every day.

Saeyoung would sometimes bring his brother in with him, he was a kind person but he never really talked to anyone. Saeran had mint green eyes and the same bright red hair as Saeyoung they were twins after all but they were very different from one another, Saeran was a quiet person who didn’t really like people so you would be lucky if he was your friend, and Saeyoung was so outgoing and funny he really enjoyed making people laugh and smile. I was lucky to have them both as my friends, they were always coming in to the café to see me, I enjoyed their company they always came in while it was slow it was nice because they would be my only customers for a time.

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Pynch au

Part 2 is here

-Imagine Adam as a school teacher

-A recently qualified teacher in his first full time teaching job at a nice little school

-The same nice little school that Ronan drops Opal off at every weekday morning at nine o clock on the dot

-Ronan might not have been all that interested in his own education, but the education of his dream child is something he takes very seriously

-Opal has only the best school supplies, has a set bedtime every week night and always has a nice bowl of fresh fruit in the morning before being dropped off. She deserves the best and she will get the best

-Her first day in her new class is super scary, but Mr. Parrish is the nicest teacher she has ever had.

-He talks softly to the kids and never raises his voice, even if they get a bit unruly. He teaches them fun games to remember their times tables and lets them colour in their worksheets if they finish early.

-His classroom is one of the nicest in the entire school.

- Artwork the kids have made for him hangs proudly on the wall behind his desk, colourful posters with facts are pinned on the others and there is even a quiet space at the back of the room where upset kids can go to calm down. It is separated from the rest of the class with one of those room dividers and has lovely soft cushions and teddies.

-Opal loves her new teacher so much and can`t stop telling Ronan all about him.

-“Today Mr. Parrish gave me three gold stars and told me my work was super good.”

-“Mr. Parrish said we can bring in toys or games on Friday if we all behave for the rest of the week.

-"He is the best teacher I`ve ever had. I think you`d love him too, daddy. He`s so nice and kind and smart and fun. It`s parents evening coming up and I can`t wait for you to meet him.”

-Parents night comes round and Ronan is looking forward to finally being able to meet the famous Mr. Parrish for himself

-When they arrive on Friday evening Ronan doesn`t even need to follow the signs that have been put up, because Opal is in such a hurry for him to meet her favourite teacher. She grabs his hand and drags him down the halls and into the classroom

-Dusty brown hair, blue eyes, delicate face and sunny smile. Not what Ronan was picturing at all.

-He was imagining some kind older man, maybe middle aged with grey streaks and laughter lines. Not this attractive young guy who couldn’t be much different in age to him.

-Ronan certainly wasn`t what Adam had pictured either.

-Shaved head, piercing eyes, expensive looking leather jacket and boots.

-Opal said they lived in a pretty house surrounded by fields and cows, but this guy that had just walked in didn`t looked old enough to be her father, and far too fierce to be a humble farmer

- After a moment to gather his thoughts, Adam offers his hand for Ronan to shake and introduces himself with a smile. Then he offers his hand to Opal, who pokes at it instead of shaking it whilst giggling happily.

-“You must be Mr. Lynch then? I`m your daughter`s teacher. Please have a seat.”

-They begin talking about Opal.

-Her schoolwork is great, especially  her projects on nature and science, because hello, she has hooves and lives on a farm. Her behaviour is normally great, though she does have a problem with sometimes speaking out of turn if she is really excited about the lesson.

-They bump into each other again a few days later when Ronan is dropping off Opal`s sports kit that got left in the car.

-He`s handing it into reception just as Adam is leaving the staff room

-They get talking and Adam ends up being a few minutes late back to his class after break.

-When picking Opal up that afternoon, Ronan ends up having to go into the school to look for the lunch box she has left.

-He finds the lunch box, but she has wandered off.

-He finds her halfway across the room in front of the teacher`s desk, talking to Adam about how wonderful her dad is and how much he likes him.

-If he could, Ronan would vanish on the spot. His face is red and his ears are burning for goodness sake!

-He hadn`t even mentioned Adam in front of her, but he did spend some time talking to Blue and Gansey about the cute teacher with the smile and the hands over the weekend when she was supposed to be in bed.

-Adam smiles when he sees him walk over, scooby-doo lunch box in tow, and tactfully changes the subject.

-“Why don`t you go and get your art project from your drawer to show your daddy?”

-Once Opal has scurried off they end up agreeing to go and get a coffee sometime

-Ronan has no idea how it happened. One minute he was doing his best tomato impression and babbling about nothing, and the next Adam Parrish was writing down his number and telling him about this quaint little coffee shop he knew

-Ronan drops Opal off with Blue and Gansey on the day of their first date

-They have a wonderful time

-She shows up to their second one and they go for a walk in the park and feed the ducks

-Their friends tease them about looking like a cute little family already

Originally posted by jayfatuasian

“Babe…?” Jay murmured, a frown finding its way to his face as his hands felt nothing but empty sheets on the spot beside him.

It was a weekday morning and that meant work for the both of you but as he squinted his eyes open to see that the room was still dark with the sun barely up, he was pretty certain that it was too early for you to be up especially since it usually took the both of you so much willpower to get out of bed. Hearing no response from you as he called your name a few more times, he crawled out of bed and lazily trudged to the kitchen only to see you hunched over the stove with one hand clutching onto your stomach.

“What is it about breakfast this morning that’s got you awake this early?” He asked, snaking his arms around you from behind and nuzzling your neck.

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Coffee Shop

A/N: I’m writing I’m writing! I kind of feel like this is garbage but it’s been a while so bear with me… it also has very little plot, just a little fluff piece!


“Here’s your regular Y/N, you have a great day!” the perky, blonde barista said cheerfully as she handed you your coffee. You got what you always got: the biggest black coffee the shop had to offer. Simple yet effective, as you always said.

You thanked her with a smile then took your place in your normal weekday morning coffee spot before you went to work.

Perched in your comfy chair, you sipped happily on your steamy cup of coffee. It was a routine of yours to ease your mind before you went to work: be the first one in the shop, then sit and people watch for an hour and a half. It sounded kind of silly, or even sort of creepy, but there was something about watching the hustle and bustle of other people’s mornings that relaxed you.

You saw plenty of the same people every day.

There was the old man with the brown fedora that got the smallest cup of coffee available, then dumped out half to fill up the other half with cream. You could see the cream stick to his gray mustache with each sip he took. He always brought a stack of cards to play solitaire with and stayed in the shop from open to close.

Then there was the middle aged Indian woman. She would walk in her blazer and pantyhose, eyes glued to her phone up until she sat down with her herbal green tea. But when she sat down, she turned her cell off and spend the rest of her time looking out the window, taking small sips of her tea. You imagined that was the most peaceful part of her day.

But the man who interested you the most was a young man. He would buy a tall black coffee, then fill it with spoonful after spoonful of sugar – seven scoops every time. He would come in every couple days, sometimes every couple weeks. But he would always come back.

You were at first drawn to him because of his good looks. His sharp jawline, his soft brown eyes, and slender, well-dressed figure were something that couldn’t go unnoticed. As he kept coming in, you would pick up more and more things about him that would intrigue you even further.

He was a speed reader. And when you say speed reader, you mean reading at an ungodly speed. You would watch him as one of his fingers would run down the length of the page within seconds, as the other finger twirled a strand his curly brown locks.

Your curiosity had almost got the best of you each time you saw the man. Your heart urged you to get out of your seat each time those friendly, mocha eyes glanced up at you, but neither of you would make the trek to the other’s table.

You sat with one of your favorite novels spread out across your lap when your mystery man walked in. Heart fluttering in excitement, you glanced up through your eyelashes only to find that he was already looking at you.

Was that a blush you saw on his cheeks?

After a few indulgent glances, you decided to get back to your book you were reading before the man had distracted you. You lost track of time while you read, and by the time you looked back up, you were almost late for work. You threw your purse over your shoulder and rushed out of the coffee shop.

You hadn’t realized that you had forgotten your book that just minutes ago you were so invested in. Luckily, your mystery man didn’t miss anything.

He rushed to your book then let his long legs take him outside to see if he could catch you. Standing on the busy sidewalk, he looked around with you nowhere in sight. Sighing in frustration, he opened the cover and smiled when he saw “Y/F/N Y/L/N” written in your sloppy handwriting.

He had a name at last.


The next morning, you walked into the coffee shop like any morning. “Hi there, I’ll get my usual” you said with a cheerful smile. About to pull the money out of your purse, the barista stopped you.

“Actually, your coffee has already been taken care of” she said with a grin as she pointed to your regular spot.

Following where her finger was pointed, you saw the young man who you had spent so much time thinking about holding a large cup of coffee in one hand and your book you had been missing in the other.

Slowly making your way over there, you swallowed nervously. You were glad that you were about to get your coffee because your mouth had suddenly went dry.

“Hi there… I erm, noticed that you left your book here yesterday by accident, and um… well I picked it up and brought it here because I uh, knew you came here often and I thought you might want it back”

The man was clearly nervous, fidgeting with his hair and hands and switching his weight from leg to leg a little too quickly. You could already feel the heat creeping up into your cheeks just from the way he was looking at you.

“Thank you, that was… very thoughtful of you. I really appreciate it” you said as you took the book out of his hands. A brief moment of silence washed over the two of you before the man spoke again.

“Oh! And I got your coffee… A plain, large black coffee? I’ve noticed that’s what you always get… not that I just sit here and stalk you…” he paused for a moment, as if trying to get his jumbled thoughts in order. “I’m a uh, profiler and sometimes that’s just hard to turn off… I erm, read it last night and really enjoyed it… I hope you don’t mind” he rambled quickly as he also handed you the book.

Gently taking the book out of his hand, you smiled even bigger. As if he didn’t already have enough going for him, he was ridiculously cute when he was nervous. “Wow that is so sweet, you really didn’t have to do that! And I don’t mind at all – it’s one of my favorites, I’ve read it so many times… and thank you for the coffee, um… I’m sorry, I didn’t get your name?”

“Spencer! My name is Spencer Reid. I suppose I should have started off with that” he said nervously as he rubbed the back of his neck.

“Well Spencer, you just made my morning and probably all of my co-workers’ mornings a lot better, so thank you for that” you said with a smile, gesturing to your coffee. You were not a morning person, and without at least a pot of coffee in you, you were basically intolerable. “I’m Y/N, by the way, but I’m sure that you saw that on the inside cover of my book…” you elaborated with a smirk. You could tell that this guy was smart.

His cheeks flushed a light pink as he put his head down and smiled. “Yeah, I uh, I saw that…”

You watched as his Adam’s apple bobbed when he took a nervous gulp. “Well, I um, can let you go… and do your normal thing you usually do. I just wanted to make sure you got your book back” he trailed off, almost whispering the last part. He started to slowly walk away but you caught his elbow with your hand.

“Wait… do you erm… maybe want to stay and chat for a little? I have quite a bit of time before I go to work and I would love the company…” You said softly. His face lit up as he nodded quickly, his long locks moving with each nod.

“Yeah… yeah! I would like that a lot” he said as he gestured for you to sit down first in your regular spot. Sitting down and smoothing your hair, you looked up at Spencer’s gleaming eyes. You couldn’t help but light up around him – he had this energy about him that perked you up.

As you began your conversation going over what each of you did for a living, each of you continued to get more and more comfortable with each other. Stories and thoughts flowed out of each of you so easily that it was as if you two were the only ones in that crowded coffee shop.

You could feel that it was the start of something beautiful.

Does College Radio Even Matter Anymore? | Pitchfork
“The friendships themselves and the musical discoveries that came along—it’s just the best thing that happened to me in college.”

I grew up in a college town, and in my teens I used to always tune in to the local college radio station. It was how I discovered a bunch of music in high school. When I went off to college myself one of the first things I signed up for was a slot as a DJ at the campus radio station. I had the (wildly unpopular among college students) 7am slot on a weekday morning that first semester, but I had a blast, got a job as the station librarian, moved to a late-night (10pm-midnight) slot that I would keep the rest of my time there. The station was in the basement of a dorm and I wander on over with my crate of cd’s (and frequently a beer or a few), and play tracks, hang out with friends in the studio, and occasionally chat back and forth with my small handful of reliable listeners. I eventually worked my way into the music director position at the station  and got to work with some record labels and select music for rotation for others to play. Good times. Some of my very best college friends and memories were made through college radio, and I discovered many favorite artists and albums at my time there.

Music formats and delivery are evolving, but college radio is a pretty uniquely positioned space for music discovery, developing relevant skills, and building community. And while it’s a lot easier to find obscure/interesting/independent music these days thanks to the web, I hope the space that college radio provides will continue to exist (at least in some format), so that awkward kids with an interest in music can keep tuning in and discovering music that will change their world.

Sweet; Minho/Key

There’s a man that Minho always sees at 8.20am, plus/minus 5 minutes, every weekday morning. Most of the time, it’s just a fleeting glance but on rare occasions when the man decides to patronize the small bakery he works at, Minho will be lucky to have at least 3 minutes of his time, exchanging polite smiles and words that never fail to get Minho’s mornings off to a good start.

Minho doesn’t know how to explain this. Or actually, he prefers not to think too much into this. It scares Minho a little. He can’t say he likes the guy. After all, he doesn’t even know him. One thing’s for sure though, the 8.20am man makes Minho happy. If Minho could have his way, he would certainly choose to be, at the very least, friends with his regular customer. However, there’s something holding him back. Putting aside the fact that Minho is considerably shy and reserved in nature, there seems to be a barrier separating them. It’s like they’re a part of different worlds.

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Title: the princess appears

Rating: General Audiences 

Summary:  Is that weird? Is it creepy to introduce yourself to a beautiful stranger after you’ve ruined their morning? (And is it totally crazy to ask them for their number and then ask them out and eventually marry them?)

Or, the one where Scott meets a stranger at a coffee shop and is totally going to do something about his giant crush on her. Tomorrow.

For Sanya’s ( @killianjonec ) birthday, which was, like, two and a half weeks ago. Happy belated birthday! 

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Got7 as single dads


Number of kids- 1 daughter (and don’t you dare touch her) 

Why they are single- Husband died of cancer when daughter was two.

1) That cup of coffee in the morning every weekday, no sugar, extra cream, 120°F exactly.

2) Reads the newspaper every Saturday, on his iPad or an actual paper while simultaneously watching CNN.

3) Wood works and and makes random items for around the house and in the backyard, probably carves birds in the garage at midnight.

4) Calls daughter Princess and loves her to death, would fight a bear like Leonardo DiCaprio to protect her.

5) Engineer, constantly burns coworkers with smart remarks, possibly will be promoted to boss soon.

6) Quizzes daughters possible dates, and is really, really protective.

7) Has a shotgun. Maybe two. 

8) Sweet but strict, makes sure his daughter does her homework, makes sure her skirt is not too high (finger tip rule), doesn’t let her go to parties.

9) Snuggles a lot, read bedtime stories, would stay home with her if she was sick, makes her green tea, kisses forehead.

10)  Daughters friends think he is hot, like really hot.

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A new tag!!!

Tagged by @aceofstars16!

1. Coke or Pepsi: Coke but honestly I’m a sucker for lemonade and other citrus juices.

2. Disney or DreamWorks: Disney will always hold a special place in my heart but I do love a lot of DreamWorks movies!

3. Coffee or Tea: Coffee, mostly bc I have like two cups weekday mornings. I do like tea though, it’s a different kind of mood.

4. Books or movies: jahskdjfasd Books but I haven’t had time to read a lot recently and it makes me so sad ;~;

5. Windows or Mac: Windows Apple more like Crapple ammirite

6. DC or Marvel: Marvel (but I’ve never been that into superheroes lol)

7. Xbox or PlayStation: What’s a video game. 

8. Dragon Age or Mass Effect: No really what’s a video game.

9. Night owl or early riser: Night owl but I have to get up early to get to school on time so really I’m just sleep deprived.

10. Cards or chess: Cards, depending on what game we’re playing. Hit me up with that Go Fish or BS.

11. Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate for most things but I like vanilla milkshakes.

12. Vans or Converse: Converse!

13. Lavellan, Trevelyan, Cadash, or Adaar: What dis.

14. Fluff or angst: Both are pretty good but give me that plot-less fluff any day and I am always down.

15. Beach or forest: Beach. More breeze and less bugs and dirt.

16. Dogs or cats: Dogs bc they will always 100% love you if you love them.

17. Clear skies or rain: Rain. It’s been raining a lot in CA for the first time in a long while and I am living.

18. Cooking or eating out: I can’t cook aside from, like, the toaster oven, but the Meal Makers in my house all make really good food.

19. Spicy or mild food: Mild because I am #weak.

20. Halloween/Samhain or solictice/yule/Christmas: Christmas for the delicious real food but Halloween has those major candy sales which is a plus.

21. Would you rather forever be a little too cold or a little too hot: A little too cold probably? Less sweating.

22. If you could have a superpower, what would it be: There’s that post that explains why the power to refill anything is awesome so I’m pretty down with that.

23. Animation or live action: Animation because, for example, every tiny thing is done for a reason, whereas things like character interaction in live action can be attributed to good/bad acting/actors and whatnot.

24. Paragon or Renegade: Whot.

25. Bath or shower: Showers. I will say that Japanese baths are very relaxing though.

26. Team Cap or Team Iron Man: Iron Man bc in Civil War Cap was being a bit of an ass hat but honestly they both were and if they just stopped being so bull-headed and fricking talked to each oth-

27. Fantasy or sci-fi: Fantasy! Because can’t you involve some sci-fi elements in fantasy worlds? >v>

28. Do you have 3 or 4 favourite quotes, if so, what are they:

I knew the Facebook ‘Favorite Quotes’ section would come in handy one day!

“Stupid dreams. Even the good ones are bad, because they remind you of how poorly reality measures up” -Connor from Unwind by Neal Shusterman

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind” -Dr. Seuss

I’m always sure of what I do. Sometimes I was just never sure if there was supposed to be a happy ending. -Cole from Forever by Maggie Stiefvater

29. YouTube or Netflix: Both of them but I check into YouTube more often.

30. Harry Potter or Percy Jackson: I…I have a stronger connection with Percy “Best Boy” Jackson but Harry Potter is also a big staple in my childhood.

31. When you feel accomplished: When I make a piece of art that I just can’t stop staring at.

32. Star Wars or Star Trek: Both? But also neither? I have two brothers who are fans of Star Wars and my dad grew up watching Star Trek (and is also a Star Wars fan) so I’m aware of both by association.

33. Paperback books or hardcover books: Hardcover because I love being able to take off the dust jacket and look at the design of the cover! But when I collect a book series, I need to have them all have matching covers for #aesthetic so it’s all paperback or all hardcover when possible.

34. Fantastic Beasts or Cursed Child: Haven’t seen or read but going off of what I’ve heard of Cursed Child, I think I’d probably like Fantastic Beasts more.

35. Rock or pop music: Pop probably, though I don’t actually know the specifics of what categorizes music genres.

36. What is the most important thing in your life: Probably my friends and making art. And the Internet.

37. Mountains or sea/ocean: Sea/ocean! It’s so open and there’s so much fresh air and water, I love it. Also less bugs and dirt than the mountains.

38. Name a couple songs you’ve been really into recently:

These two have been in my head for a few days, but only the chorus:

And I just really love Adventure Time miniseries songs, so have a few:

  • Evolution from Adventure Time episode Preboot
  • The Founders from Adventure Time: Islands pt 5 Hide and Seek

Wow, that’s a lot of questions. I don’t really wanna tag anyone… if you wanna do it, go ahead!