week of choice


❝ i now know love, and i’m stronger for it ❞

happy victuuri week!


Breaking: Ohio Gov. John Kasich signs 20-week abortion ban into law; vetoes “heartbeat bill”

  • Last week, two separate abortion restrictions cleared the Ohio legislature and moved toward Gov. John Kasich’s desk. 
  • The one that dominated headlines was the “heartbeat bill,” it would have made it illegal for Ohio women to terminate a pregnancy after six weeks.
  • On Tuesday, Kasich signed the other one, the 20-week abortion ban, according to the Associated Press.
  • Despite its being unconstitutional under Roe v. Wade, the 20-week ban is more likely to hold up in court than the heartbeat bill.
  • Laws similar to the heartbeat bill have been struck down in North Dakota and Arkansas.
  • But abortion restrictions like those put forth in the 20-week ban stand in a number of states. Read more

the vampire diaries appreciation week
day 7 📖  free choice — tvd + species (insp)

Droughtlander Art Challenge
Week 3 - Fences (3/?)

Another week, another painting! Thank you all for the support and kind comments! I’m still new to the Outlander community, but I’m amazed by the talent and creativity of everyone here and can’t wait to see more in the coming months!

Have a great week, September is one week closer!

A Week in the Life of a Choices Fan

Monday - Only got till Wednesday! I’ll make it through… right?

Tuesday - Oh god it’s tomorrow I don’t know how I’m going to make it

Wednesday - Reloads the entire day waiting for the chapters. Then freaks out.

Thursday - *only thinks of new things that happened*

Friday - *comes up with so many conspiracy theories*

Saturday - Starting to think I can’t make it to Wednesday again

Sunday - Slightly impatient with too much free time and nothing new to freak out over

*repeat cycle perpetually*


Mike Pence’s neighbors stand up with “This neighborhood trusts women” signs

  • Mike Pence’s neighbors rolled out their welcome wagon this week, planting NARAL Pro-Choice America signs in their lawns reading, “This neighborhood trusts women.”
  • According to DCist, some of the signs have even cropped up in front of the house directly across the street from the Pence family’s $6,000-a-month rental.
  •  NARAL’s communications director Kaylie Hanson Long told the outlet that the organization’s intention was to make their message crystal clear — and unavoidable.
  • “Part of our charge following the election is making sure that Mike Pence knew just how off base he was with the majority of Americans when it comes to abortion access,” she said.
  • “The best way to let him know that is to go literally right to his door step and tell him.” Read more