Week 14: I am still having bouts of nausea but for the most part I am feeling much better. I compared my belly to my belly pictures with Addy and right now it is the size of her at 17-20 weeks. It worries me a lot so I am going to bring it up with my midwife at our next appointment. My scale also had me at 124 this morning. That means I’ve gained 14 pounds since becoming pregnant. That also worries me because with being so sick why am I gaining that fast. I swear we are having twins. I was reading how if your first ultrasound was before 12 weeks (ours was at 9) that it is very possible to miss a second baby. I eat well and barely have indulged since I have been able to eat again, so I just find it really strange. I guess we will see though. I am going to start working out again and am going to join the prenatal yoga class at our community center. I hope it helps my hips not hurt so bad when I walk.

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On having Coach Fox back

“Coach, he was here Monday so we had a team meeting and a weight lifting session on Monday. Obviously he can speak for himself. I think you can probably tell how happy he is to be back, but the players we were excited to see him last Thursday when he came out to practice and we knew he would be back in full swing today and players have been excited to see him.”


On what it meant emotionally to see Coach Fox

“I can’t really describe the emotions necessarily. I know he’s excited to be back. You can sense that—that passion and enthusiasm. The players are excited that he’s back as well.”


On if it seems normal

“There hasn’t been a lot normal about this season by any means I don’t think. I wouldn’t say that.”


On Tennessee being one of the teams he thought about signing with last season as a free agent

“Yeah. It was a difficult process. You try to narrow it down to a couple teams. It takes some visits [and is] kind of similar [to] when you are getting recruited in college. You can’t go everywhere. I really enjoyed the time that I had with the Titans organization [and] really enjoyed spending some time with [Head] Coach [Mike] Munchak. I knew him a little bit. We played them all those years when he was the offensive line coach [in Tennessee] but enjoyed getting to know him. My dad played with Munchak with the [Houston] Oilers and then [I] enjoyed getting to know some of the folks in the organization. Had a couple of nice conversations with [Owner] Mr. [Bud] Adams and got to know some of their offensive coaches. They were first class. I enjoyed the process. Similar to college, like I said, you kind of almost want to go to each team for a little bit. Go play here for a year, go play here for a little bit but you got to make one decision. They were first class in the process and I enjoyed the time and obviously I chose Denver and I’ve worked every day to try to make it a good choice. I don’t think there’s ever a perfect decision in those kinds of scenarios but I enjoyed the time with them.”


On if he embraces the snowy weather for this week’s game and potentially for the playoffs

“Yeah. It is what it is. We practice in it. We played in it a couple weeks ago. We played in it a couple times last year and get to practice in it. We’ll handle it just like another team has to.”


On if he believes he’s a different player in the cold weather

“I don’t.”


On if he plays different in colder weather

“That’s not how I feel.”


On if wearing a glove has been a game changer for him

“It’s just part of the adjustment I’ve kind of had to make. I’ve said that I’ve had to make a lot of changes in this point in my career. I’m kind of coming off an injury and different team. It’s just been part of the adjustment so I don’t know what game changer really means exactly, but it’s part of the adjustment that I’ve made and tried to adjust and still working through it kind of each time that I wear it.”


On if he has tried various types of gloves

“I’ve experimented with them throughout my career even when I was in Indy. I never just quite found a pair that I liked so I finally found a pair that I liked. [Equipment Manager Chris Valenti] ‘Flip’ and [Assistant Equipment Manager Mike Harrington] ‘Harry,’ the equipment guys kind of researched and gave me some options. Found a pair that I liked.”


On if he enjoyed his SportsCenter interview with Anchorman II character Ron Burgundy

“I did enjoy it. I did it during the bye week so it was after we played the Redskins, right before that I think. We had some ties. The only way it was going to work out [was] do it during the bye week so [it was] a good time to do it. I think it’s hard not to laugh when you’re getting interviewed by Ron Burgundy (laughing). It took about 20 minutes and I was basically trying not to laugh the whole time.”


On what it says about the team in dealing with adversity and still playing well this season

“I think it’s something that you have to do in the NFL dealing with injuries. Like I said, we’ve had probably more than just the injuries to deal with. Guys have shown good resilience and just been able to kind of roll with the punches if you will. I don’t know what it says exactly I just know we’ve been able to adjust. Whether it’s another player stepping up or [Defensive Coordinator] Coach [Jack] Del Rio stepping in, people have been flexible and adjusted and stepped up. Then when those situations occur everybody else has to kind of raise their level of play and I think we have done that. I think it’s a positive and obviously you’d love for things to be status quo and normal but that’s not always the case.”


On how rewarding it was to see RB Montee Ball play well last week

“You always like to see young players play well and Montee has been thrown into the fire as a rookie. Some rookie running backs don’t play all that much, but he has been right in there and he’s done some great things. He’s certainly made some mistakes like all rookies do, all players do. I’m still waiting for somebody to break my NFL record for interceptions as a rookie—got to be a 16-game starter to do it though. Montee, he played well. He put the previous game behind him—it wasn’t a great experience for him. He’s worked hard. I think his continue to get better. You always hear about rookies kind of hitting that rookie wall during this time. This is well past the college season at this point and I haven’t seen him hitting that by any means. I think he’s got a chance to even get better down this home stretch.”


On how it affects him to get good production from RBs Knowshon Moreno and Ball

“It helps the whole team but as an offense you’re always looking for balance and certainly if somebody is hot you’ll kind of ride that wave a little bit. Knowshon was kind of hot the week before in the running game and you saw him getting the majority of the carries and then Montee kind of had the hot hand against Kansas City. The best thing about those guys—those guys are unselfish guys. They’re kind of all for whatever is working and whoever has got the hot hand. [Offensive Coordinator] Adam [Gase] does a good job and [Running Backs] Coach [Eric Studesville] ‘Studes’ does a great job rotating those guys in.”


On if he is eyeing the single-season touchdown passing record of 50 set by QB Tom Brady in 2007

“No not with the game we have this week. We’ve played some what I would call familiar opponents these past three weeks and we’re playing an unfamiliar opponent that [we] got to work hard to get to know them in a short period of time. I don’t know much about their offense, but defensively they’re a stout bunch. Tough against the pass and just not giving up a lot of points. I think they lost five games by one score—one possession—so that’s where our focus is and certainly our job as an offense to try to score points and that’s running the ball throwing the ball whatever it is somehow someway we got to try to score points to help our team win. That’s where the focus is and it’s pretty easy just to focus on that.”



On if he sees Titans Senior Assistant/Defense Gregg Williams’ influence on their defense

“It’s hard to say. I’m really still getting to know them. At this point in the season there are certainly a lot of games to watch and so it takes some time to get to know them and really see kind of who you think they might be. That they have good players. Their front is very stout, disruptive. [They have] fast linebackers and a really good secondary. Top cover guys and [S Bernard] Pollard is a great physical presence. I see a good defense that’s what I see.”


On how the team avoids a letdown in the final quarter of the season

“I agree we do break it into quarters and this is the first game of the fourth quarter and he (Head Coach John Fox) talks about trying to get into some kind of flow and rhythm and maybe get some momentum here in December. You can’t do that if you can’t get off to a good start. We’re playing a good team. A team that’s still right in the middle of it. Every game that they’ve played they’ve been in. Tipped ball here or there. They had a dropped interception last week that probably could have made the game go another way. I think it’s easy to focus on this opponent. Hopefully we have a good week of practice and transfer that to the playing field.”


On why the offense has been more productive this season

“I think when you’re kind of right in the middle of the season it’s hard to compare too much to last year. We have some new players here this year that weren’t [here] last year and have a new offensive coordinator so we’ve certainly had quite a bit of change. I think guys have been flexible. Kind of like saying earlier, guys have been flexible to adjust and try to make the best out of the changes and try to adapt and we’ve tried to do that. Still some things that we need to improve on and we like to improve on like to get fixed and be better down this home stretch than we have been in the earlier games. It’s hard to pick what particular things, but guys some individual guys have played really well at times. [WR] Eric Decker’s game last week was nothing short of spectacular and [WR Demaryius Thomas] ‘DT’ has had some great games. Knowshon the week before was just outstanding. There are a lot of guys that are just in the trenches that are doing great work every single week too. It’s a team, group effort.”


On how tight the circle of people was who knew where he was going to sign last year

“I tried to find a city just to hang out in that didn’t have an NFL team. That was difficult. I tried to go down to Miami for a bit and the Dolphins are there—that’s hard. Indianapolis has a team. I found a little haven there in Tennessee, not in Nashville, that gave me a little time for some peace and a little time to think a little bit. Certainly Ashley (his wife) and I had a lot of talks about it. It was going to be a big impact on her and our family as well. You talk to your parents. Obviously Tom Condon (his agent)—keeping him kind of abreast. It wasn’t a huge network by any means. You got to be pretty careful who you share something with if you want it to truly remain [a secret]. I went through that process. I wish I probably had a little more time to do it. You felt a little bit squeezed by the teams. I really didn’t like having some teams kind of in limbo based on what I was doing. I did not enjoy that with the draft coming up and teams had made decisions. It was just so not private. It was very public and it was definitely kind of a load lifted off your shoulders once you could pick one place. I remember just when I got into the weight room here I really felt like I could go back to some normalcy and work. I think just the timing of it made it kind of a difficult time in a lot of ways.”


On how difficult it has been to establish a routine

“It’s just part of adjusting, I guess. This is kind of the second chapter of my career and so I don’t really make a lot of comparison or say, ‘Hey this is how I used to do it when I was in Indianapolis.’ I’ve kind of stopped doing that—I think that’s helped to be more flexible and take the recommendation of some people that have been in this situation before whether it’s ‘Greek’ (Steve Antonopulos), who was John [Elway’s] trainer during his later years. John has given me some advice on the physical aspect on certain things. I’ve just tried to adjust. I think your routines do change. My Mondays and Tuesdays are a little different than what they used to be and that’s just part of adjusting. You got to be able to call audibles in all aspects of life and I think I’ve been able to do that. I’d like to get back out there on some Wednesdays. I do feel that it has made a difference for me physically and feeling a little better. All parts of the body. Greek and I have talked about that and that was his recommendation again this week especially with the Thursday game coming up and the short time. I try to listen to these [suggestions]. I’ve spent a lot of time with doctors and trainers and these guys are smart people so I try to listen to them.”

Quotes from Broncos media department


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