week before my birthday

One of my kids checked the mailbox yesterday and brought me a letter…

…all the way from Finland?!

Oh hey! It’s from @magicjudge!! Cool!!

AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! And it contains the new judge promo of my favorite tribal commander of all time!! Gorgeous new art! Shiny foil treatment! Validation that Lorwyn is not forgotten!!


Dadvid Appreciation Week

Also known as ‘Take Back The Dad and Cut Out the Bad’ Week. 

Because as someone who has been in this fandom since before the show even began, there has been one consistent annoyance in this fandom since, and I think you all know what it is.

I, much like many others in this fandom, are tired of Ma///x//vid. It’s disgusting, it’s obnoxious, and it’s a ton of other problems I don’t have the energy to list out. I’ve been tired of it since it first reared its ugly head last year during season one, so over a year ago, I helped to get the Dadvid AU train rolling here on Tumblr as an attempt to balance out the constant stream of Ma///xv//id on both here and on Ao3. 

And for a while it worked! There was so much Dadvid and so much less gross shipping! But not only has the ship resurfaced in full force, the shippers have latched onto the Dadvid AU, making it impossible to know if someone who likes the AU is secretly a gross shipper, therefore adding a ton of bad implications to that supposedly-innocent art of David and Max being a nice family. And I don’t know about all of you, but I’m tired of it. I’m tired, I’m bitter, and honestly? I’m super petty!

So I’m hosting Dadvid Appreciation Week. From October 22 to October 28 (Week before my birthday; fun fact!) we will celebrate Dadvid content in all its glory and the beautiful platonic father-son relationship between David and Max that we love so much! There will be a theme for each day, but heck, you don’t necessarily have to stick to it nor do you have to do every single day if you don’t have the energy or inspiration. Draw, write, even come up with headcanons or AUs, nearly any sort of content is welcome!

There are only a few rules for the week, centered around one big rule:


Now, obviously, I cannot stop them if they decide to draw or create something. But keep in mind, I have a LONG blacklist/Tumblr Savior list, and I do my best to check and make sure artists don’t ship the ship before I reblog from them. So none of their art or content will be counted as part of the celebration week if I have anything to say about it. This is a week to take back Dadvid and make it a safe and comforting AU again, away from shipping and nastiness. And even if it doesn’t work, I’m willing to try. Because I love this AU to death, I’ve watched it grow and blossom over the past year, and it deserves better than to be supported by people who also want the two people in it to be in a romantic relationship.

“But hey, it’s a fictional ship!” Yeah, and I’m feeling REAL annoyed feelings towards people who support it. I’ve tried blocking and blacklisting, I’ve tried being polite, I’ve tried creating a space where people who don’t like the ship could express themselves safely, And the shippers have stuck their noses into places they were not wanted every single time. So now I have to print it in big, bold letters and make it completely 100% obvious.

Some other rules, less major than the big one, but still important:

  • Don’t harass Ma//x///v/id shippers during this week. Yes, they are gross and awful, I will not deny this. In fact, I would scream it from a rooftop with a megaphone if I could. But I’ve never been fond of telling them to go kill themselves or calling a group that is (let’s be real) mostly composed of teens pedophiles because…no, that’s not necessarily true. Gross? Yes? But pedophiles is a stretch. Now the ADULT shippers, there’s some debate there and also they’re MUCH more gross than the other shippers. But the kids and teens? No. I want this to be a week of fun for those of us who don’t ship it, and we shouldn’t let them spoil it for us. Don’t harass them, don’t interact with them, don’t even instigate a fight if they don’t listen and try to participate despite not being welcomed. Which brings me to my next point.
  • Don’t harass them…but don’t give them attention either. Trust me, the worst thing you can do to an artist is not give them attention at all. Cut them out, don’t reblog or like their stuff at all. Be careful who you reblog from. I myself am going to do my best NOT to reblog from shippers but if I slip up, please tell me and I will delete the post immediately.  Make it clear that this week is not for them, that this AU is not for them. Hell, you can keep it up after the week is done. In fact, it’s encouraged! Stop giving them attention period. I don’t care how nice their art style is, it’s worthless if they support a pedophilic ship. And we as a fandom should be more strict and critical of the art we reblog and from whom. Now, again that doesn’t mean lashing out and telling artists to kill themselves, but do make it clear that their choice to support a gross ship has consequences that carry over to the rest of their content.
  • Off the topic of them, NO NSFW ART. Kinda obvious but…you know. This is a nice week, let’s not make things gross. I mean, blood I can understand because Max is a scrappy kid, but let’s not take things to a nasty sexual place. Again, obvious, but sometimes the obvious needs to be said.
  • This might be a weird rule, but if you’re going to draw content for the week, Don’t Whitewash Max. You have full access to his different shades of his skin tone in screencaps, use them properly. In fact, here’s a whole masterpost of them in case you need them! Don’t make him look washed out and sickly and pale. This is another problem the fandom has and we might as well work on it this week, too. Don’t give him pale skin and don’t get rid of his beautiful curly hair. (Also whitewashing is a problem I’ve seen a TON of Ma///x///vid shippers have, where they make him look super pale, almost like some kind of anime character and make his hair straight and not poofy at all. To the point where it sometimes only BARELY looks like him. So there’s another excuse not to do it, other than it being really racist.) On top of it being a week of nice content with David and Max in a happy father-son relationship, it can be a week where we all work to improve our art skills for the better, too! Win-win!

Other than that, go wild! A list of each day’s theme will be posted sometime in the future before the actual appreciation week (and once I finish coming up with them).

Let’s take this AU back and made it fun and safe again. Or at least, let’s make some nice Dadvid content without gross, uncomfortable implications behind it.

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bad omen | C1 | sweet pea

I spent a better half of the last year wondering what the world gained from kicking people when they were already down. I never saw the compromise in giving into the crap hand people had been dealt — I had always assumed that you were in control of your destiny. That every decision you made, every choice, had a consequence and each consequence would mould who you were supposed to be. Would you learn from it? Would you run?

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Do you think the villains goons ever just decide to trade bosses every once in a while. Just “Yeah, you know my kids birthday is coming up, anyone wanna trade for the Joker this week? I don’t want to risk dying before my kids birthday.” or “Hey you know Riddler’s been planning something big, and I ain’t that smart so I don’t wanna piss him off, anyone wanna trade for the week?” Like I feel like the rogues gallery wouldn’t notice.

I don’t look the best in this picture but I have so many feelings for this.

One time I was in Disney World with my family and a friend of mine. My friend had never been to Disney but I had, it was my 20th time going at that point. My friend was interested in characters more than rides, she insisted on meeting every Disney princess before we went home.

Well, we were in Epcot one day, and my family had no interest in tagging along with us to go meet tons of characters, so they went off and did their own thing while my friend and I traveled country to country meeting characters. The final character we met that day was Aurora, and I will never forget that. It was a few weeks before my 16th birthday and I was wearing one of the “Happy Birthday!” pins with my name on it - and she called attention to it immediately. She got excited and she asked my age. When I answered “16”, she clapped her hands and smiled. “I met my prince on my 16th birthday! Have you met your prince yet?”

My heart froze for a second, I was caught off guard. But looking into a happy princess’ face in silence is hard, and I responded, without thinking; “I’m actually into princesses.” Her face didn’t change from the smile, in fact it got brighter.

“Oh! Then have you met your princess then?”

That was the single most relieving thing I had ever heard. I’m a lesbian and I’m out to my friends, not my family. I had tried coming out to my family at that point, only to be met with “You’re too young to know that.” Multiple times. I was forced back into the closet at home where I stayed, and still am.

But getting the chance to openly say that to a princess, and have her happily respond was amazing. I was happier than imaginable. And even though, no, I hadn’t met my princess yet, I found one that loves me.

Aurora gained a special place in my heart after that. She hugged me and I could barely keep myself from crying while the pictures were being taken. I will never forget that.

Jason and Annabeth

Here’s the first set!

- They start a club to fight the idea that blonds are dumb because they have both dealt with that.

- Annabeth wanted to call it “The Association Of Blond Demigods Who Are Strongly Opposed To The Stereotype That Says That Blonds Are Stupid” but Jason refuted the idea because, “Even TAOBDWASOTTSTSTBAS is a mouthful, Annabeth.”

- They eventually decide on “Blonds for Blonds” or BFB.

- They tried recruiting Will, but he refused.

- They have meetings basically whenever one of them is feeling annoyed about stereotypes or (more commonly) when its a good opportunity to bug Percy or Piper.

- Percy and Piper made a “We are in relationships with dorks” club to retaliate.

- They succeed in recruiting Nico.

- That causes Will to join BFB.

- It turns into a recruiting war between the two clubs. Percy and Piper are sure they are gonna win because they aren’t limited by their recruits’ hair color, but end up losing by a landslide because they can’t give a real purpose for the club other than “cuz why not”.

- Jason and Annabeth never let them forget it.

- Both Jason and Annabeth like to wake up early to work because they find it easier to think when the world is quiet.

- (They don’t forfeit the sleep though. Jason heads back to his cabin to sleep for at least three more hours after he’s done working and Annabeth falls asleep by nine most nights.)

- They discovered that they had the same habit on the Argo II when they both woke up early to study battle plans in the mess hall.

- Once they are back at camp, they agree to have breakfast and work together in the Dining Pavilion. Annabeth brings her architectural plans for Olympus and Jason brings his Pontifex Maximus work.

- They work about half the time and ignore their work completely to talk the other half of the time.

- Jason asks Annabeth for help designing the monuments to the gods that he’s building. She immediately agrees.

- Between listening to her talk and going over the plans with her, Jason begins to understand the basics of architecture, and with Annabeth’s help, he becomes good enough at it to make the designs on his own.

- When the Shrine to Hecate that Jason designed on his own is finally standing at Camp Jupiter, no one is prouder then Annabeth.

- Jason never submits a blueprint to Chrion or the Senate without Annabeth’s approval first.

- They share stories with each other about their childhoods at the different camps.

- Jason tells her about the pressure he felt to be perfect from the first moment he entered Camp Jupiter and Annabeth tells him about how at age seven she realized how awful the world could be.

- They teach sword fighting classes together, and have a running contest to see who can casually intimidate the younger campers the best.

- For example: “Pay attention this is a difficult move.” “Yeah, I had such a hard time learning this move that I almost wished that I was training with the wolves again.” “I struggled too! It took me about four months to perfect it. In fact, I officially mastered it about a week before my eighth birthday and I was so excited.” “It’s a handy move; it saved my life when I was slaying the titan defending Kronos’s throne.” “Thanks for doing that by the way. It would have been interesting to see how Kronos survived after I helped destroyed him if his throne had still been standing.”

- (The campers leave the class in awe and with goals to be as powerful as their instructors.)

- They have a huge list of inside joke that make no sense whatsoever. Like someone will say they are in the mood for tacos and they will smile at each other and say “Upside down tacos?” at the same time and die of laughter.

- (Percy and Piper seriously consider reopening the “We are in Relationships with Dorks” club.)

- They have a deal that they will write detailed accounts of anything interesting that happens while they aren’t near each other and give them to each other when they do meet up. They both end up with a boxful of letters.

- For Christmas, they both get each other beautiful boxes to hold the letters.

- Someone once asked Annabeth if Jason was her brother, and she smiled and said “I wish.”

- When Jason was asked if Annabeth was his sister, and he smiled and said, “In all but blood.”


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