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Fandometrics In Depth: Overwatch Edition

One year ago today, Overwatch was released by Blizzard Entertainment. The game had an immediate and overwhelming impact on Tumblr, and the #overwatch tag was quickly flooded with animated shorts, comics, fan art, and, of course, toddler approval of Junkrat.  

To mark this anniversary of this game-to-end-all-games, we’ve analyzed millions of posts from May 23, 2016—May 18, 2017 to precisely identify the most talked about Overwatch characters and ships. Enjoy.

Overwatch is huge

During this 358 day period, the #overwatch tag alone garnered nearly 150 million engagements. It was the second most trending tag during this time. That’s trendier than every TV show and film, and even bigger, more generic tags like #GIF (No. 5) and #art (No. 7). The next highest trending video game-related tag was #Pokémon, at No. 20.

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Overwatch made its debut on the Fandometrics Video Games list on March 14th, 2016 at No. 16, more than two months before the game was even released. On May 9, 2016 Overwatch jumped a solid ten spots to No. 2. The following week, it was No. 1.  It reigned supreme until July 11th, 2016, when it was kicked out by Pokémon Go. Currently Overwatch has had a 29-week streak at No. 1, beating the previous record for time at the top of the Video Games list by two months (and counting). Undertale topped off at just 21 weeks.

Top Characters

We did a full breakdown of all 24 character’s total engagements based on class. The highlights?  Reaper had the most likes and reblogs, Junkrat had the most searches and Mercy had the most original posts. The details? Below:

Top Offense Heroes

  1. Reaper | 20.07%
  2. Tracer | 15.82%
  3. McCree | 15.08%
  4. Genji | 14.16%
  5. Sombra | 12.84%
  6. Soldier: 76 | 11.70%
  7. Pharah | 10.33%

Top Defense Heroes

  1. Junkrat | 32.36%
  2. Hanzo | 24.44%
  3. Widowmaker | 21.93%
  4. Mei | 13.71%
  5. Bastion | 4.53%
  6. Torbjörn | 3.03%

Top Tank Heroes

  1. D.Va | 39.12%
  2. Roadhog | 21.25%
  3. Zarya | 14.72%
  4. Reinhardt | 13.76%
  5. Orisa | 5.85%
  6. Winston | 5.30%

Top Support Heroes

  1. Mercy | 43.31%
  2. Zenyatta | 20.83%
  3. Lúcio | 19.22%
  4. Symmetra | 15.92%
  5. Ana | 0.73%

Top Non-Playable Characters

  1. Efi Oladele | 52.71%
  2. Athena | 18.11%
  3. Doomfist | 11.47%
  4. Tekhartha Mondatta | 10.01%
  5. Katya Volskaya | 4.61%
  6. Emily | 3.09%

Top Ships

With more than 20 characters, Overwatch fandom is rife for shipping. You can find a ship chart for just about any combination you can think of—a possible 276 unique combinations. For the sake of brevity, we highlighted just the top 10:

  1. McHanzo, McCree x Hanzo | 35.03%
  2. Reaper:76, Reaper x Soldier:76 | 17.03%
  3. Pharmercy, Pharah x Mercy | 12.69%
  4. Widowtracer, Widowmaker x Tracer | 9.08%
  5. Roadrat, Roadhog x Junkrat | 8.82%
  6. Genyatta, Genji x Zenyatta | 6.76%
  7. Gency, Genji x Mercy | 5.84%
  8. Meihem, Mei x Junkrat | 2.48%
  9. Mercykill, Mercy x Reaper | 1.17%
  10. Mercy76, Mercy x Soldier:76 | 1.10%

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Want more Overwatch?

The fan art and headcanons (Gremlin D.Va, anyone?) that people share across Tumblr are an excellent way to keep a steady stream of Overwatch flow in your dashboard:

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1.24.17+10:53am // spread 13: star ocean queen // haven’t posted in forever, but here’s the spread i made for this week (with some sunlight streaking through the blinds haha). i got pretty stressed about my inconsistent handwriting, so i amped up the freestyle this time. i really like how it turned out! hope everyone is having a great week :D

why don’t we talk more about snapchat in yoi. like we all know victor and yuuri send each other lurks of the other when they’re just chilling on the couch together and have an unbreakable 1 yr strong streak. 

yurio’s stories are always weirdly crazy and make everyone outside of team russia (who are almost always in them when it’s not just videos of his cat) wonder what the hell he does when he’s not ice skating. 

chris is always taking artsy looking pics of like, his curtains and victor just sends back a pic of his forehead or makkachin. 

phichit is a WHORE for filters and has a streak with literally everyone.

Imagine finding out how your parents, Rafael and Erika, met

(A/N: Hope you enjoy. This may seem like a filler chapter but it lays out the background and themes later on so pay close attention. Sorry, I’m posting here but I was dragging out as I’m getting some of my results tomorrow and I’m too stressed out to sleep) 

Masterlist with all the Parts HERE

Imagine finding out how your parents, Rafael and Erika, met


“Hmm?” You countered, looking up from your session of staring aimlessly at the surface of your desk.

“Do you have an answer?” Your physics teacher, Mr. Morgan, asked, turning to look at you as he stopped scribbling on the board.

“800,” You breathed, without hesitation as you quickly glanced over the problem, but you were still distracted.

“That’s right,” He smiled softly, writing it on the board for the class, “Well done,”

You returned his comforting smile with your own forced one, before looking back at your desk again. You could feel his eyes still lingering on you but you elected to ignore it as it wasn’t like him to select someone to ask a question twice in a row. So you knew that you didn’t have to pay attention anymore not that you often had to pay attention to his explanations of concepts but usually you enjoyed it, just not recently.

The class was over in around ten minutes, signaling the end of class, but that ten minutes seemed to go much slower for you. The bell rang and everyone got up to head to their next lesson which for you was Music, you had a showcase coming up and all your lessons were dedicated to preparing for it.

“Alright, I’ll see you guys tomorrow,” Mr. Morgan waved off before everyone started to file out of the room.

You got up yourself, your friend waiting for you patiently. You turned to follow her when you were stopped.

“Y/N, do you mind staying back for a few minutes?” Mr. Morgan asked suddenly, appearing close behind you.

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Artist Discord Server

Just here to advertise a server that friends of mine run that’s about keeping up art motivation and sharing your art!

The Art Plaza Extravaganza!

- It also has achievements/challenges to help push you to try new things!
- You get to have your own art streak to help motivate you to submit at least once a week, or your streak will run out!
- A monthly raffle in which if you win from the ticket draw you get the to choose the prompt for the next month! (You can only participate if you have a 5+ streak and if you draw the prompt that month)
- Friendly artist community that can offer critiques or help if needed! I like offering help too if needed.

Everything is super better explained in the welcome-book! But hopefully you get the main idea.

Here’s the link!


I don’t personally hang out in any discords besides this one because I’m pretty awkward, but if I can hang out there I’m sure you can too!

I’ve got a latte for…

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written by: @goldenheadfreckledheart | Lexi

prompt: ‘You give me a different fake name every time you come into the coffee shop and I just want to know your real name bc you’re cute but here I am scrawling “batman” onto your stupid cappuccino’ for anonymous

word count: 3751

Bellamy loves his stupid coffee shop. He loves the way it smells, he loves the way it feels—warm, without forcing it—and he loves his obnoxious coworkers, even if Miller is perpetually snarky and Raven is perpetually smarter than him and smug about it.

He does not, as it were, love it when his cute, blonde regular comes in and keeps refraining from using her real name.

Or, rather, he likes that she comes in. Less that he doesn’t know her name.

He knows it’s never her real name, too, because it’s not like she just uses different, generic names each time. Instead he gets told, on a nearly daily basis, to scrawl the name of a different fictional character on a paper cup. She had a Harry Potter streak last week, names ranging from the golden trio to more obscure characters whose names he doesn’t know how to spell. (Ask him how he feels about Xenophilius.)

The first time she came in, it was Aerith which, he supposes, could be her name, except he wagers the chance of finding someone whose parents named their child after a Final Fantasy character is pretty slim this early into the twenty-first century. As it is, he’s just kind of embarrassingly psyched to find someone who’s into his favorite video game franchise.

He scrawls the name on her cup, without comment—because somehow he thinks that makes him seem cool? He can hear Octavia’s disappointed sigh already—and catches her slight look of surprise at his lack of response. She pays with cash, as he’ll come to realize is her norm, and moves down the counter to wait for her drink.

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I had the sudden urge to doodle the angriest, DIY-iest Jay of them all– the one who apparently doesn’t own a sewing kit and says really lame things like “You get points for effort. No you don’t. You get dead.”

I’m Afraid of Soon.

“I’ll talk to you soon” is the scariest sentence I’ve silently listened to,
because the person saying it has always been one that made me swoon.
My heart beats for weeks on a pumping streak in the silence left by “soon” until my pipes begin to leak.
My bones begin to creak and my lungs wheeze like wings struggling against the breeze.
Soon is a lot longer than I realized, time and time again and I’ve been patient.
Six years is patient, right? 
Or is my patience just latent, not yet manifest, unfinished like all the rest?
My projects and writings that I thought might be good enough, but ended up being minor pests,
Lingering in the back of my mind with decent lines, aging like fine wines.
Maybe you’re just a fine wine, aging to perfection, but to my recollection wine stays in the cellar.
Wine doesn’t vanish after six soon years of aging without even paging an “I’m Okay.”
Soon has become a synonym for uncertainty, because certainly all those who’ve said it have pertinently disappeared permanently.
More than anything I worry with a flurry of texts floating in my head, unable to send because numbers change and rearrange just like the space we fill.
More than anything I just want to hear that you all are okay, that you made it to the bay, that you had your days, that you’re still out there making waves.
If soon is never than I hope we never speak again, because I’m afraid we’ll never amend our stories together, that memories might bend when you lend them to your friends
Most of all I’m afraid of soon because I don’t know if you still take in breaths,
or if you really started caring less,
or maybe you left because I was such a mess,
or what if I became your pest?

I just want to know that which you’ll never be able to show, lest some miracle catalyze and blow in with the wind carried along with your grin. I really hope you’re fine and have had time to unwind from the daily grind that I imagine we both face even today. Please keep breathing, please keep reading.



It’s early morning, change of shift - crash cart outside the room I am assigned. This can’t be good, I’m thinking, as I hunt for the nurse to get report. My heart is doing tiny leaps of get up and go adrenaline; yet as I listen to report, I hear what’s all too familiar in the ICU, coded three times overnight, maxed out on pressors, family will not sign DNR, and I have a vision of how intensely difficult this day is going to be. I pause as I enter the room - there’s a student, and she looks up at me, hopefully, she’s looking at me with all the newness of beginning, and for a moment I remembered what it felt like to enter a room with a blank slate.


It’s 2am, I think, the early hours of the morning where the unit settles - the night has flown by; that feeling when you’ve hit the ground running on your shift, tossing your bag into the drawer and following the stretcher as it’s wheeled into your room. It’s a season of discontent, a week long streak of codes, and the unit is feeling a little jinxed….there’s a call down the hall for help. We run, for this sort of yell generally means self extubation; except it isn’t - it’s the patient we’ve all taken turns on caring for, the one patient circling the drain, the patient that no one wanted to take any longer for the pull on our heartstrings for all the moments they spent comatose with daily invasive interventions, the patient that wasn’t expected to survive each shift…the patient who was now awake. No one spoke aloud the unspeakable question of the brief lucidity before the end. This was a gift, one his family would see when they came through the doors - and for one moment in a season of suffering, we stood in his room and appreciated the unexpected.


To live is to fail, to fail is to embrace living
It takes courage to go back to work when you feel like you’ve failed a patient. It takes courage to face your reflection, and find worth that’s lost, when you’re readying yourself for work. It takes courage to tell yourself, I fucked up. There isn’t any getting around that. But it perhaps takes more courage to admit that it isn’t about you. It isn’t about you at all. And you clock in, loosening the noose of control a little. You clock in, and you see your coworker who has had a week of difficult family situations, a coworker of whom has grown tired of politics in placating people, and assigned to the same damned patient again - and instead of bitching and moaning about your own disastrous week, you quietly ask the charge nurse if you can take your friend’s assignment today.


It’s the golden hour of the morning. The hour of cleaning, bradycardia, and coding.
And swearing.
Except, you’re frozen inside. You go through the motions of arrest with precision, detachment. And then you look up, there’s a third year resident, hands trembling as she compresses the chest hard. You see detachment in her eyes, although her hands are instruments of fear as they come into contact with the patient’s chest - and for a brief moment in time, you understand what’s written in her eyes, you have a sense that you may be dead inside, but you are not alone. You are connected, and you are maybe going to be alright.

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Hi! As it is Hermione's birthday during the romione shipweek, do you think you could write something about one of her birthday's? Maybe the year she is back at school, with Ron sneaking up to visit her? Or just anything really, I'm sure it will be lovely :)

I don’t know about lovely, bit it is birthday flavoured, so I hope that’s okay :). AO3 

If she added up all the birthday cards and gift she’d received for birthdays one through eighteen, she wouldn’t come close to the total number of cards she’s received today for her nineteenth. She stares at the mailbag she’d dragged up to the Common Room, knowing that the only one she wanted was inside there, somewhere, buried beneath all the ones from total strangers. It was a very strange sensation.

“Perils of being a celebrity, huh?” Ginny said, appearing suddenly and moving an enormous stack off the armchair so she could take a seat.

“Harry didn’t receive this many cards for his birthday! He didn’t get any from people who weren’t close friends or family. Why have I got so many?” she asked, throwing up her hands after opening another which contained best wishes from all at the Society for the Protection of Unicorns. At least this one was educational—she hadn’t known there was such a society until just now.

“He did, but they mostly went to the Ministry because no one knew he was staying with us. Everyone knows your current address is Hogwarts, so they’re writing to you. Like I say, perils of being a celebrity. Oh! What’s this?” Before Hermione could stop her, she’d pulled a card out that was stuffed behind the cushion of the chair. When she opened it, a fanfare went off at such volume that Hermione was almost sure she felt the windows of Gryffindor Tower shake. Ginny merely raised an eyebrow, closed the card, and sat on it. “Makes my card look kind of boring, huh?”

“Yours is more special than any of these,” Hermione said truthfully. “And more memorable, too. I’ll be washing glitter out of my bedsheets until at least Christmas.”

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I can’t wait to start playing ranked again. My wifi tends to be unstable so I have to play normal draft pick and I’m on a week long win streak with the enemy team almost always surrendering. It’s getting very boring honestly, and I would really like a challenge.

Artwork by @thefallenstarchild

She was last seen curled up dead in her classroom beneath four blankets with two pounds of Mentholatum shoved in her nose T_T 

Let’s just go with Sicky!Roy being the reason for last week’s Sleepy!Riza?