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Spacelatinxs Week!

We are announcing Spacelatinxs’ first official celebration week! A week dedicated to celebrating our favorite latinx characters and cast from the Star Wars franchise!

Spacelatinxs Week will be hosted during the week of May 1st – 7th, here on tumblr, in which all latinx fans and fans of latinx characters* are welcome to join together and create content to celebrate latinxs in space! Any and all kind of fan content will be accepted (including fanart, gifsets, graphics, fanfiction, fanvids, etc.) to participate! 

The prompts for the week are:

  • Day 1 (5.1.17): Favorite Character**
  • Day 2 (5.2.17): Favorite Relationship (platonic, familial, romantic, etc.)
  • Day 3 (5.3.17): Favorite Line or Scene
  • Day 4 (5.4.17): Cast (favorite cast member, favorite cast moment, etc.)
  • Day 5 (5.5.17): Hero (heroic moment or line, etc.)
  • Day 6 (5.6.17): Legacy
  • Day 7 (5.7.17): Free Day! (Make anything you want in relation to spacelatinxs! Be creative!)

To participate in Spacelatinxs Week all you have to do is create content for any or all days of the scheduled week according to the prompt and tag us in it! We will be tracking the tags #spacelatinxs and #spacelatinxsweek so use those so we can feature your work here and for other fans to find your work as well! If anyone has any questions regarding how the week will work our askbox is always open so feel free to ask any questions.

Please reblog this if you are interested in participating and let other fans know about this event! We’re really looking forward to seeing everyone’s work to celebrate our favorite latinxs in space!


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day 2: anger  | favourite scene  | attack

A redraw of my fav panel from the scene~

one day i’ll participate in a special week and will actually deliver art on time….one day

TENTEN APPRECIATION WEEK -  March 7th (Tuesday) - Scrolls

“The day Tenten brought her new big scroll was the same day Neji realized that she had changed a lot recently…”

@papabay​ will you participate in Tenten Apreciation Week in honour to her birthday? This my picture of Tenten is also dedicated to YOU, becouse you are my everlasting inspiration for NejiTen drawing! <3

7th week of “Must Listen”

Machine Gun Kelly - At My Best ft. Hailee Steinfeld   

To this everyone can relate. It’s about going through life with problems and making mistakes, not being perfect, but to continue holding your head high and staying positive and not giving up. 

  • I shout, I swear, I get angry, I get scared
    I fall, I break, I mess up, I make mistakes
    But if you can’t take me at my worst
    You don’t deserve me at my best


My Science Teacher was a Jerk

Twice a week for my entire 7th grade year my shitty science teacher would make two of his students spend 10 min outside writing what the weather was like. Even in winter when it was 15-20 degrees. And he wouldn’t allow us to get our coats so my entire class was miserable all winter for his class.

Oh and each year he had his students guess when it would snow. We had to write the month, date, and hour. He gave 50 extra credit points to the person who guessed closest. Which, surprise surprise, happened to be his favorite and the smartest student.

Hey there, dear Ajin fandom!

We will be hosting an IBM Week on May 1st - 7th, 2017. We all love our ajins and humans, however it’s time to appreciate our beloved ghosts of this amazing manga as well. 

But how does this work?

Each day has certain prompts you can choose from. We thought of 3 topics for each day. Feel free to combine these options or pick one. But remember these are just suggestions. It’s not required to follow these prompts and neither is it an obligation. Post and work as you like! Fanfic, fanart, graphics/edits, cosplay, etc. are all welcome!!

  • Day 1: Denial and Isolation | Favourite IBM  | Control
  • Day 2: Anger  | Favourite Scene  | Attack
  • Day 3: Bargaining  | Favourite Relationship  | Freedom
  • Day 4: Depression  | Favourite Headcanon  | Protection
  • Day 5: Acceptance | Favourite AU (human-IBM reverse AU) | Science
  • Day 6: Death  | Own OC | Psychic Connection
  • Day 7: Reborn  | Anything goes   | Restoration

Once you’ve posted your work, use #ibmweek in the first 5 tags of your post in order for us to find it! All works will be accepted and reblogged!

If you want to participate, please read the rules!

  • no reposting
  • tag your work with #ibmweek
  • fanart, fanfics, graphics, edits, cosplay, etc. are allowed
  • tag nsfw

If you have questions or concerns, feel free to message us! Please help us spread the word in order to have a great week! Thank you and have fun!

On the 19th of February BTS released a music video for Not Today, a song that speaks about fighting and not giving up who we are. Two months later we invite you to take part in the first ever event hosted by the lgbtsnetwork: Identity Week Event

  • The event starts on the 1st of May 2017 and continues on for a week till the end of 7th of May. During that time all participants are asked to post their work under the tag #lgbtsidentity and all works will be reblogged and spread out by the network’s blog.
  • Create a post (or multiple ones) that allows you to cherish your lgbt+ identity with the help of BTS. Be it a moodboard of your favourite idol sharing your identity, a positive reaction of the boys to your coming out, a ficlet, a headcanon, a graphic, a text post in which you thank them for making you come to terms with who you are. Do whatever you want and be positive!
  • You don’t have to be an official member of the network to take part in the event!
  • If you’re worried about missing the event you can post your creations beforehand or schedule them to post on time. 
  • Please reblog this post to spread the word!
  • If you have any questions you can send them to the network’s or admin’s inbox.

Today! We! Fight!

Director Tada Shunsuke’s KnB: Last Game Interview in Animage May 2017


Director’s Eye Re: Akashi

“In the TV series where Akashi fought with Kuroko and Seirin, his personality changed from “Boku” to “Ore”. This time, we start out with the “Ore” Akashi, but he decided that he wouldn’t be able to win against Nash that way, so “Boku” Akashi comes out. From the very beginning, we already decided that we wanted to play what we, in the studio call “The Akashi Empire Theme Song” (i.e. KnB Soundtrack Vol. 3: The Emperor of Creation) during that scene. In the actual dubbing, and while it was myself who decided on it, the moment the music played I excitedly went “Boku Akashi kitaaa—-!!!” (laughs). I think it was a super cool scene and one with a great tempo. I think the part to look forward to with Akashi is definitely that both Akashis will come out during the match.”

Director’s Eye Re: Nash

“To put it frankly, I didn’t have much planned for Nash before we started recording except for the note that he’s the strongest enemy. However, the acting of Mr. Midorikawa (Hikaru) was so wonderful that I got heavily involved in the film processing and the animation to show Nash more charmingly. I think rather than at first sight…. You’ll be able to tell his superior coolness akin to that of the main characters if you watch it two or three more times. In the end though, Nash is of a standing as the enemy of the Vorpal Swords but he’s also an important character who clashes with Akashi, the playmaker. Also, the new music created for the movie was primarily created around/for Nash and the others so when you hear the music being played, you kind of feel the fear that Nash is out to get the Vorpal Swords again. Music-wise, I feel pretty accomplished.”

YEEEEEEEE. I came here for the Nash vs. Akashi and stayed for the interview. IDK, it’s always so interesting to read how the staff and cast feel about the characters and how they felt while creating the movie because god did the movie give me feels. 

It’s funny though because Director Tada is obsessed with Nash vs. Akashi (AHH it was great) and he said that we’ll get to read about that more in the cast comment give-away for the 7th week of the movie. I’m excited! Though I will go out of country on May…. I may be able to watch it one or two more times before leaving (;w; ). 

BTW, I love the spread with both of their “4” being visible on purpose. The black and white differentiation and the demon king vs the emperor… (*A* )

Translation under the cut

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Welcome to the Lupin’s Protection Squad Events!!

What is it?

The Events are six weeks to which we will allocate themes. In these six weeks, you can make anything you want which fits with the theme and caption it “@lupinsprotectionsquad: (week + event title)”.
E.g/ @lupinsprotectionsquad: Week One - Remus and Tonks
Tag your post #remuslupinevents


Week One (1st May - 7th May): Remus and Tonks

Week Two (8th May - 14th May): Remus and Sirius

Week Three (15th May - 21st May): Remus and James

Week Four (22nd May - 28th May): Professor Remus Lupin or Remus and Harry

Week Five (29th May - 4th June): Remus and Lycanthropy

Week Six (5th June - 11th June): Remus lives