week 89

2, 32. +89, 16’. North of you.

Pairing: Yoongi & Jimin
Rated: G
Author: Fiathe
Length: 17k

When Jimin sees his father arrive home looking exhausted, a cage clothed in brown sacking under one arm, Jimin knows that this one is different.


Reccer’s Note:
this is the first story of the week for fiathe, i really really love this sotry, its so well written, this was one of the first stories i fell in love with, it will always be a favorite for me. - N


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7-10.4.2017 - (days 86-89/100) + week 15 + bedsheets

accidental ace-themed spread anyone?? i had kinda stopped doing weeklies because i was waiting for this new notebook, but now i finally had the chance… and i love it???? i didnt expect the drawing to come out so well but wow am i happy with it. (for those who dont know, ace of spades is sometimes used to refer to aromantic asexuals, such as me ;)) )


Here’s a mix of some drabble prompts that include some angst, light hearted, smut, funny, all of those types of things. Send request in! (I do spider-man: Homecoming characters/cast)

 1. “You’re so annoying.”

2. “Was I not supposed to mention that.”

3. “What an awkward situation.”

4. “You can’t tell any body.”

5. “I can’t wait to get out of here.”

6. “When I kiss you I forget to breathe.”

7. “It’s like I’m in the cosmos when I’m with you.”

8. “That was alarming.”

9. “I didn’t see the warning signs.”

10. “Save them.”

11. “Stop lying. For once, tell the truth.”

12. “If you’re willing to be a hero, you’re willing to sacrifice.”

13. “Because you’ve done such a great job at protecting me.”

14. “You don’t have to yell.”

15. “You’re him.”

16. “I’m gonna pass out.”

17. “Welcome to the real world.”

18. “I’ll see you one day.”

19. “So you’re just gonna leave?”

20. “This is the worst plan ever.”

21. “If people start getting sick at a alarming rate, I’m blaming you.”

22. “Close your eyes.”

23. “Please do’t go.”

24. “This doesn’t mean I like you.”

25. “You look amazing.”

26. “Smile for me please.”

27. “We are not watching Rings at three in the morning!”

28. “I do love you.”

29. “I’m a hormonal teenage boy.”

30. “If my life were a movie, it’d be a sad psychological thriller.”

31. “You’re literally glowing.”

32. “I’m terrified, but slightly aroused.”

33. “The world is ending and it’s all your fault.”

34. “Don’t ever do that again.”

35. “You’re alive.”

36. “A life without you is a life without us.”

37. “I just feel so…hallow.”

38. “I’m not letting you go.”

39. “I walk out that door, it’s over.”

40. “It’s been a while…’

41. “Stop ignoring me.”

42. “Don’t do that.”

43. “I have a right to be jealous.”

44. “I really just want to float out of my body and not come back.”

45. “This is forever.”

46. “Why are you so hypnotizing?”

47. “I don’t deserve you.”

48. “This is so pretty.”

49. “You’re really bad for me, but I don’t care.”

50. “Let’s go on a road trip.”

51. “I can make you melt in the palm of my hand.”

52. “You’re snoring again.”

53. “This isn’t a goodbye. It’s a hello.”

54. “Let me help you take the pain away.”

55. “I feel like my heart is exploding. In the good way.”

56. “Are we really doing this, is this really happening?”

57. “This isn’t fair, you’re like ten thousand times stronger than me.”

58. “Don’t drop me.”

59. “I hate you.”

60. “Pinch me, I think i’m dreaming.”

61. “Hide! Hide now!”

62. “Are we gonna kiss, because we should kiss.”

63. “I’m in love with you and it sucks because you’ll never love me the way I want you to.”

64. “Sing me to sleep.”

65. “Aw, you’re blushing.”

66. “Stop moaning.”

67. “Do you think I’m careless?”

68. “I’m scared.”

69. “Just sleep here tonight.”

70. “Kiss me.”

71. “I wish time would stop.”

72. “I can’t stop thinking about you and it fucking hurts.”

73. “Are you sure?”

74. “Please tell me you’re okay.”

75. “Be a legend.”

76. “I can’t breathe.”

77. “Don’t say anything to try and fix it.”

78. “Will you be there?”

79. “I felt so alone.”

80. “I have no one else.”

81. “We all need someone eventually.”

82. “I’m fine.”

83. “Happiness looks really good on you.”

84. “Take off your shirt.”

85. “Do you like the rain?”

86. “It wouldn’t have hurt this much if you didn’t lie.”

87. “Let’s go out tonight.”

88. “It’s been a long week.”

89. “Isn’t this illegal?”

90. “I’m so fucking sad all the time.”

91. “I depend on you.”

92. “What did you just say?”

93. “That was really hot.”

94. “Don’t make a sound.”

95. “Stop biting your lip.”

96. “Don’t look at me like that.”

97. “When did you get a key to my apartment?”

98. “You’re such a loser.”

99. “Oh my god , you’re in a cult.”

100. “Prove it.”

2017 dylric things pt 3

dylan: “eric’s crazy”
brooks: “dylan there’s a video on nate’s snapchat story of you doing a shot out of his pectus excavatum”

-dylans instagram would be aesthetic as fuck

-whereas eric’s last post was 89 weeks ago

-dylan wears skinny jeans with rips in the knees and eric HATES that shit bc “why would u buy jeans that are already ripped dylan it doesn’t make any sense”

-eric’s blocked by the vice president on twitter and no one knows why

-eric made a fake tinder profile so he could find dylan’s account for blackmail material but it accidentally got too deep and now he’s been catfishing him for three months dylan’s just declared i love you and eric doesn’t know how to break it to him


On this day in music history: August 31, 1964 - “Where Did Our Love Go”, the second album by The Supremes is released. Produced by Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier, Smokey Robinson, Norman Whitfield and Robert Gordy, it is recorded at Motown Studio A in Detroit, MI from December 28, 1962 - July 13, 1964. The album features singles by the group released during 1963-64 including their first top 40 pop hit “When The Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes” (#23 Pop). It makes Billboard chart history when it becomes the first album to ever generate three number one pop singles (“Baby Love”, “Come See About Me” and the title track). It also spends an unprecedented 89 weeks on the Top 200, becoming Motown Records first album to sell over one million copies in the US. In 2004 to commemorate its fortieth anniversary, Universal Music Group’s Hip-O Select label releases a two CD Deluxe Edition of the album featuring remastered versions of both the original stereo and first digital release of the long out of print mono version, along with outtakes and a complete live performance recorded at the Twenty Grand Club in Detroit. It quickly sells out of its limited pressing of 10,000 copies, turning it into a sought after collector’s item by Supremes fans. “Where Did Our Love Go” spends four weeks at number two on the Billboard Top 200, and one week at number one on the R&B album chart.

Honestly? I hate weekends. If Roommate and Post Office are away, I have no one to hang out with and I’m alone. I don’t meet my senior friend I volunteer with every week because she doesn’t feel up to going out every week (she’s 89), and it will take a couple of months for me to be matched with a little sister through Big Brothers and Big Sisters. :(

I don’t want to seem desperate by inviting my friends over to dinner a lot. I don’t want them to feel sorry for me and feel obligated to come, when they’d rather be hanging out with their significant others (my friends are all couples).  

We used to do weekly trivia hang-outs, but everyone’s been so busy and we haven’t done that regularly in months and I miss it so much. :( 

I’m also in a not great mood because fall is my favorite season, with the cooler weather and falling, changing leaves, but while the leaves are falling and changing color, it’s hot and humid outside. It’s like a summer/fall hybrid without the best part of fall (the cooler weather) and it makes me uncomfortable. 

Watch an Austrian Holocaust survivor explain why the far right's rise scares her
Polls show that Norbert Hofer, a far-right Austrian politician who once declared that “Islam has no place in Austria,” is within a hair’s breadth of winning the country’s presidential election on Sunday. As fear rises among many Austrians, a video made by Hofer’s opponent, the Green Party’s Alexander Van der Bellen, has gone viral — getting more than 3 million views on Facebook in under a week. In it, an 89-year-old woman, identified only as Gertrude, talks in front of the camera about how Hofer’s rise reminds her of the rise of the Nazis in her youth. Read more