week pills

Sleeping Pills
The Brobecks
Sleeping Pills

Make a wish and pray it sticks,
So I can shut my eyes.
‘cause it feels like weeks since I last slept,
So please turn out the light.

Lets shoot the sun,
So every one can return to their beds.
'cause with no light the day is night,
And we can rest our heads.

If time exists then I want it to,
Be back on my side.
So hours will mean somethin’ to me,
And I can feel alright.

Sleeping pills and late night films are eatin’ me alive.
Sleeping pills and late night films are eatin’ me alive.
Sleeping pills and late night films are eatin’ me alive.
Sleeping pills and late night films are eatin’ me alive.

Well if by chance you catch me sleeping,
Please don’t wake me,
'cause I’ll be dreaming.

The Sleeping pills and late night films are eatin’ me alive.
Sleeping pills and late night films are eatin’ me alive.
Sleeping pills and late night films are eatin’ me alive.
Sleeping pills and late night films are eatin’ me alive.
Sleeping pills and late night films are eatin’ me alive.
Sleeping pills and late night films are eatin’ me alive.

there’s a ton of squip centered aus but how about one where the squip is just like, a regular ol’ guy. just a businessman trying to get ahead who hears about this drug from japan that would, supposedly, help him do his work better so of course he orders it

he doesnt think the first one works so he takes two until he realizes he was supposed to take it with mountain dew and when it does kick in?

michael and jeremy are his fucking loser squips that literally tell him to do nothing but smoke weed and play video games

“but i don’t understand how this is supposed to help-” “trust us old man this is EXACTLY what you need”

PSA if your meds run short

One thing I didn’t know until a miscommunication with my doctor last thanksgiving meant ran out of my anxiety meds before my next appointment: your pharmacy will help with this?

Like, they not only contacted my doctor *for* me to try to get a temporary filler in place, but when it turned out there was no way to get ahold of my doctor (she was on vacation for the holiday) and I was going to be short a day and a half of pills (NOT a good thing w/ my particular meds) they just… gave me a week of pills? For free, even.

I did *not* know they would do that. I would not have even thought to ask, except my mom told me when I was panicking on the phone with her. (Apparently she has had to do this for my grandma a *lot* when she forgets to refill her prescriptions–particularly while away traveling.)

So, yeah, that is my PSA for anyone who isn’t aware. Go into a pharmacy, talk to them, see what they can do to help you. They want you to have the meds you need.

Not possible

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Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester and Reader

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Length: ~1800 words

Warnings: angst

Author: @22sarah08

Summary: When the reader realizes she’s pregnant, she’s beyond happy. Immediately she wants to tell her husband Dean. But Dean doesn’t react as she thought he will. He reveals a secret that could change their relationship forever. Will the secret he kept so long to himself tear them apart?

A/N: Don’t forget to check out the wonderful authors from Team Lara. As you can see, English is not my native language. So please forgive me my grammar and spelling mistakes. Critique is always welcome though. <3. Enjoy!

Two pink lines that changed everything. You looked down at your shaking hands and the three pregnancy tests. The last few weeks made sense now more than ever. You were especially tired, even stayed at home for the last hunt, telling Dean you weren’t feeling well. The occasional puking in the morning were probably attributed to this new situation too. Oh god and the food cravings. You thought it was just a pre-period phase, but the seemingly never ending love story between you and Dean’s pie should have indicated something different to you much sooner.

Shaking your head, you sat down on the edge of the bathtub. How is this even possible. You thought about all the possibilities how you could’ve ended up growing a baby inside you. You and Dean were always careful. The one or the other always thought about protection. When you weren’t on the pill earlier in your relationship, Dean bought condoms. When you two were tired of using condoms, you bought the pill. Even on your honeymoon you and Dean not once forgot protection.

You thought about all the recent events, you’ve been through that could’ve possibly led to this. There was a hunt in Denver. Five vampires kidnapped a bunch of teens and fed on them for weeks. You and the boys stopped them before they could kill more innocent children. Unfortunately, a vampire threw you at a wall hard enough to cause a concussion and a hospital visit for you.  Then it dawned on you. You had a concussion and got strong meds. Not once in those two weeks you took the pill. Fuck.

You were hyperventilating by now. Okay calm down you tried to comfort yourself. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing. You and Dean may never have talked about having kids, but he was so great with kids that you just assumed, he wanted kids, but never saw a possibility in having any. Dean would be without a doubt an amazing father. You remembered all the hunts where he showed how great he was in dealing with kids. No matter how scared or upset they were he always knew how to comfort them. They felt understood with him. After a while your worries about the pregnancy started to fade and pictures of Dean and your baby in his arms replaced the unsettling emotions. A better feeling started to settle inside of you. Maybe you could do this. As long as Dean was by your side, you shouldn’t have to worry about a thing.

When you heard the bunker door slam, indicating that the boys returned from their hunt, you quickly got up and sprinted to the library.

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