week 5: travel


HEY TAYLOR!!! This summer I took some time off and went on a self discovery trip by myself in the Philippines. I spent 5 weeks backpacking and traveling from island to island on my own. Your music kept me comfort for 5 weeks. I’ve never learned about myself as much as I did during that time. I️ tried to caption my pics with what I️ related to the most from your words in the moment that I️ took them.Thanks for keeping me company!!!


Fire rained down from above, screams surrounding them and the crying of parents and children alike. Gavin looked towards the sky to see where this mysterious hellfire was coming from but at first couldn’t pinpoint it, seeing nothing but the clouds in the sky.

Until the Dragon swooped down from its hiding place above the cloud, cutting through it with a beat of it’s powerful wings. It let out a deep roar as it landed on one of the burning buildings. The purple creature seemed to search along the ground for something before it’s eyes found him. They were a bright orange and it nailed Gavin to the spot. He glanced around to make sure it was locked onto him before returning his gaze to the thing.

Maybe it was the creeper scarf around him or the fact that he was the only one not running. Whatever it was, he didn’t stick around long enough to find out why it held a sudden interest for him. He cut through the houses and shops, having to stop and turn around a few times because of the fire, until he spotted a group of men.

“Geoff! Michael!” He called in relief. They turned to face him with grave faces and he quickly made his way over to them. “Where are the others?” He asked the moment he reached the two.

“Outside the village. They’re making sure the townspeople get out of reach safely. They’re going to come back and look for survivors after I think.” Michael informed him. The man was shirtless and for a moment Gavin couldn’t help but to wonder if his bearskin had already burned up or if it was still safe for the time being.

“Come on. We need to get out of here.” Geoff interrupted his thoughts and within seconds they were rushing towards the nearest town where everyone else should be.


To say that the group of four men were pissed off that their homes had been destroyed was a bit of an understatement. It was Ryan who finally convinced them to leave this village that didn’t have enough room for everyone. “We should go and kill the thing! Skin it and sell it’s scales and horns! We could build us a whole new village with the money we could get from this thing!”

And that’s how they all decided to try to track the creature down: both to get revenge for it tearing down their home and to also help them rebuild what they had lost.

They spent 5 weeks traveling from one town to another, taking long routes to try to spot the beast. They had a map that Ryan was continuously filling out; showing where there were possible signs of it and crosses that held nothing relevant to their hunt.

There was a place to the very South of the map that rest of the edge of that kingdom and another where someone had claimed to see the Dragon. Somewhere in the forest where the trees grew think and the ground lay flat. Wildlife thrived there, animals and plants alike everywhere in a natural balance.

A haven for the creatures.

The stranger was kind enough to draw a large circle on their map where she believed it had it’s nest. So the boys found a place to stay the night, gathered another round of food and water, then left first thing the next morning.


They only traveled 3 days before the reached the perimeter of the circle. Gavin volunteered to scout ahead, already pulling the creeper scarf up to help camouflage him. Ryan sat down and looked over the map. “We’ve already looked here, here, here, and here and found nothing. But over around here is where we thought were some potential things. So I think we should start from right around this area and work our way back towards the middle where there’s nothing.” He offered while pointing all over the paper to Geoff who was standing over his shoulder.

The oldest hummed in thought before glancing around them. “Wouldn’t it make more sense to spread out and work our way towards the middle?” He asked.

While the two strategists worked on what to do, Michael took out his sword and crouched down next to a tree. There was a rabbit not too far from him that would make a nice meal. He waiting a moment more then pounced.

After they ate, it was agreed upon to stick together. Just in case they did find the Dragon, no one wanted to be stuck alone with it. So they followed Ryan’s advice and headed West.

It was nearing nightfall when they heard it. The beating of wings above them. But because of the thick trees, they couldn’t see anything farther than the leaves. At least they knew they were getting close now.


Finally, Gavin came back with good news. “Guys! I found it! I found the nest!” Again they rested, knowing they would need their strength for the battle.


The beast lay with its body curled around itself. The wings were draped over the head and as much of the body as they could get. Upon closer inspection by the group, they noticed it was quite small. Most of the other dragons they had seen flying about had been much larger than this one, as well as more docile towards them.

Ryan couldn’t help but question what made the Dragon attack their village in the first place. It was something that had plagued his mind for almost two months now, something he would probably never get the answer to. But he pushed his thoughts back and tried to focus on the task at hand. They moved in unison towards the sleeping beast until-

“What are you guys doing here?” A strange voice came from behind them. Geoff froze and spun around to face the newcomer.

“Don’t wake it!” He ordered, eyes darting back to the creature who stirred but didn’t wake. The strange man looked back and forth between the group and the Dragon until realization dawned on him.

“You can’t kill him!” He pleaded loud enough to easily get the beast’s attention. “He did nothing wrong!”

“What do you mean?! He burned our village to the ground!” Michael snarled at the stranger.

“Because YOU guys were disturbing the peace! You come in here, stomping all over the flora and kill the fauna for sport! You’re ruining the forest!”

“Jack?” Another voice came from behind. It was gruff from sleep and as Gavin turned around to look, he froze. And it wasn’t just because the guy was naked.

Purple hair with orange in the middle is what gathered his attention first. Then the fact that, you know. The Dragon was gone and this man who looked younger than he stood there! But then Gavin looked at the man’s eyes and his mind sputtered to a complete stop.

Orange eyes with the pupils in slits. Just like a cat. Like a Dragon.

The man also seemed to freeze as his tired eyes took in Gavin.

“You.” They said simultaneously.

@wholesome-week day 5: Interdimensional travel!

eh it’s just a sketch since mixing styles destroys any trace of talent I have

Headcanon that if Marvel comics did exist in their world, Marco would idolize Iron Fist, Shang Chi, Black Widow, Daredevil; the most skilled human fighters in there and he’d be thrilled that it’s a legitimate dimension to go to (infinite possibilities and such)

@alphyneweek Day 7 Week 5

The GFs in the train - on the way home. :3 … It doesn’t look like train does it? Anyway, I was inspired by the first original prompt for this edition of Alphyneweek, but the prompts changed while i was drawing it. So i decided to use it as a last prompt. If it’s stupid and it works then it’s not stupid!

I really liked this edition of Alphyneweek! I was posting pretty consistently and had a lot of fun while doing so. And I’m quite happy with the results. I feel like i need to thank my favourite artists @zwiebelprinz @spurkeht @satsuci @cosmiccu for encouraging and putting up with my shenanigans! You should definately check their work out if you haven’t done already. They are really great artists and great people. :)

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