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I know a couple of girls who are in a real problem

When you try to impress your girl taking care of her child but… shit happens. If you wanna know, Sheena and Stevonnie really had a good time. (PS: I forget that Stevonnie uses they/them so… Sorry)

~For the MP100 Valentine’s week challenge, Day 5~

Category: M/M

Pairing: Teruki Hanazawa/Kageyama Shigeo

Word count: 875

Notes: Tooth-rotting fluff. I’m not sorry.


Mob wakes up with tears staining his cheeks. He wipes them away guiltily even as they continue to flow; he doesn’t want to wake up Teru, who’s curled up next to him.

After all, it’s the first time Mob is sleeping over at Teru’s since they’ve become a couple. Mob doesn’t want to ruin it.

But it seems he can’t help it. Teru is a light sleeper, and Mob’s quiet sniffles draw him from whatever dream he was having to the darkness of reality. “Shigeo?”, he mumbles sleepily, then his eyes widen as he realizes what woke him up. “Shigeo, are you alright…? Did you have a bad dream?”

Mob nods his head, then shakes it, unsure which is the best response. He doesn’t want to upset Teru, doesn’t want him to worry. This is Mob’s burden to bear. “I’m fine, please go back to sleep.”

But Teru doesn’t; Teru brushes the tears from his cheek, pulls him even closer, circles his arms around Mob and kisses the crown of his head. “It’s alright, Shigeo. You can always tell me when you’re upset.”

Mob relaxes into Teru’s embrace, hugs him as tightly as he dares - but not too tight as not to hurt him.

Teru chuckles into his hair, his breath ghosting over Mob’s head. “Was it that bad?”

Mob frowns slightly, and nuzzles closer. “I don’t… remember,” he admits guiltily. He should, though: Teru is comforting him and hugging him and listening to him and here he is, not even able to remember. “I’m sorry.”

He feels Teru’s chest vibrate as he sighs, and says, “Oh, Shigeo,” and Mob flinches, suspicions confirmed - but then Teru kisses his head again, and begins to… pet it? In a way. He runs his slender fingers across Mob’s head softly, tangles them in his hair, massages his scalp through the thick black strands.

It feels really nice, and Mob is so thankful, so grateful to have such a kind and patient boyfriend. He breathes in Teru’s scent, and a pang of something half-forgotten tugs at his mind.

“I… I was lonely. In the dream. I remember that. I was terribly alone, and I felt so lost.”

Teru freezes in surprise, then he pulls Mob even closer, almost squishing him in the process - but that’s fine with Mob, because it reminds him that this is real, and Teru is real, and he’s here. “Shigeo…”

Teru pauses thoughtfully, then murmurs. “I have an idea. But… will you be okay if I let go?”

No, Mob thinks. “Yes,” Mob says, and apparently Teru is not a telepath, because he gently untangles himself from Mob and gets up from their shared bed.

“I used to get lonely a lot,” Teru says as he walks to his closet, “When I first moved in here.”

He opens it, pulls something out of the top shelf. “As a kid, when you’re offered the option to live alone, your first thought is wow, cool! But when you wake up in the middle of the night to a silent house and your parents are halfway across the city, it’s…”

He pauses, and Mob wonders what kind of an expression Teru is making. He can’t see in the dark, but then, could he tell even if he saw it?

“It’s lonely. And terrifying.”

Teru is walking around the room now, trailing a thick thread of some sort behind him, to which some round things are attached, some bigger, some smaller. They make a rough scratching sound as they are dragged across the floor. Mob begins to feel curious. What is Teru doing? How can he even see more than vague shapes in this darkness?

“But then I found this.”

There is a clicking sound, and suddenly the room is bright; Mob squeezes his eyes shut automatically but slowly opens them at the sound of Teru’s laughter.

Mob’s breath catches in his throat.

The ceiling is now covered with round paper lanterns: big lanterns, small lanterns, connected by black cable that’s held aloft through psychic power. The lanterns are brightly colored; pastel blue and neon pink and lime green and warm orange, all mixed up and shining and warm.

Mob feels an arm drape across his shoulders; as he sat up, Teru must’ve sat down next to him. The blonde smiles softly at him, the slightest blush covering his cheeks. “What do you think?”

Mob returns the smile; it’s impossible not to. “This is… wonderful. You - are wonderful, Teruki…”

Teru laughs, and kisses Mob’s cheek. “So you say, but guess who’s the reason that I barely need these anymore?”

It takes Mob probably longer than it should, but as he understands, his eyes widen and he blushes fiercely. “Teru…!”

Words fail him, as usual; they are to chunky and uncomfortable to convey what he’s feeling - so he tentatively tries something else.

Something easier, and just as warm as the lights floating above them.

He feels Teru’s breath hitch as Mob leans over and kisses him, Teru’s mouth as sweet and soft as the first time they’d shared their breath. Teru melts around him, pulling him closer, and Mob sighs happily, warmth flooding into him from every connecting point.

“I love you,” he murmurs when they finally disconnect. “You shine as bright as the lanterns.”

Teru smiles against his lips. “And you shine even brighter.”

Slytherin Aesthetics

feel free to add more below! inspired by @shitslytherinssay ’s blog (♥️♥️♥️)

•the crunch of leaves in the middle of fall when they get stepped or jumped on
•The nip of the chilly winter air biting at your nose
•the crackling of the fire when another piece of kindling is thrown in
•short bursts of poetry combined with pictures that have no relation to them
•the burning feeling you get when you stare at something too long
•the warm mist of tea as it cumulates on the cup while you inhale the scent
•instantly messing up the art that some barista put a lot of work into when they give you your drink
•the crisp gliding of yellow book pages as you turn them
•the comforting feeling that comes with light rain and cloudy skies
•lots of snow in one night that immediately melts into a giant puddle the next day
•pondering over whether or not the entire human race is just an au or not
•the way your lips subconsciously part as you slowly lean in to kiss someone
•little mason jars filled with jam and little sprigs of parsley that have a bandanna tied around the center
•sighing as you breathe in the smell of your freshly cleaned laundry
•the intoxicating feeling you get when you get to stay home from school
•the quiet hissing of metal against skin
•sticky beads of sweat that roll across your forehead when you overthink something repeatedly
•piping hot chocolate the nearly scalds your tongue because you weren’t paying to attention and you didn’t cool it off
•feeling content and happy when you think that someone made you loads of flower crowns out of whatever was available (then realizing that they got it at a gift shop outside of town)
•perfectly shaved legs rubbing against freshly dried sheets
•staying up until 3am on a school night
•man buns & half shaved heads
•the anxiety that comes with college applications and sats
•sobbing over the fact that “DEAN MADE CAS A MIXTAPE, A MIXTAPE!!!”
•obsessively posting random crap on tumblr that people somehow like
•lumpy space princess thinking that she’s the shit
•the last phone charger breaking only a week after the headphones
•jamming out to 1975 in your underwear on a stormy Tuesday afternoon
•reading Harry Potter and, “fuck you dumbledore.”
•gorging on Chinese food while watching the entire series of friends in the span of a single weekend
•listening to Halsey and feeling angsty and badass as fuck
•snuggling closer into the covers while curling your toes as you fall asleep
•going to Starbucks and ordering one of those “pumpkin lattes” just to be an “annoying ass White person”
•wearing crystal necklaces that supposedly give you “strength” and other shit
•going to sleep until 3pm because you just don’t give a fuck
•the silent internal screaming that happens whenever it’s finals week
•warm laughter that occurs when a stupid yet meaningful joke is told
•blaring pop music until ears went numb
•always using emojis that make no sense to the conversation
•the painful howls of wolves when the full moon peeks out
•sucking cherries off of their stems only to eat the stems as well
•browsing through various otp prompts but never writing about any of them
•wearing eyeglasses in the dark and feeling like such a badass
•lipstick stains across dusty bathroom mirrors in a secondhand supermarket
•randomly placed books in the wrong section of the library than where they’re supposed to be
•screaming along to three days grace in hello kitty pajamas on a hot Wednesday night in the middle of summer
•learning languages only to do nothing with the newfound knowledge
•speaking through glances and hushed tones
•the crinkle of candy wrappers between fingers when their squished as they get thrown away
•thor’s smile as he watches his bf dizee live his dream
•naming a cat queso just because of that one time and that one Mexican restaurant
•leather jackets being thrown over shoulders as their wearers saunter down the hallway
•the smell of cinnamon and apple wrapped up in pure sugar
•Baz attacking the mole on Simon’s neck as if it were a target
•cursing someone out in another language
•"we saw the same sunset.“
•the exhausting moment when you get up and go to the bathroom early in the morning and you trip, and you just kinda lay there
•the squeaks of mattresses that happen when a hoard of people jump on them
•the life or death moment when you can’t get to your phone in time and it’s about to die
•crying as “Talking To The Moon” by Bruno Mars plays in a bar at 2am on a loop
•sighing when you realize that you made several grammatical errors in your writing and your already turned it in
•the sound of sneakers screeching against newly waxed gym floors