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“’always the tone of surprise’, said hermione, though she smiled. she was wearing a floaty, lilac-colored dress with matching high heels; her hair was sleek and shiny.”


Are you ready for Murder on the Orient Express?


Doodle thing based on a conversation between kanekis-perky-buttocks and me~ ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ

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Laven Week 2017 ♠ 7th - 13th August

Hello everyone!! As of today, Laven Week has started. I hope you all have some content ready for the next 7 days worth of prompts, but if not that’s fine. Here are some general rules/guidelines for the week and tags to use for posting your work.

  • Please use the tag #laven week and/or #laven week 2017 when you post your content so people can easily find what you’ve made. If you don’t wish to post it to your account, feel free to submit it to this blog.
  • No anti-Laven/anti-other pairings please - this week is to celebrate the pairing in as accessible and considerate a way as possible while still enjoying yourself and posting/reblogging work - please be respectful of both participants and non-participants. If for whatever reason you don’t wish to see anything related to the event, please blacklist the tags #laven week, #laven week 2017, and the general #laven tag.
  • It is advised to post your work on the respective days (prompts can be found here) to avoid confusion, however it is completely fine to post work late - just make sure to state which prompt your work is related to. Any late content will be reblogged here until the 27th August, however in all likelihood anything posted after this date will be reblogged to the admin’s laven blog.
  • On an important final note, I would like to firmly reiterate that any content that breaks the rules of this event will not be reblogged here, as well as any content that feels inappropriate or offensive under the admin’s discretion.

If you have any questions, feel free to send an ask. Please respect the rules and be considerate of others during the event, and have fun!! ♥


Pokeshipping Week 2017 - November 1st - November 7th

Thank you for sending suggestions and voting! Here are the themes you chose!

  • Each theme can be interpreted in any way you’d like. Fanfiction, fanart, edits, gifs, AMVs, fanmixes, headcanons, analysis–be creative! Anything you’d like to contribute with is fine as long as it fits the theme.
  • You can do something for each theme or choose to do just one or two. Every contribution is welcome, no matter how small!
  • You can go with the same thing for every theme (ie a drawing for each day of the week) or pick something different for each.
  • Last year the theme choices caused some unhappiness, so here’s a compromise: you get ONE bonus “free day”. As in, if there’s one theme you really don’t like or are not comfortable with, you can replace it with something of your choosing. Only one though, no cheating!
  • It’s not a competition, so please don’t feel that your art, writing, editing skills etc. aren’t good enough to participate! The point is to have fun and make pokeshipping things.
  • Tag your contributions as “Pokeshipping Week” when you post them, so I can see them and reblog them here! Remember to put it among the first five tags, and please use that exact tag so I won’t have to follow 15 different variations ;)
  • NSFW entries or entries that contain character bashing won’t be reblogged here.

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The hiatus is dark and full of terrors. So we are happy to announce that @dailywynonna is hosting Wynonna Earp Week from October 1st to 7th. This is the week to show your appreciation for our snarky and adorable leading lady. All fan contributions are welcome! Here’s the schedule for the week:

  • Day 1 (October 1st): the moment you fell in love with her
  • Day 2 (October 2nd): favourite outfit(s)
  • Day 3 (October 3rd): favourite scene(s)
  • Day 4 (October 4th): favourite relationship(s)
  • Day 5 (October 5th): favourite quote
  • Day 6 (October 6th): hair porn
  • Day 7 (October 7th): free day

Make sure to use the tag #wynonnaearpweek and/or #dailywynonna on all of your posts (within the first five tags) so that we can reblog them here!

Have fun, y’all!

danganronpa hype week day 3!

my 7th favorite character Mikan Tsumiki

she would have been WAY, WAAAAY higher like, fighting for top 3 if they didnt use her as cheap fanservice jokes every 2 seconds, but that wasnt enough for me to not love her, her quirkiness and her nervous ticks are so much fun

but again uknow, using her for cheap jokes so frequently knocked her down so hard on the fsnow’s favorite characters chart, she would have gone even further down if it wasnt for everything that happens in the game as a whole wich put her back in top 10 territory

Laven Week 2017 ♠ 7th - 13th August

Hello, admin Rowan here!! We’re nearing August which means it’s time to put up information for this event. Are you a writer? Or perhaps you draw or make edits and want to share your love for this ship? Then this event is just for you!!

There will be 7 themes running for the 7 days of the event, you can pre-prepare things in advance but please post your work on the respective day for each prompt (as detailed below). You can make fics, graphics, amvs, fanmixes, artwork - anything you want to do!! Make sure to use the tags #laven week and/or #laven week 2017 so others can find your work, please remember to be respectful of others during the event, and most importantly have fun!!

This year there is an overall theme of cartomancy (tarot reading through playing cards). There are specific prompts below, but feel free to be as creative with it as you like!!

  • 7th - Ace of Spades | realisations, beginnings, missed opportunities
  • 8th - Three of Diamonds | connection, shared loss, teamwork
  • 9th - Joker | unlimited potential, risks, foolishness
  • 10th - Seven of Hearts | wishful thinking, change, stagnation
  • 11th - Five of Spades | discord, hollow victory, dishonour
  • 12th - Nine of Clubs | endurance, disappointment, idealism
  • 13th - Ten of Hearts | joy, completion, resolution

If you have any questions feel free to send any asks to this blog or to my main blog, however please read the about + rules pages on this blog before asking anything. Thank you for reading, and I hope you have fun taking part!!