Starting that grad school life. I’m doing an online program for a Master’s of Science in Nutrition. I will eventually have to go to campus to defend my thesis and such but that’s not until 2018.

Statistics and Pediatric Nutrition are my first two classes. Clearly I’m going to have to force myself to do stats work during the first half of the week so I can look forward to nutrition in the latter half.

Praise hands that I work for a company that pays 100% of tuition and fees for 18 credit hours a year. I have always wanted to get my master’s but I hoped to keep moving forward with my career while in school and not take on debt. This job let’s me do that. I’m seriously thankful for a company that invests so much in its employees.

My planner has me a bit overwhelmed because we are our of town majority of weekends for the next two months and I still have a month of marathon training (2 weeks until taper) plus working full time and now starting school. I know I’ll find a groove soon enough but I’m just a little anxious until I get settled.

I’ve still been running, I am only going to get to 130 miles this month instead of 150 but I’ve been sick with two different things so 130 is a win.

After three years of near continuous use for all possible functions, my 5.11 ATACS boots have become too beaten to shit for me to wear to school next week.

So I’m in the market for a new pair of boots. At the rate they lasted, I could buy the same pair and they’d last me until I’m half way through grad school.

On the other hand, anybody got another recommendation for good black combat boots for your favorite warlord?

Masters in Romance Languages with a focus in Spanish and Portuguese Literature

You people. Grad school is. No. Joke. I don’t think i’ve ever read more in my entire life than what I have been doing now in this past week and a half. Before grad school started, I had an immense love with school. I have loved school since the very beginning. I was one of those kids on the first day of pre-k eager to leave home to do some learning. I was never really the sporty type so in middle school when we had field day, aka kickball day, I would refuse to go to school because no learning would be happening. I couldn’t care less about kickball. Fast forward to now. I started graduate school after a long break of a couple months and wow. Just wow. My first day of classes was met with a warning, “This is graduate school now. This isn’t undergrad or a split level class with undergraduate students in here. This is an 8000 level class. The ultimate goal in this class is to prepare a paper for publishing.” I died a thousand deaths hearing these statements. I understand it’s grad school. I get that it’s going to be hard but HELLO. Don’t scare me on the first day! Sure enough, I cried that afternoon after learning about all the assignments I would have to complete for my classes in the semester. I never pictured myself in this situation. I had never been scared by school. School has always been one of my top priorities and loves in life. And here I was, crying my eyeballs out about it. I never pictured myself “getting published” or “coming up with my own teaching philosophy” before. All these things are so new to me and I guess that scares me. I’ve never thought of myself accomplishing these things. As I was reflecting back on that first day, i’m thankful to God for my boyfriend. He was there as I was crying like a baby. He’s the best support ever. He is always by my side and always listens to my complaints and concerns.  He wipes my tears away. He is just such beautiful example of Jesus’s love. I love that about him. He loves me unconditionally no matter how worried I get over things or how upset I get about school. He is patient and kind. And I think that if this is how my boyfriend treats me, how much better is God’s love and care towards me? God placed me in grad school for a reason. He allowed me to pass through the application process and all the interviews successfully because this is where he wants me to be at this very moment. What comforts me the most is his everlasting love and that he will never leave my side. I thank God for everything and even for my struggle in grad school. I encourage whoever reads this to always trust God in his timing and his purpose. We may only be able to look at a closeup of our picture of life (like me looking at my struggle in grad school), but God has this beautiful panoramic view that he knows will be for our betterment.