Week #24 Topics!

Topic #1: Ex-gay. How do you feel about those who were once gay, but then “turned” straight? Do you believe it is possible to turn straight?

Topic #2: What is your dream job, as of today? What did you want to be as a kid?

Some Detective You Are

“If anyone can show just cause why this couple cannot lawfully be joined together in matrimony, let them speak now or forever hold their peace.”

Throughout the sanctuary, no one says a word, all eyes fixed on Casey and me.

The silence is unbearable.

Maura, please.

Still no word, not even a cough from anyone in attendance.

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This happened!! 

Today was an eventful day and this week has been too. 

warning warning warning long post (i think) ahead 

I quit my job at Mikado. They were extremely unprofessional. I had to call them 3 times and I even texted the owner until I finally got the owner to speak to me. He tells me that he couldn’t schedule me this week because there was no room but he would let me know about next week sometime soon. He wanted me to have an open schedule so he could just schedule me whenever, instead of scheduling me around. But before this, I had told him that I wanted to put their schedule ahead of coco’s and that if he gave me their schedule, I would schedule coco’s around them, rather than the other way around. But he never gave me the schedule and so I scheduled coco’s. I kept trying to tell him this, that I wanted to put their schedule ahead of coco’s but I don’t know if he ever took it in.

He never really gave me a straight answer for anything and finally I asked him if I should just find another job because it seemed like they really didn’t need people. I say this because they really didn’t, business was so slow that they never needed more than 2 servers. I wasn’t learning anything because there were never tables to serve. I kept trying to tell him that if he didn’t need anyone or if he didn’t want me, that he needed to just tell me and stop wasting my time. I told him that I was trying to support myself and how I had taken time off my other job so I could work there and for him to not schedule me and then to not tell me was something that wouldn’t be okay with me. I just wanted him to be honest with me and just let me know if he really needed me to work. I think once he realized how he had messed up, that he told me that maybe it would be best if I tried to find another place because it was true, he had too many workers. He was having a hard time scheduling people. THEN he proceeds to tell me that someone just applied who had an open availability and they wanted to work full time. How it would be easy to schedule them whenever then try to schedule around me. 

It made no sense to me, to tell me you have a full roster, then tell me you’re about to hire someone else so it’s okay if I quit. 

While I’m grateful that he gave me a chance, I just wish he would have been honest. How can you expect your workers to be prompt, honest, and organized when you yourself are not? Sigh. I can see why he’s having a hard time, his restaurant has no business and when your business fails, not only is your livelihood affected, but all your employees also. It must be stressful. 

I can’t stop thinking about it. I don’t know if it was my fault. Conor tells me that I was in the right but Alan tells me that I was hasty. It’s hard. 

I just can’t have all these off days, waiting for them to schedule me, when I could be working at coco’s. 

Perhaps this is a sign that I should just stick with coco’s. 

I had lunch with my sister and dad today. We went to daruma ramen! Food was alright, i think i should have gotten something else but i still enjoyed it. It was nice to interact with my family. I miss them so much but I know I need to keep my distance.

We went to the tmobile store and I actually got a new phone! I didn’t think I needed to get a new one today but my dad went ahead and got me one. He refused to let me pay for it which made me kinda sad but I really appreciated his kind gesture. These new phones are about $600 a piece so you pay about 24 a month for 24 months. I can’t believe how expensive they are. But he told me that I’ve had my phone for a long time and it’s time for me to upgrade, as my mom and sister have upgraded multiple times before I did. I’m going to use this new phone for a while. I hate knowing that my dad is paying for it though but he says it makes him  happy. I don’t know.

I love my dad so much but I just can’t get all those things he said to me out of my head. My sister tells me he regrets it and misses me but the fact that he said it and didn’t say anything about it afterward, it still hurts. He is still my father and I love him the most but I can’t stop replaying that moment in my head over and over again every time I see him. I know he was just fuming but I really do take things to heart. I’m trying to let it go. I still love him and he is still my hero.

Afterwards, I got this!!! I went to Mom’s tattoo and met with Sarah. She was so helpful. I decided on getting a sunflower. I knew I wanted a flower tattoo but I wasn’t sure which one to get. I was trying to decide between a sunflower or a poppy. As soon as she asked me which flower had the most meaning in my life or at least which one was my favorite, my mind immediately jumped to sunflower. 

Sunflowers have always been a big part of my life. Keaton Anderson is actually the reason why they’re my favorite. About to kick it old school here, but whenever Jon broke up with me, I was so heart broken. My heart physically hurt from the pain that I went through when Jon broke up with me. Keaton knew how much pain I was going through and brought over sunflowers. He said I reminded him of them. I don’t remember the exact thing he said since it’s been so long, but something along the lines of sunflowers were a symbol of happiness. He told me things might seem dark right now, but sunflowers always point towards the sun and once I found some light to the dark situation, that he knew I would be okay. He also made some joke about how no one wants to see a sulking sunflower so I needed to perk up fast. I know it might be cheesy but it was really something I needed to hear. I’m also so grateful for Jennifer Lee. She might not know it, but she probably helped me the most during that time.

Now how to hide this from my parents… RIP

And so this is my week 24 photo. I finally got my flower tattoo. It represents my depression and how flowers have helped me cope. Flowers always find a way to bloom, no matter how tough the situation. Sunflowers have been a light in my time of darkness. 

I’m getting better. As someone said who has helped me so much, it never gets easier, how you deal with it does. I’m so thankful for these words. 

Pregnancy is weird.

Because this nugget has her head situated square below my right ribcage, getting comfortable (especially while sitting) is especially difficult. Anytime you’d like to turn would be just fine with your Momma.

I’m craving crackers and cheese this week. Oh, and I almost forgot the holiday fudge covered Oreo cookies. Have y'all tried those? They are even better cold– try sticking them in the fridge. Heavenly. And the opposite of healthy.

Sleeping this week has been much easier than last. I have started stretching out my hips at the end of every day and that’s helped me be able to sleep on one side for more than 12.28 minutes at a time. Tossing and turning is for the birds. Apparently I’m one of those that carries stress in my hips.

Speaking of stress…. apparently my OB office and my health insurance company aren’t really seeing eye-to-eye these days. They are in the midst of a contract negotiation and as things stand, my current OB will no longer be in-network as of 1/1. I think it goes without saying that I’m no “normal patient” after 4 years and a handful of very difficult circumstances with them. I’m going to apply for continued coverage with my insurance company – but the thought of other doctors at another hospital delivering this baby makes me all sorts of anxious.

In her nursery, we have an assembled crib (but no mattress), painted walls (BM “Nimbus”), newly installed crown molding, and a beautiful old dresser to use as baby’s changing table. A far cry from what her random, hodgepodge room looked like 6 weeks ago. Now the fun part [decorating] begins!

Hard to believe I’m almost in the third trimester. And that I’m somehow still cramming myself into some of my larger, non-maternity clothes.


Low-traffic areas

Some photos of the less glamourous sections of the new clubhouse.

The back stairs have been widened and extended upwards for rear access to the flats.  The flats are in fitting stages and the crew room storage area is open and light.

In the kitchen, a new hood has been installed for better extraction.