week off from gym

I took last week off from the gym because I was flat out exhausted from work and not taking a break in general. But after a week of rest I returned to the gym. I was dragging a little bit but it felt good to work. Did 2 and half rounds of the AMRAP and did a max of 125 for 3 on the overhead squats.

I am getting my mindset back. Rededicating myself to furthering my healthy lifestyle and nurturing my Buddhist practice.

Also I bought two succulents named Ramone and Berta.

This was about a month ago. I remember this day, I was feelin’ myself. This past month has been incredibly tough for me. I’ve been feeling like I’ve lost progress. I see posts all the time that say “make healthy choices” and sometimes, the healthiest choice is having ice cream with friends before bed. Sometimes it’s taking a week off from the gym. You’re not gonna look back when you’re old and say “wow I’m so mad at myself for gaining a pound when I was 20”. So go, live your life, be happy, be you. The number on the scale should not dictate your happiness.

#bulklife abs and obliques still holding on somehow 😂 one more month of bulking then cutting down for my birthday/summer/watershed 💃 going out of town this weekend with my friends for my roomies birthday! Decided to not go to gym before, so I’ll have three rest days instead of two. Partly because my legs are glutes are still super sore from Tuesday 😭 also because I think it’s good to give yourself a mental break and give your body adequate time away from the weights so that it can repair and grow! 💪 remember!!!! Rest days, two days off, three days, a week, etc. away from the gym will NOT make you lose progress, stall progress or make you gain weight! So give yourself rest days, and don’t be afraid to skip a workout here and there! ❤️

yes let’s go. Taking 2.5ish weeks off from the gym for Christmas and then going hard with new supplements and an quick 8 week bulking program followed by an 8 week tone. Pumped

Alpha/Omega closed

Brock was ready for his week off. He’d taken it in preparation as his doctor had informed him that his usual suppressants weren’t coming in like they were supposed to be and now was forced to go through a heat.

With that in mind and being told it would be a bad one, he took the week off from his class he taught at a local MMA gym as well as his training for fights. Despite being an omega and taunted constantly by alphas who fought him in the ring or took his classes, he hadn’t lost a fight yet. Now he was having to deal with his heat for the first time in years and physically he was prepared for it, but he wasn’t sure mentally.

With dinner in his arms, Chinese take out, he unlocked his apartment door while his alpha neighbor came up the stairs.