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Valentine Season ❤

Since no one around here seems to be knowing what Valentine week is, so, I thought I would enlighten my fellow Tumblrs.

The week prior to Valentine’s Day is known as the Valentine Week.

Below is a list of each day of that week and their special names

7 Feb Rose Day

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8 Feb Propose Day

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9 Feb Chocolate Day

10 Feb Teddy Day

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11 Feb Promise Day

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12 Feb Kiss Day

13 Feb Hug Day

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So, as you all already know, toppdogg will release a new song and a full album next week (November 7th).
More than never we need to help them.

First, watch the MV as many as you can (720p). Don’t watch via playlists. Refresh the page and clean your cache.

Share the MV (link) with your friends, your family, strangers, in your social medias, youtube chanels, everywhere.
Be annoying in a good way. Spam them!

Ask youtubers to react to the new mv, mainly the most famous (JREKML, KSpazzing, Aidens Life, etc).

Ask to youtube chanels to translate the music and do color codes.

Buy the new album! Even if its the digital, try to buy it.

Vote for them in M!Countdown, Inkigayo!, The Show, and more! Please, this helps a lot.

Attend events and projects that the fanbases will surely do.

If you are in korea, go to the fansigns, meets, showcases, tv shows.

Ask to play the main song in your local radio! Yeah, send them a sms or a tweet or submit in their site, i will talk about this project later.

Give them lots of love and talk about them!

We can do it! ToppDogg and ToppKlass Fighting!!!! ♡

Amourshipping Week 2017 Themes!

I got exactly 7 suggestions, so instead of putting it to a vote, I think we’ll just use these. As an aside @boutiqueshipping-week is the same week as Amourshipping Week, so if you want to participate in both, plan accordingly. As well, please don’t be rude to Boutiqueshippers during this time.

Here are the themes for Amourshipping Week 2017, January 1-7th! The name of the game is creativity! Each theme is only an idea, and not something you have to use 100%, or even 1%. As long as you’re creating Amourshipping Content during the week, it’s good for Amourshipping Week. These are just ideas to kickstart your works!

January 1st: Fireworks - It’s New Year’s Day, after all! Ash and Serena can be watching the ball drop together and watching the fireworks! While the theme is “Fireworks”, they don’t have to literally be them, either! Why not have Serena working on a Performance with Ash’s help? Or even put them in other holidays, since even Halloween got Fireworks in Pokémon!

January 2nd: Letters - It’s not secret that Ash and Serena are seperated for now, with Serena studying Contests in Hoenn while Ash is enjoying the sun in the Alola Region, but obviously our couple would stay in touch! Write a letter from Ash to Serena (or viceversa) or maybe draw Ash or Serena’s reaction to getting a letter from each other! You could be creative and have Serena asking Bonnie (or others!) for help on making her letter pop! (And Ash could totally get help from Mallow, Lana, and Lillie!)

January 3rd: Royalty - Every Queen needs a King, right? Tuesday’s a day for our favorite pairing to achieve their dreams! What does Serena do as Kalos Queen? How does Ash react? Is Serena cheering in the stands for her Champion-Master? Or is she spending her time more quietly, confident in his victory? There’s also an opening for showing them as literal royalty. Who hasn’t thought of an AU where Prince Satoshi from Japan marries the kindhearted Princess Serena of France?

January 4th: Kiss - This is Amourshipping Day on Tumblr! And of course, we have to have a reference to the big event that happened at the end of XYZ! Serena’s Kiss on Ash is only one way to interpret this, though! Maybe you want to get in Ash’s head as he’s kissed, or you want to have him kiss her back? This is their first kiss, so maybe you want to talk about their second? Or maybe you want to think about their most sanctified kiss, when they become husband and wife in the future? It’s all good in the Pokémon World!

January 5th: Sweets - Serena loves making them almost as much as Ash likes eating them, and there’s all sorts of great imagery here, too! I mean, the song that’s supposed to be about Serena’s feelings for Ash is literally called ‘Candy Girl’, right? So stick to the sweet stuff! Is Serena making Ash a cake? Is Ash giving her chocolates? Or maybe it’s just a sweet activity, like walking through a park, or maybe even a picnic? Let your imagination carry you!

January 6th: Reflection - Ash and Serena went through a lot of experiences during their journey through the Kalos Region, and it’s time to reflect on those experiences. Maybe they talk about their favorite ones, or remember how they grew through their trials. Or maybe we take “Reflection” more literally and look at the ways Serena and Ash reflect each other? Two determined dreamers who go for broke and never give up? I’d say they have a bit in common!

January 7th Family - We close Amourshipping Week 2016 with the ties of Family. While a marriage between Ash and Serena is the most obvious way to make them a family (And let you include your Amourshipping Fan Children in the mix!), let’s not forget that we already have families for them. Maybe that feast that Delia promised finally comes to fruition with a visit to Pallet Town? Does Grace teach Ash more about Rhyhorn? And of course, they both have tons of Pokémon they love!

Thank you for your participation! Let’s make this Amourshipping Week an amazing time to be in the fandom!


Thank you for the interest and prompt ideas! We are now announcing the prompts for the first ygotp challenge…

Week 1 (1st-7th December): ice and snow/festival/heroes and villains

Week 2 (8th-14th December): choir/where are we going?/cast a spell

Week 3 (15th-21st December): ring the bells!/crossover/into the dark

Week 4: (22nd-28th December): naughty or nice/sleep/alternate universe

Week 5: (29th December-4th January): celebration/lost and found/future


A little bit about the prompts:

Choose one prompt per week to do… or more than one, if you like! Please do not post work corresponding to a given week before that week starts.

Interpret each prompt as desired, with any work you like for any ship. Seasonal’ prompts do not require seasonal-themed responses, respond as you like. You do not have to do each week’s prompt/s for the same ship - in fact, diversity and variety is encouraged!

Reminder that all the challenge rules are HERE, so please read up on those before submitting!

Tag your work with @ygotpas well as the tag #ygotp2016. Sometimes works may be queued to avoid dash spam.

Remember to have fun!

If you doodle or illustrate, our Youtube Channel is running a banner contest. Check out our Youtube channel, create a banner, email it to psych2go@outlook.com or tag us.

The winner (banner that gets selected and placed on the channel) gets a payment?

Here’s  a link to our channel: http://youtube.com/psych2go

Looking forward to your creative ideas!

Deadline: A week from today, DEC 7th. :)

So this happened...

I just stumbled across a rather weird coincidence that I would like to share. 

So, at summer camp, there was a recurring theme of deer, demons, ect. The whole ‘being the reluctant figurehead of an evil camp cult’ had some pretty weird mythology spring up around it, often including Phil, the creepy cutout of the fawn with the face made of the abyss:

Whiiich inspired me to make some art during the first week: 

During the 7th week, the campers started trying to trap me in conjuration triangles, which was… interesting. A couple of weeks ago, animatorsammy drew me haunted by the Goetic demon Furfur, a stag with a fiery tail who never speaks the truth unless “compelled or brought up within a triangle”:

Which all seemed remarkably fitting and cool and fit well within my longstanding #scary deer gods tag. BUT, there was something about the name Furfur which seemed familiar, and I couldn’t place it until just now. 

I left my copy of The Lesser Key of Solomon at home. Within it is contained an Ars Goetia, a grimoire of demon-summoning. I opened it to look up Furfur:

On the top of the righthand page is Furfur’s sigil. As soon as I saw it, I suddenly remembered back to the very beginning of the summer when starfoozle and I did ‘Dark Arts and Crafts’ (EDIT: BEFORE I went to camp!) with the vague goal of creating some creepy-looking artifacts that we could set up in the spooky woods to discourage the evil neighbors from trespassing. We’d just watched True Detective that weekend and decided that the devil’s traps - pyramids of sticks - had the right Blair Witch aesthetic to unsettle the neighbors. El created a very small one in reference to the show. I got a little… carried away, and made a larger, more elaborate one. Inside the trap I hung a deer skull, with iron nails, deer teeth, bells, turkey bones, feathers, seed pods, ect. 

In my enthusiasm, I suggested we pick a sigil from the Ars Goetia and paint it on the deer skull. El. being a little more reserved than I, pointed out that painting an actual demonic sigil on something for artistic purposes was not a very good idea, even for scientifically-minded skeptics like ourselves. I agreed, and altered it a little by removing the odd little triangle part:

It was fucking Furfur’s sigil that we bastardized. 

Sannami Week is yearly event held in March. In 2016, it was celebrated on March 7-14. This year and onwards, it will be celebrated on March 1-7, to match the date of Japanese fans’ SanNami week (サンナミ週間).

Why is SanNami Week celebrated in March?

March 7th is SanNami Day (サンナミの日). Japanese fans derived the date from Sanji and Nami’s name. Sanji’s birthday is March 2nd and is derived from his name. Nami’s birthday is July 3rd and is also derived from her name. So Japanese fans took Sanji’s three and Nami’s seven and came up with the date March 7th.

Originally, Japanese fans had only one day to celebrate SanNami. In 2016, they expanded the day to a week, starting on March 1 and ending on March 7. Now, we follow them. So that means SanNami Week is celebrated internationally!

What are we gonna do for the entire week?

Express your love for this pairing. You can create your own media such as fanart, fanfic, edit/gif, AMV, playlist, roleplay, cosplay, etc. You can even express it by writing out your favorite canon moment or explain why you ship them. Unleash your limitless creativity!

But we can do that anything we want, right?

Based on your votes, we have seven prompts and one bonus prompt to inspire your imagination. To see the prompts, click here.

I can’t make and contribute everyday.

We know you have a life and you may be busy. Don’t worry, contributing to one prompt is fine. At least, you participated. And to make things easier for everyone, we extended submission date. March 14 will be the late day to submit your work for any prompt.

Still have question? Just click the askbox button of this site or chat with the moderators (either @eleamaya or @icantbelieveimadeanaccount). Feel free to share this with other SanNami fans in any social media you have. 

Last but not least, Keep Calm and Love SanNami!

Calliope week !!

Introducing calliope week!! for are your calliope needs ^u^

Some friends and i put this blog together in order to celebrate calliope!! I believe this is the first ever calliope week as well so this is quite exciting!! And we hope everyone is as excited as we are ?? 

The week begins on November 7th and ends on the 11th! For calliope week you can send in practically anything you like that contributes to the week such as fan art, cosplays, fan fictions, music, edits and so on! anything your little calliope loving heart desires! Anyone can participate and you dont have to particularly be good at anything on here, just participating is enough and we very much appreciate it! we encourage everyone to participate!

here are some links to the mods and prompt page!

mods  prompts 

please spread the word about this event! <3

Marco Bodtom Week — Day 1: Nov 7th - Traditions / Holidays


marco goes ALL OUT for christmas and but jean never really understood christmas and the moment he hears the ronettes singing sleigh ride he knows theres no escape from marco’s annual christmas fever for the next 2 months (this is on nov 1st btw and hes been decorating nonstop for 3 hours and hes only got 10% done tbh)