week 98

someone: i’ve had this hyperfixation for years!! i know everything about it !! i love it and i’ll never get tired of it

me, replacing each hyperfixation with another after a month of being interested: cant relate 

more vaguely strifehart @liverpepper doodles! I had feels for cloud and his geostigma and his state of semi-permanent exhaustion…

  1. babby cloud? by accident! probably suffering a particularly bad bout, poor kid.

  2. more of cloud being tired because I managed to de-age him magnificently in (1) and that was not my intent :’D

  3. chocobo hair strong! but honestly I just noticed how flow-y this outfit is so I wanted to draw it and then Leon got cuddly or something idek they’re cute


SEQUEL to Happy Drabble from earlier this week.

98. “Don’t shut me out.”, 62. “You’re not as quiet as you think you are.” or 6. “I just like proving you wrong.”. Choose if not liking those.

I sat on my bed, typing away on my laptop. Typing out a couple more words, I paused, popping my back.

Getting up, I decided to put on something more comfortable. A Five Finger Death Punch tank that came just below my behind and my panties, sounded awesome.

The box fan pointed on ne and just covered in a sheet? Now that’s a good nights sleep right there.

I got back on the bed and typed some more.

Alot was on my mind after I left the clubhouse earlier. Leaving Happy behind after kissing him nearly broke me.

I wanted him even more now, but then wasn’t the time. I was pumped up because of it. Idea’s ran through my head and I just had to get them down.

It was the perfect plot for my romance book. There was way more than just lovin’ going on; guns, murder, families being torn apart… much like what was going on with SAMCRO.

I lived a ways out from downtown Charming, owning a peice of land ffrom Oswald before Hale bought the rest of it up. I could hear a car coming down the road for at least 2 miles, it was so quiet out here.

So the thunder of Happy’s bike was a dead give away. He walked about a half mile if I heard right.

I sat still on the bed, waiting for him to pick the lock on the front door. Happy was just that way.

He’d never been in my house before, so he hit every single creak on the steps coming up.

Still clad in his white SAMCRO  t-shirt, jeans and cut, he leaned against the door, folding his arms.

“You’re not as quiet as you think you are.” I told him, continuing with my typing.

I said nothing else, not even looking at him, waiting for him to make the next move.

Out of my peripheral, I saw him slowly come into my room, looking around before standing next to me.

Leaning down over my shoulder, he ran his hand down my arm to my hand, where he lifted it and pulled the laptop shut.

“You really not scared of me?” He asked, his head next to mine.

“No. Why should I be?”

He moved my laptop out of the way, sitting down, his knee touching mine.

He rolled the toothpick from one side of his mouth to the other.

“I’ve killed people.”


He looked at me like I was dense.

“With my bare hands, woman.”

I sighed, “I gather that Hap.”

“The fuck is wrong with you? You have some murderer fetish or something?”

“No, smartass, I don’t.”

He pointed a finger at me, “Watch it.”

“Or what? You gonna spank me?”

His eyes darkened.

“Tie me up? Punish me in some way?”

I knew I was playing with fire and should stop, but once my smartass mouth starts going, sometimes there’s just no stopping it.

Grabbing my legs, he yanked them towards him, making me fall backwards.

With extreme speed, he was on top of me and had me pinned.

“You know, for a woman who doesn’t have that much experience, she sure as shit is into some kinky fuckery.” He said, smiling.

I scoffed, “What makes you think I’m not that experienced?”

“You think you’re the only one with insight? Got news for you baby girl, you’re not.”

Okay, so maybe he was right, but this wasn’t just about sex so he was wrong on that.

I’ve seen the real Happy. I knew he wasn’t just the Tacoma Killer… he was a man who loved his family with a deadly passion. He was a man who needed to be loved in return to balance out all the shit that went on in his life.

“It’s not just about sex, Hap.”

He rolled his hips, his jean covered, hardening member creating delicious friction to my pantie covered mound.

“Is that so?” He did it again.

I couldn’t help the moan. He chuckled darkly, sitting back up.

I sat up slowly, “I care about you Happy.”

And just like that, his face hardened.

“Don’t shut me out.”

He got off the bed and paced the room.

Standing myself, I stood in his path as he turned around, “Please?” I said, a mere whisper.

He clenched his jaw, making it tick. Much like at TM, I reached up, taking the toothpick from his mouth.

Keeping my eyes open, I stood slightly taller, just barely grazing my lips against his.

He watched me, his breathing becoming heavy. His hands clenched into tight fists, his shoulders moved up and down as he tried to overcome what ever emotion was coursing through him.

I tilted my head to the side, kissing him a bit more firmly. His lips opened slightly and I dared to dip the tip of my tounge in between his lips.

He turned to leave and I could feel myself failing at this. Maybe he truly didn’t want someone. Maybe he loved having Sweetbutt’s and Croweater’s at his disposal.

He surprised me though, when he just went to close the door and take off his cut and shirt.

The tattoos on his back and torso, moved as his muscles flexed. Turning back around, he looked different.

He looked like the Hap you see when he’s with the people he knows. The Tacoma Killer wasn’t here.

“I’m no good at this.” He said, coming over to me.

“I’m patient, Hap.”

He reached for my tank top, pulling it over my head.

Bending down to put his large hands on my thighs, he hoisted me up, his hands quickly moving ro my ass to hold me to him.

My legs were wrapped tightly around him. One arm was around his shoulder, the other, tracing his chest tattoos.

He laid us down, hovering over me. “Can’t promise to be gentle, either baby girl.”

I ran my index finger down his pec, circling his nipple, “I won’t break.”

Taking my hands, I reached down and unbuckled his jeans. Unbuttoning and pulling the zipper down, he popped right out of the confine of his pants.

He was hot and heavy; his member resting on my hip.

Tentatively, I grasped him, circling my thumb over the head of him.

His eyes closed then. I used the element of surprise and leaned my head up to kiss him slowly as I began to pump him.

He grunted, taking his tounge and flicking the tip of it against mine.

The kiss progressed quickly, our lips smacking loudly the more into it we got.

I sucked on his tounge, making him moan as I twisted my hand upward and back down on his member.

I used my free hand to push his chest, turning him onto his back. He looked up at me, giving me a devilish grin.

I pulled his jeans and boxers down, him lifting his hips to help.

I was on my knees after I pulled his pants off. Sitting up, he gripped my hair in his hand.

He watched as I leaned forward taking the head of him in my mouth. I traced him with my tounge, loving his deep moan.

“Got to give me more… like a lot baby girl.” He said.

I gripped him at the base, leaving hot, wet kisses up his length. I flicked my tounge over the slit of his head, before taking him deep into my mouth.

I bobbed my head slowly, his moans turning me on. Sliding my hand into my panties, I touched myself, my moan making him close.

He pulled my head back, breathing hard. He watched me as I leaned back, pleasuring myself. It seriously turned me on, when he took himself in his hand and pumped, squeezing slightly when his hand got to the head.

He got down on the floor, making me lay back. Taking my hand from my panties, he yanked the cloth off, diving down between my legs.

I gripped his tattooed head as he gave me the best tounge lashing.

“Oh god.” I said, feeling myself near the edge.

Happy growled and moved up my body, while his fingers still played with me.

Without any warning, he pushed inside of me, his hips snapping against my tender flesh.

I threw my to the side, screaming as he found my gspot. Never before had a man done that.

“That’s it, baby girl.” He said. “That’s it.”

He let out a primal growl, as he dipped his head and took my nipple between his teeth, flicking his tounge over the sensitive flesh.

His hips seemed to go even faster as he neared his end.

Taking my legs, he put them over his shoulder, going deeper that before.

“I- I’m-” I couldn’t form a sentence as I neared another orgasam.

“Shit baby girl.”

“Christ Hap- don’t… stop.”

He bent his back as he shoved himself balls deep into me.

“Y/N!” He yelled as he came.

He kissed my legs as he moved his hips slowly before pulling out.

Falling over to the side of me, he breathed heavily, sweating.

I lay there, unable to move.

Happy pulled me to him, his hand going straight to my bottom and giving it a squeeze.

“All mine now… You know that, right?”

Surprised, I looked up at him.

I expected more of a fight from him. You know, him ignoring me, the typical shit.

“No fight?”

Another look like I was dense, “You seem shocked.”

“Ehh, a little.” I said, proping myself up on my elbow.

“I just like proving you wrong.”

The bastard, but what can I say?

He was worth it.

“F” albums recap.

3 weeks and 83 albums, this is recap #6 of 26.


1. I upped my game…

I revisited the recap blog for each letter, took the total number of albums listened to in that letter, and divided it by the number of weeks I spent listening to those said albums. Here are the results:

A: 102 albums / 5 weeks: 20.4 albums per week

B: 123 albums / 6 weeks: 20.5 albums per week

C: 98 albums / 5 weeks: 19.6 albums per week

D: 80 albums / 4 weeks: 20 albums per week

E: 63 albums / 3 weeks: 21 albums per week

F: 83 albums / 3 weeks: 27.7 albums per week

True, there have been less albums, on the whole, over the past couple of letters and seeing the finish line does create a sense of urgency, but the fact that I listened to, at the least, 6.7 more albums per week on average seems to suggest that, even though I’m 556 albums into this thing, there’s no sign of slowing down.

2. …or the game changed

The Pop Punk Plethora (see note below) counter went from 24 to 30 this month, marking the greatest amount of Pop-Punk albums listened to in one letter since “A,” which contained 7 albums (or 6.9%). Punk albums, on the whole, tend to hover around the 30 minute mark. If you add up all the pop-punk, punk, and ska-punk albums listened to over this past letter, you get 17 albums or 20%. 

Also, I only listened to 7 hip hop albums (8.4%) this past letter and they tend to be over 60 minutes a pop. 

So maybe I’m getting better at making time to listen to my collection or maybe I’m just listening to shorter albums. Or maybe, more likely, it’s a combination of the two. 

The Pop Punk Plethora (or PPP) is a pop-punk album released between 1995-2005.

Surprise Contenders

Midtown - Forget What You Know: read this blog.

Surprise Non-Contenders

These are albums I had thought, before the quest, would make the cut but, for one reason or another, didn’t.

Cake - Fashion Nugget: The 90s possess their own special kind of nostalgia and Cake is solidly entrenched within those walls. This is a great album, and perhaps the band’s best, but it doesn’t break through its decade-bound captivity the way that Local H’s “As Good as Dead,” or Our Lady Peace’s “Clumsy,” are able to. 

Jawbox - For Your Own Special Sweetheart: Yet another seminal emo album that didn’t make the list. Maybe I should start paying attention to this trend…

Top 100 Contenders from the “E” Albums

This is also reflected in the image at the top of the blog.

Whiskeytown - Faithless Street (Debut)

Public Enemy - Fear of a Black Planet (+60)

Midtown - Forget What You Know

Odds and Ends

Total albums listened to: 556

Total contenders: 46

Total weeks spent: 26

Total PPP (Pop-Punk Plethora) albums listened to: 30 (or 5.4%)

Total Debut albums on the Top 100 list: 12 (or 26.1%)

Total +60 albums on the Top 100 list: 10 (or 21.7%)

Total PPP albums on the Top 100 list: 1 (or 2.2%)


On this day: Chaos continues in the WWF tag team scene as The Undertaker & Stone Cold defend against Kane & Mankind, The Rock & Owen Hart and The New Age Outlaws on RAW is WAR. Undetaker looks primed to retain the gold for his team until Kane surprises his half-brother with a chokeslam to take back the Tag Team Championship he lost just two weeks earlier. (8/10/98)

b-ento  asked:

96-100? Have a wonderful day!!

96:Have you ever kissed anyone with a lip ring? No
97:Did you sleep alone this week? Yes
98:Everybody has somebody that makes them happy, do you? Yes :3
99:Do you believe in love at first sight? somewhat
100:Who was the last person that you pinky promise? My boyfriend

Thank you for sending me a number and hope you have lovely day/night :3


Merry Christmas to all and to all a good Dokapon Kingdom!