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“How ‘bout, Muffin?”

A/N: howdy! this one was requested ((ty you so much for this request honestly!! pls send in more if you have any!!) and I hope I brought your idea to life. I added a bit of a backstory to add some fluff but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out so idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

request: “Can you do a Bucky imagine where the reader has superpowers and she accidentally breaks Bucky’s metal arm by her powers or they have super strength and accidentally slammed his arm in a door or something like that. And reader feels super bad and sits with Bucky has Tony fixes his arm and the reader won’t stop apologizing and it ends in fluff”

pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

warnings: slight angst idk – more like banter?? Two implied swear words. One swear word. Bit of second hand embarrassment and rejection

word count: 5.8k (wowza, idk is it better to do longer imagines or short and snappy ones??  lemme know pls)


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Sluggishly, you dragged your slipper clad feet across the floor, slapping a hand over your mouth as you yawned loudly. You felt the comforter from your bed trailing behind you as you held it around your body, resembling a makeshift cape. You were sure you looked like a mess; you could feel your hair falling messily out of the bun you had strategically placed it in last night, your pyjama top slipping off your shoulders and you were certain that there were prominent bags lining your eyes. Smiling lazily, you mumbled a small “good morning” to Steve and Natasha who were fumbling in the kitchen preparing their breakfast. They returned your greeting, both however, seemingly much more awake than you were. Not bothering to suppress your sigh, you nudged Steve with your shoulder as you walked past. 

“Remind me again: why the hell do we need to wake up at an ungodly hour to practice punching each other?” You groggily mumble, your voice laced with sleep, narrowing your eyes when Steve laughed at you. 

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“It’s a lovely weekday morning in the village and you are a horrible goose.”

Monsta X as neighbors


•  rolls in on his scooter at like 2 in the morning every night, probably always waking you up
•  you’d think he was all badass, going to parties and staying out and everything…but he babysits dogs when their owners are away
•  and he’d tell you that one morning when you found him trying to get in your apartment bc he mistook it for his “are you sleepwalking lmao”
•  probably offers to cook you breakfast on the weekends if you’re not busy
•  bonus if you actually had a dog, he’ll give you discount and you’d have the pleasure of watching him being all cute and kissy with your pup


•  has knocked at least 17 times on your door, asking if you had any Ramen
•  even if you’re like “no……same answer as the last 16 times” he’s still like “ok well I have some, wanna come over?”
•  but it’s so fun flirting with him tbh he’s hilarious plus he always has expensive ice cream in his fridge that he’s willing to share if you came over
•  one time you found him flirting with your other neighbor when you came down the stairs “gasp, we’re you just hitting on timothy…I thought we had something special”
•  has a new hairstyle every time you see him 


•  introduces himself on like the first day of moving in, with a box of cookies and the whole shebang
•  way too cheerful and loud in the mornings but his energy rubs off on you and you can’t help but smile when you pass him in the hallway or the elevator
•  offers to go jogging with you on weekday mornings and have a late brunch
•  sometimes he comes over without any warning and makes himself a cup of tea while you’re cooking
•  has all the latest gossip on everyone in the building/street so you’re always scandalized


•  you probably heard about him before you even met him
•  “oh my gosh I heard he’s such a player tho” “did u see him blowing kisses at my dog???” “He looks like the type of guy to pour his milk before the cereal” look he’s just a dork
•  you always see him carrying brown paper bags for his groceries
•  retro 70s/80s music can heard from his door every Monday morning but you should probably not ask
•  has way too many plants and cacti in his apartment…..if you’re ever lucky to get invited inside to see


•  people would think he’s some sort of celebrity when he moved in next to you
•  always wearing blacked out shades and long pea coat even when it’s like 90 degrees at night
•  won’t even spare you a glance unless you’re carrying a new issue of his favorite magazine or you just smelled really nice “is that the new dior?”
•  once you have the privilege to step inside his abode, it’s like yall are besties and he’s sharing his favorite non-gluten recipes with you
•  gives everyone a stank look if if they stepped on his ‘welcome, bitch’ mat with their dusty shoes


•  does he even have hair on his head, why he always wearing a snapback ??????
•  brings his homies over every other night and it’s so loud, you can see like 3 or 4 more people sneaking in his door every few minutes
•  when you decide to finally give him a piece of your mind,  he’s like “bro come turn up its lit!!!! I got jello shots :’)))”
•  yeah ngl his parties are always lit and he plays the best music plus no one has any complaints bc they’re always at his place anyway
•  friends with the local pizza shop and has free deliveries if the manager is invited


•  an upstanding citizen, you’ve even seen him helping old people cross the street and save a fat pigeon from being run over by some kid’s skateboard
•  usually has his face buried in a book when the elevator is crowded, but you can bet he’s listening on everyone’s conversations
•  one time you caught him looking at your texts with your friend and it was just full of memes
•  that’s when he introduced himself…..I mean he kinda had to bc he couldn’t stop snorting at your sense of humor
•  has like 10 stray cats and cool lizards in his place “please don’t tell the landowner, I just couldn’t help myself :(”

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68/100 days of productivity!
I have started to get up super early everyday to have at least a bit of a productive morning, and it’s so good, I feel so refreshed everyday. Here is a ‘weekday morning routine’ page in my bullet journal. These stickers from DJECO are so cute!


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Summary: The Red String of Fate exists, and like only someone people in the world, you have the rare ability to see them- to change them.

Genre: Soulmates!Jungkook + angst-ish, (im sorry)

Word count: 7.5k

A/N : Hello! So this my attempt at a Soulmates!AU kill me now. This took me ages but now that this is out of the way, I can go back to writing Part IV of Neighbours! I hope you enjoy! I might do a Part II of this if people would like!

Part II

You had never believed in God.

You had never believed in the people that clasped their hands and fingers together in intercession or supplication prayers to the benevolent man who lived amongst the stars and rose with the sunrise and pulled the pomegranate pink and orange glows of a sunset at the wake of every horizon.

You didn’t believe in the man who smiled in the spectrum of rainbows to waterfalls and auroras and stormed in hurricanes and devastation when he raged. You didn’t believe in anything or second any thoughts to anyone else other than fate.

You had come to believe so religiously and so profoundly in destiny solely because you were sure that God simply could not be so cruel to grant you the life you had. You believed in fate because it hated you, spited you and things that caused hate existed far better than the things that didn’t.

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Happy Accident - Auston Matthews

 "you love me but you don’t know it yet / everything is just an accident; a happy accident"

inspiration: happy accident by saint motel

requested: yes | no

word count: 2769

warnings: you know me, i can’t write something without curse words in it

a/n: dad!auston is so cute, be prepared. also, i changed it up from the request but i hope it works anyway anon! if you truly want the exact request, i can probably write a second part with that in there!

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you’d never imagined yourself as a parent. sure, you cooed over babies and played the role of loving aunt, but you had never truly pictured yourself with a baby that was half you, half someone else.

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The Perfect Weekday Morning

Envisioning how my perfect morning would go really motivates me toward achieving it. I really encourage you to spend a quiet moment and plan out how you would want your ideal day to go, piece by piece. Plans provide focus.

 The following is my perfect morning, which is different during the weekdays than the weekends. On the weekends the perfect morning goes along the lines of “Sleep until it’s not morning anymore” hahaha. Just kidding… Sort of. My morning routine is also pretty short. I am a night owl and subsequently a late sleeper, but I have to leave for work by 8am, so I don’t do a lot in the mornings, lol.

6:45 - wake up; open your window blinds, stretch a little, make your bed and drink some water

6:50 - quiet time; spend some time without any people, pray or meditate, journal, and take some time to write down or remind yourself of what you want to accomplish in the day

7:00 - check social media and answer messages; I always do this in the morning because I look at Instagram like my parents read the newspaper

7:15 - get ready pt.1; splash some water on your face, run a comb through your hair, get dressed

7:30 - eat breakfast; try to eat a healthy breakfast, include some fruit, make yourself a bowl of oatmeal, whatever it is you like that’s also going to provide the nutritious breakfast your body needs

7:45 - get ready pt. 2; brush your teeth, apply makeup or anything else that you need, do your hair, boss babe yourself

7:50 - last minute prep; get your bag ready, put on your shoes, kiss your cat goodbye

These posts are so difficult to make haha. I really need to take a day and just whip up a bunch of them because I am way too busy on a daily basis to write these as needed.

Morning Routine | Tom Holland Blurb/Would-Include

I already know the spacing is gonna get messed up so please bear with me yikes

Requested: nope

Rating: PG

Summary: what I strongly believe weekday mornings with Tom would probably be like

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-you waking up to your loud alarm and tom shutting it off really fast and begging you to stay in bed with him for a while longer
-because he “just got back and he’s barely had a chance to see ya”
-(he got back a month ago)
-you letting him cement you in bed beneath the blankets next to him
-he’s like a human space heater
-but in a comfy way
-you telling him you need to get up even though you’d rather stay with him
-even though the blankets are super soft
-even though tom is kissing your face and neck and shoulders
-you lazily checking your phone and it believing your eyes when you realize it’s been 30 minutes
-jumpstarting out of bed despite Tom’s calls to take a “sick day”
-telling tom you’re now running late
-“oh no, shit, sorry babe that’s on me,”
-him asking what he can do to get you to work on time so you’re not stressed
-plugging in your hair styling tools so they’re ready when you need them
-him offering to pack your lunch and find your keys and your favorite shoes for work while you shower and dress
-him writing a cute note and humming with no shirt in the kitchen while making your lunch as well as he can
-you looking beautiful even though you feel rushed and flustered
-Tom telling you this and you scoffing but being super touched that all of your things are laid out conveniently by the door
-except your keys
-Tom is holding your keys
-Tom kissing you before handing you your keys and calling out something like
“Go get em, darling! I’ll be here when you get back!”
-him thinking how proud he is of you for working so hard and being so successful at what you do
-him sitting down at home and texting you a bunch of times even though he knows you won’t see them for hours
-“drive safe”
-“have a great day, you look amazing”
-“do you need anything from the store? I’ll just pick up some things”
-him being excited to hear about how your day went when you come home
-Tom realizing that he really doesn’t mind mornings so much now that his mornings involve you

Edit: Fixed any mistakes.

This is your schedule for Cartoon Network and [adult swim] for next week.

As you can tell, there is A LOT LESS Teen Titans GO and A LOT MORE variety unlike the previous week, obviously.

NEW EPISODES of OK KO continue Monday-Thursday next week, while We Bare Bears continues with NEW EPISODES, ending a long hiatus.

Oh, and guess what, a certain TV show that’s being praised more than its predecessor is RETURNING TO THE SCHEDULE weekday mornings at 6! Please tune in if you have the guts to do so!

don’t make me over

Kurt thinks today will just be an average day; he’ll go to work, he’ll pine for his friend-with-benefits Blaine (who he desperately wants to become more), and he’ll remind his boss for the millionth time that he doesn’t want to be set up with her son. It goes pretty much as he expects… well, sort of.

Written for @prompt-a-klainefic‘s Klaine Prompt Reversebang! This fic is based on this amazing piece of art by @quizasvivamos based on this prompt. A big thanks to the artist, who not only made this amazing art, but also made some follow up art based on the story, AND put up with my obnoxious emails about the fic. Also, thanks to teach for looking this fic over :) Hope you all enjoy <3

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Kurt’s alarm blares at 6:45AM, as it does every weekday morning. He sits up in bed, rubbing a hand over his face.

As he gets his bearings, sleep-fog clearing, he happens to catch sight of a head of dark curls pressed into a pillow, connected to some of the nicest shoulders he’s ever seen. He stares for a moment, then looks around.

Oh, fuck.

He jumps out of bed, which makes Blaine groan, arms curling around his pillow.

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She’s sort of drunk. This is the only time she does this. Left, left, left. She takes another drink from her beer, one of the ones that Poe buys and leaves in the fridge. Ew, left, once again. Just because she wants to get laid and is drunk, no, buzzed, enough to open up Tinder does not mean she’s desperate for whoever is within a five mile radius and is currently awake.


The next profile comes up and Rey almost chokes on her beer.


It’s him. The guy who stalks into Cantina Coffee every weekday morning at quarter to eight on the nose and orders a 20oz almond milk latte, with an extra shot, and a vegan blueberry lemon muffin, and puts $2 in the tip jar when most people just throw in their change or a straw wrapper.


Kylo R., the profile states. 31, Coruscant, Designer. Designer of what, she thinks, that’s fucking vague. But he is attractive. Gorgeous, actually. He’s polite enough when they interact in the mornings, and she had always assumed he’s rushing off to work, some office in a high rise downtown, judging by the well-tailored suit he wears and the fancy shoes.


Oh, fuck it. She swipes right without even bothering to flip through his pictures or read his About Me, then throws her iPhone into the couch cushions.


She gets up to go into the kitchen, grabs another beer and a party sized bag of Doritos, and hears her phone chime. Probably Poe checking up on me, she thinks.


Chips in hand, she plops back down on the couch, ready to watch some How Its Made reruns, text Poe that really, she’s fine, and have yet another nice night in, when she picks up her phone and unlocks it.

A Tinder notification pops up.

Fucking hell. This cannot be real. I just matched with Kylo.

special mission; jooheon smut


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warnings; violence, death, swearing porn with plot hehehe

mafia au!

summery; you are a powerful gang leader that is in a secret relationship with jooheon head assassin for the x clan, an allied gang. you go on an undercover mission to assassinate the leader of a rival gang. when jooheon found out he was not too happy and needed to let you know.

“excuse me y/n, when would be a good time to inform mister tuan of his sons disappearance?” asked your mouse like assistant meekly as she scurried to keep up with you. “tell him after we find a replicate.”  you replied grabbing one of the revolvers off of the pile waiting to be inspected.

your logo, a metallic gold serpent with a rose stabbed through its neck engraved into the butt of the gun was freshly engraved making a smile of pride flicker across your face. your assistant yelped when she saw your boyfriend jooheon stride down the cold grey hallway towards you two. 

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How To Stay in the Loop About Politics Without Using Tumblr

Look. Tumblr can be an exhausting source of news, and we all want to avoid clickbait. Here’s a couple of sources I recommend… 


NPR News’s Morning Edition (You can listen to the whole show, or just pick whichever stories interest you. Listening live is an option too, and NPR has lots of specific shows and podcasts that I highly recommend!)

New York Times’s Morning Briefing (Sends an email with the top headlines every weekday morning, with links to full articles. Non-subscribers only get ten free articles a month, but the briefing’s pretty informative. They also have newsletters specifically for Canada, Europe, Asia, and California, and a lot of special interest ones worth looking into!)

Washington Post’s Morning Mix (Like the New York Times one; seriously, check out their newsletter options! Very nice and informative, and they’ve got links to some seriously fantastic journalism.) 


All Things Considered with NPR News 

New York Time’s Evening Briefing


NPR’s Weekend Edition, Saturday and Sunday

There are plenty more out there, but generally these are reliable news sources that are up to date. 

And You May Lose Your Heart [Stephen Strange x Reader]

Author’s Note: Buckle up, folks. This is a long one. Ahaaaaa. This took a while to write. I haven’t written anything of this length in ages. But it was actually nice to take my time and really get detailed. Although I probably won’t do fics this long that often lol. Hope you like~

Spoiler Warning: They’re brief, but spoilers are spoilers. So.

Word Count: 11,054 (you read that right)

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