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Sleeping Pills
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Sleeping Pills

Make a wish and pray it sticks,
So I can shut my eyes.
‘cause it feels like weeks since I last slept,
So please turn out the light.

Lets shoot the sun,
So every one can return to their beds.
'cause with no light the day is night,
And we can rest our heads.

If time exists then I want it to,
Be back on my side.
So hours will mean somethin’ to me,
And I can feel alright.

Sleeping pills and late night films are eatin’ me alive.
Sleeping pills and late night films are eatin’ me alive.
Sleeping pills and late night films are eatin’ me alive.
Sleeping pills and late night films are eatin’ me alive.

Well if by chance you catch me sleeping,
Please don’t wake me,
'cause I’ll be dreaming.

The Sleeping pills and late night films are eatin’ me alive.
Sleeping pills and late night films are eatin’ me alive.
Sleeping pills and late night films are eatin’ me alive.
Sleeping pills and late night films are eatin’ me alive.
Sleeping pills and late night films are eatin’ me alive.
Sleeping pills and late night films are eatin’ me alive.


"so much depends
a red wheel
glazed with rain
beside the white

anonymous asked:

for that person having trouble remembering when to take there meds; there's pill organisers you can buy. they come in different types, but you can get ones for days of the week and for the times of day throughout the week. you put your pills you take for that time in the little containers. that way if the pills aren't there, then you know you've taken them or not

Yeah, those are really helpful!! They’re also really useful if you take different pills on different days, you can plan out which days you’re supposed to take which meds at the beginning of the week and then you don’t have to worry about it until the next week!

@theworldisdewandyet yes! My BP creeped up a little, but we didn’t discuss it too much

@bleeding-at-the-gates that’s how I was with my son! This time I’m like “what am I even doing?”

@randommusingsmomma start taking it at 35 weeks! One pill 3x a day, next week two pills 3x a day, and the week after that (and until delivery) three pills 3x a day. It helps ripen and soften your cervix naturally. With Hunter the doctors forgot to tell me at 35 weeks so I started it at 37, so I jumped right in and did 3 3x a week and went from a fingertip to 4 centimeters in that week. Obviously it could all be chance, because it doesn’t work like that for everyone. And I know you can also poke a hole in the pill (it’s a gel) and you can shove it up your vajine and it can soften your cervix that way. Honestly I don’t like that because there’s enough shit going on down there and I don’t want to be shoving pills places 😂

mines: climbing class


It took Chris two weeks for him to realize he needed to go to the mountain to find Josh. Those whole two weeks were filled with pill popping, insomnia, and constantly eating Chinese food. He had gained three pounds, he needed to put a stop to this. He called Sam, knowing they both had similar relationships with Josh. It had been a while since they had talked, but the they were both thinking the same thing.

“We need to go to the mines,” they both had said.

The two got dressed, had lunch at a crappy diner, and hopped on the bus. They drove for about an hour and a half before the driver pulled up to the familiar bus station. Since it was still light out, the two were able to walk around without flashlights.

"Ready?” Chris asked.

Sam nodded, taking the lead. They continued down the path and diverged off into the bushes after about twenty minutes. The two didn’t speak, but they both were thinking the same thing: if there was any chance that they could find Josh, they had to take it.

"Look,” Sam stopped Chris short by grabbing his arm.

The two were staring into the mouth of a huge cavern. Chris assumed it was the entrance to the mines, considering Sam had seemed to know the way. Chris pointed towards the rickety wooden stairs, and turned to her.

"Are they safe?”

Sam shrugged, taking Chris’ hand and pulling him down them. They reached the bottom, and Chris pulled out his phone and fumbled to turn on the flashlight. They padded through the dirt, cold water leaking and dribbling down their shirts. At some point, they reached a river.

“Mike and I crossed the river,” Sam rolled up her sleeves, “when we found Josh.”

Chris nodded, turning off his phone flashlight and rolling up his jacket sleeves. The two hopped into the water, cold enveloping their legs.

“Just breathe through it,” Sam huffed, deciding to just swim across.

Chris was NOT going to do that.

As they crossed the river, the cold ripped through Chris. It was like claws, tearing through his flesh. The water penetrated even through his two pairs of jeans. The tingling in his legs began then, and he found it hard to continue walking.

“C'mon, Chris!”

He looked ahead to see Sam already shimmying up onto the bank. He waded through quicker, trying to catch up, but also trying not to fall in deeper. He approached the bank, and practically catapulted himself onto the rocks.

“You okay?” Sam asked, reaching into his chest pocket for his phone.

Chris nodded, as she flipped on his phone’s flashlight. The two bore left through a tunnel, and tried to avoid looking at the bodies hanging around them. Suddenly, Sam was pulling Chris to a stop.

“Do you hear that?”

The was snuffling and grunting, and something that sounded like chewing. Sam shined the flashlight ahead, and there was a person crouching, their back turned, biting off of a human arm. It made Chris feel sick to his stomach, but he noticed the familiar denim overalls, blood staining the left shoulder.


The creature turned around, and Chris was horrified. It was Josh, yes, but it wasn’t HIM. This Josh had needle-like fangs, and a face that looked half human, half monster. He had flesh bits stuck in his teeth. The sight made Chris want to vomit.


The creature lunged at him, sinking its teeth into his former friend’s neck. Chris cried out, pushing it off of him and backing against the wooden wall. Sam screamed out, flickering the phone’s light at the creature to stun its vision.

“Josh, it’s us!” Chris shouted at Josh, who was now standing back up and facing them.

The creature cocked its head, like a puppy when it was confused.

“It’s Chris and Sam, your best friends,” Chris chuckled. “Cochise and Sammy, right Josh?”

The creature had a softer, more human glimmer in its eye. As if it actually comprehended what Chris was saying. It approached and looked him up and down.

“Did you take Ashley to bone zone?”

It was almost comical hearing the words come from his mouth. Chris didn’t care though. Chris threw his arms around Josh, who buried his face into Chris’ neck.

“Sorry for biting you,” Josh chuckled. “Can’t control it.”

“It’s okay, my wendibro,” Chris answered. “You have a WHOLE bunch of shit to tell me.”

I’m on the pill. Should I use condoms during the week I’m not taking the hormones?

Someone asked us:

Do I need to use condoms on my week of placebo pills?

During the week you’re not taking hormones (AKA the placebo or period week) you’re still protected from pregnancy as long as you start your next pack on time.

Keep in mind though that the pill won’t protect you from STDs. So the best thing you can do to make sure you’re protected from unintended pregnancy and STDs is to use both your birth control pills and condoms every time you have sex.

-Chelsea @ Planned Parenthood