week of june 10

They say it’s your birthday 

It’s my birthday too, yeah

We’re gonna have a good time

Lance’s bday soon!!!

Klance week 2017 - Day Seven: Free Day

june 10, 2017 - handwriting challenge

#ssn june challenge: week 1, day 5

here’s a sample of my handwriting + a mini “about me” section! my brush pen is running out of ink, but i kinda like the semi-dry brush look. :)

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Coming back from the dead to wish my fav boy a happy birthday—

anonymous asked:

I really need kindergarten teacher Will and hot single dad Nico.

bruh me too

  • so nico’s job requires a lot of late hours so he hired a babysitter to pick up his daughter lucy every day so will always assumed that this was a suspiciously young mom or an older sister who came to pick up one of his students every day (but how was it his business anyway??)
  • one day nobody came to pick lucy up??? and the rest of the class was gone??? and will wasn’t busy so he figured it would be fine if lucy hung out in the classroom for a little while until someone came for her so will pulled out the coloring books and crayons and sat down at a table with lucy and they colored for about an hour until nico ran into the classroom
    • nico was apologizing immediately and going on about how his babysitter quit on him and he couldn’t get a replacement on short notice and he had a meeting at work that went on longer than it should’ve and it won’t happen again he promises
    • will’s like “its ok i dont mind we were just coloring i figured someone would be here soon dont worry about it” but like he really doesn’t mind bc now he gets to see this very attractive man in nice clothes and a loosened tie and messed up hair
    • but nico is a business man who wont take no for an answer and goes “no u know what take my phone number and if it happens again call me and i’ll be here as soon as i can ok” so he pulls out a business card and a pen and writes his personal number on the back and shoves it in will’s hand
    • and will’s mostly frozen until they leave
  • another time will’s too focused on playing a guitar and singing with his class that he doesn’t hear the phone ring, or someone knock on the door, and then he sees lucy’s dad standing in the back of the classroom and will’s fingers catch on the guitar strings and he stutters a few words and he stops and nico’s like “sorry the secretary said you weren’t answering your phone so i just came down here lucy has a doctor’s appointment”
    • when they leave nico asks lucy a bunch of questions like does her teacher always sing for the class, what kinds of songs does he sing, has he ever talked about singing at home for his own kids, has he mentioned if hes married; but lucy gets real tired of the questions real quick and nico figures he should stop
  • the next time nico shows up late to pick lucy up, he finds her and will sitting on the floor with will’s guitar, and will’s teaching her how to play (the guitar’s like, the same size as lucy but shes managing ok) and nico stands back and watches for a few minutes bc wills????? so cute?????
    • and then will notices him standing there and visibly blushes and tells lucy to get her stuff together and apologizes to nico for not noticing that he was there and nico tells him that it’s fine and please stop calling him mr. di angelo bc they’re like the same age and he can call him nico and can also maybe go out to dinner with him sometime?
    • wills immediate answer ofc is YES but as soon as the word is out of his mouth hes like “wait no no i cant lucy’s my student and youre lucy’s dad i feel like thats weird and possibly against school rules somehow??”
    • so nico pulls out his phone and opens up a calendar and goes “so then how do you feel about dinner at 7 on june 10, exactly one week after lucy’s last day of school?” and wills like “yeah yes that sounds super great ok”

!!!!!!! im always a fan of parent/teacher aus ok so i hope you like this as much as i do!!!!!

drop an au in my ask and get a list of headcanons!


Note: this is the calendar we have now. It’s more than likely there will be changes in the upcoming weeks.
Not every host will use a sideblog but some will, that means more updates coming. To summarize: this post is like a WIP :)
I’ll always notify you by reblogging and adding the changes in this post. I’ll also make new posts when something major comes up.
I want to thank @ellebeedarling for starting those appreciation weeks and all the hosts for working with me on coming up with a calendar. 

If you have a question or you want to do your own appreciation week about a character, species or theme that you don’t yet see in this masterpost, don’t hesitate to contact me!



Announcing Phichuuri Week!

With about a month until the event, we are pleased to announce the prompt list for Phichuuri Week 2017! (June 4-10)

  • Day 1: Firsts & Sleepovers 
  • Day 2: Poly Relationships/ Share the Yuuri & Fairytale AU/ Magical Powers 
  • Day 3: Anxiety & Mutual Pining 
  • Day 4: Friends to Lovers & Pets 
  • Day 5: Homesickness/ Comfort & Childhood Friends AU 
  • Day 6: Pole Dancing & Drinking 
  • Day 7: Days in Detroit & Road Trips

This is a week celebrating Phichit and Yuuri in all forms! Whether you like the idea of them being together or just as friends, we hope that you’ll join us in celebrating them! There is no limit to how many works you can submit, and hopefully at least one of the prompts piques your interest. 

An exhaustive list of our guidelines can be found here, but reminder that we accept ALL types of fanworks: fanart, fanfics, drabbles, headcanons, graphics/ edits, cosplay, audio, videos, just as long as the work is original.

If you have any questions regarding anything about this ship week, please don’t hesitate to send us an ask!

Thank you so much to all of your support so far, and we hope to see you then!

Self-Insert Week!

We’re planning this for June 4- 10!

Feel free to draw yourself with any number of different characters if you would like to! And this is open to alll fandoms!! Writing or visual art!!! Tag your work with #self-insertweek or just @self-insertlove if you like to have work reblogged here!!

Themes are as follows
Day 1- Something domestic!!
Day 2- Something adventurous!!
Day 3- What is you and your favorite character’s song?
Day 4-High school AU!!
Day 5- Royalty AU!!
Day 6-In an AU that you love!!!
Day 7-Choose a “draw the squad” challenge!!! (Feel free to pick one with more than two figures!)

We hope you can join us!!


Offer for my US followers:

If you call your senator this week (i.e. while it’s still June), I will make you a 10 minute doodle. (e.g. the top 2 pics.)

If you call twice - or call more than one of your national legislators, I will draw an art card instead and send it to you. (e.g. the last three pics.)

To claim:

  1. Email me (pentapoda@gmail.com) with who you called, your tumblr name, and your doodle request (a character or pairing, no NSFW). I will not share any information about your geographic area on Tumblr.
  2. Post that you called your legislator somewhere, I don’t care if it’s Tumblr or Facebook.

(Also if this form of bribery appeals, I will try to do it once a month, but I have no idea of anyone will take me up on it. XD)


I drove four hours to see a caterpillar. 

I had heard that Mother Neff State Park (which is halfway between Temple and Waco, TX) had cecropia moth caterpillars. These are the caterpillars of the largest native moth in North America (wingspans greater than 6 inches have been documented). And you know what you need to get a giant moth? A giant caterpillar. 

I only found one (hiding in the plum tree right outside the visitor’s center!), and a couple cocoons (bottom two photos), so it seems that I came just in time. Any later and this one would have been in a cocoon too. The fun part: the unripe plums in the tree were the same exact color and texture as the caterpillar (he felt like velvet!), so despite being enormous, they are very well camouflaged.

He was very shy. He kept pulling his little face into his rolls to hide. Everything about it was perfect. A highlight of my week, for sure. Even if I didn’t get home until 3 am!

June 10/11, 2017


Applications are open for our multicultural undergraduate *paid* summer internship program. Yes, we’re already thinking about summer 2018.


—Reside or attend college in Los Angeles County; and
—Be a United States citizen or permanent resident
—Self-identify as part of a group underrepresented in museums and visual arts organizations, including, but not limited to, individuals of African American, Asian, Latino/Hispanic, Native American, or Pacific Islander descent
—Be a currently enrolled undergraduate
—Full eligibility and terms here!


—Full-time, 10-week internship from June 18 through August 24, 2018
—$5,500 stipend
—At the Getty Center or Getty Villa in Los Angeles, CA


—500-word personal statement
—2 letters of recommendation


—Submit the online application form by 5:00 pm on February 1, 2018 (mark those calendars)
Check out our website for all details and information

Need help or have any questions? E-mail summerinterns@getty.edu

June Week 1 (6/4-6/10): The Underground

June Bug 🐛 poetry is starting out below the surface. This week’s prompt is inspired by @heartofmuse who asked us to think about the underground scene where our secrets are buried. So this week’s prompt is:

The Underground

Your piece doesn’t have to be about bugs but it certainly can be! *Please let this inspire your writing in any way!*

For our prompts, we accept and encourage all types of writing. We just ask you to please stay on topic and please read our post on topics we do not want glorified and condoned.

Tag your post #psjune and we will reblog your work throughout the week. If your work is not reblogged within 48 hours (Tumblr can be glitchy with tags), please message @just-4-thought

Any questions? Ask us!

hi! so everyone at the xfamnet decided to do an appreciation for the cast of the x-men since we have just finished our mutant appreciation. just like for the mutant appreciation, this is open to everybody! for this we will be accepting graphics, gifs, edits, aesthetics, videos- basically anything- except for fics, this was agreed upon by the entire net. 

you don’t have to do all of them, you can pick and choose which ones you participate in! do what you can and tag your works with #xfamnet or #xmencastappreciation and we’ll reblog it!

the weeks:

  • week one; april 30- may 6: ian mckellen week!
  • week two; may 7- 13: halle berry week!
  • week three; may 14- 20: patrick stewart week!
  • week four; may 21- 27: anna paquin week!
  • week five; may 28- june 3: hugh jackman week!
  • week six; june 4- 10: rebecca romijn week!
  • week seven; june 11- 17: james marsden week!
  • week eight; june 18- 24: famke janssen week!
  • week nine; june 25- july 1: shawn ashmore week!
  • week ten; july 2- 8: ellen page week!
  • week eleven; july 9- 15: aaron stanford week!
  • week twelve; july 16- 22: zoe kravitz week!
  • week thirteen; july 23- 29: lucas till week!
  • week fourteen; july 30- august 5: january jones week!
  • week fifteen; august 6- 12: kodi smit mcphee week!
  • week sixteen; august 13- 19: fan bingbing week!
  • week seventeen; august 20- 26: james mcavoy week!
  • week eighteen; august 27- september 2: briana hildebrand week!
  • week nineteen; september 3- 9: ryan reynolds week!
  • week twenty; september 10- 16: olivia munn week!
  • week twenty-one; september 17- 23: caleb landry jones week!
  • week twenty-two; september 24- 30: lana condor week!
  • week twenty-three; october 1- 7: oscar issac week!
  • week twenty-four; october 8- 14: sophie turner week!
  • week twenty-five; october 15- 21: evan peters week!
  • week twenty-six; october 22- 28: alexandra shipp week!
  • week twenty-seven; october 29- november 4: booboo stewart week!
  • week twenty-eight; november 5- 11: gina carano week!
  • week twenty-nine; november 12-18: adan canto week!
  • week thirty; november 19- 25: dafne keen week!
  • week thirty-one; november 26- december 2: tye sheridan week!
  • week thirty-two; december 3- 9: rila fukushima week!
  • week thirty-three; december 10- 16: edi gathegi week!
  • week thirty-four; december 17- 23: nicholas hoult week!
  • week thirty-five; december 24- 31: this last week of the year is reserved for every xmen cast member! just to show some final appreciation and how much it means to us that they’ve brought our favorite characters to life on screen and how we’ve found a family and friends through these characters/people.

these are all the scheduled dates! they will be posted each week on our blog! you don’t have to inform anyone if you’re doing this, just tag your work with #xfamnet or #xmencastappreciation 

you can direct questions here! have fun and we can’t wait to see everyone’s work!

Hey guys!

We’ve mentioned this previously in updates, but we figured this is a good time to make an official announcement post.

In a week, which is June 10, we will be releasing the demo of The Masquerade Killer, our commercial otome in progress. It will consist of around 17-20k words, which is 90% of the common route.

Not all assets are final – for example, in the full game, all the 5 main characters will have multiple poses and outfits rather than just the one currently in the demo. We would also love your feedback on various aspects of the game so we can improve it for the final game!

Along with the demo, we will also be releasing the prefundia campaign for The Masquerade Killer to the public on June 10. This is in preparation for our Kickstarter campaign that will be launched on July 11. We will be offering many goodies, so do take a look! We would very much appreciate any feedback and signal boosting for the campaign!

As always, thank you for the support, and we hope you will look forward to the demo! :D

Horoscopes by Gil Hizon - Week of June 4 - 10, 2017

This is for the fans and their muthas.

GEMINI (May 21 – June 21)

You bettah enjoy this week, because it’s looking like clear sunny skies all the way until the clusterfuck of next week. That shitstorm is gonna be muthafucking epic, that not even a shit-umbrella will protect that fine ass of yours. Use this week to prepare yourself by reinvigorating your relationships with your allies. You need them hos more than evah!

CANCER (June 22 – July 22)

Meow, meow, hiss, hiss, queen! You are a little bit more sensitive than usual this week. And I don’t know what kitty gurl has crawled up yo ass, but rest assured, your constituents will be a little bit more forgiving of whatever claw/scratch attack you unleash on them because you’re defensive as fuck. You have more friends than you think. Don’t fucking push it.

LEO (July 23 – August 22)

It’s hard to be a needy bitch when you can’t fully articulate what it is you fucking want. Normally, I would suggest some serious enema action but I think you’ll need a little bit more “unlocking” than that. You have so many requirements right now that it’s hard to pinpoint which one takes priority over the others. If you can manage to rearrange your needs in order of what’s most important, perhaps it’ll make it easier for you to express your desires.

VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)

You’re crankier than usual and gurl I don’t blame you. There is a certain unrest that exists in your innards and that shit is really hard to just shake off, T-Swift styles. And this discomfort has something to do with not knowing who your real allies are, if any. The more you focus on the status of your gayborhood, the less you’ll concentrate on knowing how tough you can really be by yourself.

LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)

The T is that you just don’t have the bandwidth to deal with all the good opportunities that are coming your way, to which I say, fuck you. The rest of us would love to have that problem. Delegation is key here, LIBBY, and choosing the right queens who are loyal and can get the job done is more important than evah. But if done correctly, you can go really far and you may be able to carry them hos witchu.

SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)

Oh, you untrusting sonofabish. What is interesting about the issue of trust that exists among your group of gays is that, feeling like you can’t express yourself freely with any of them stems from the fact that you can’t even trust your own thoughts and actions. If you sit with yourself long enough, you’ll be able to practice the act of self-caucusing and really figure out how to align your desires with your own behavior.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)

It’s hard to look ahead (which you’re usually good at) when there are all these needy queens right in front of you. Unfortunately, some of them will have to take priority over the others, because there’s only so much of you you can give. And as much as you wanna be all diplomatic and shit, you just don’t have the time nor the energy. Better to let them hos know who will be helped first, so the ignored can get the bitchy out of their systemz and move on with their lives faster.

CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)

The good and bad news this week is that you’ll be able to tell right away which queen has beef with you and who does not. And for those queens who got something to say, you just feel like you don’t have the wherewithal to deal with them. You have bigger tilapia to fry. But here’s the twist. There may be something to what these hos are saying. It don’t hurt to take a bit of a listen.

AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)

The real T is that not everything can be sunshiney-roses all day everyday and this impinges your ability to keep it one-oh-oh amongst your fans and constituents. But these hos have got to understand that you’re only human and you can’t cater to their fandom all the time. Take a moment to get out of the limelight and recharge. Regardless of what your fanbase may think, you just need some serious “me” time. You’re not just doing this for yourself, you’re doing it for errbody else.

PISCES (February 19 – March 20)

This obsessiveness about financial matters is taking your much needed attention away from what’s important: using your dreams to make you some dough. This is the time for you to be honing your craft and not losing yourself in some fantasy on what the end result may be. Because gurr, if you don’t have the product, the possibility of moolah won’t even be around.

ARIES (March 21 – April 19)

Time is your enemy this week. Limitations have been set upon yo ass and your main issue is wanting to have it all. If you keep going in this mode, you’ll be sorely muthafucking disappointed. Obsessing about time constraints will only make you miserable. The more you adopt a lah-dee-dah attitude, the more you’ll enjoy a lot of unexpected adventures, no matter how short lived each of them might be.

TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)

When a bitch reads you to filth today, trust and believe it’s coming from a place of love. This is easier said than done, of course, because a part of you will be all like, “who the fuck does this bitch think she is?” I suggest you tone the defenses down a bit and keep an open ear and an open mind. If you filter out this hos bitchitude, you’ll find kernels of useful truth in what she be sayin’.

(DISCLAIMER for all entries: This is all a shitshow!)

For more Horoscopes By Gil Hizon, click here, gurl!

Matsuiwa Week June 4-10 

MatsuIwa week is a week dedicated to the wonderful relationship between Matsukawa Issei and Iwaizumi Hajime. We encourage everyone who participates to create any and all kinds of fan work for them! 

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot us an ask, and please read our rules! When you post your work, make sure to tag it as #matsuiwa week or #matsuiwa week 2017! We sincerely hope you’ll join in, and have fun doing so! 

Below are the prompts; 

June 4: Failure || Secret Moments
June 5: Apocalypse AU || Weddings
June 6: Sneaking Out || Domestic Things
June 7: Alternate Universe || Practice/Game
June 8: Animals || Famous
June 9: Date Night Out || Alone Time
June 10: Family || Long Distance