week 5: travel

Writing Update #5

Last week I travelled about 1500 miles on a plane, 100 miles on a coach and drove 200 miles more in a car. I spent a lot of the time in between those miles with my family and friends, and almost none of it writing. Oh, well.

But family time is important and letting people know that you still exist from time to time too. I got to see my little niece and ate so much food that made me a little embarrassed. Nevertheless, it was a great trip, and I’m happy that I went.

Before embarking on my travels, I managed to write an essay about my morning routine that I will be publishing in the next two issues of my newsletter (it got so long that I had to break it up). I guess I really like my routine!

In the little spare time I had, I managed to write about 500 words of the final scene of The Tomb. It was interesting writing the ending first for sure. I feel like I’ll need to rewrite most of it because it will change in many subtle ways as I write the rest of the story. But we shall see.

I panicked mid-week about my newsletter being due in less than seven days. I stopped everything and jumped on editing This is a District Line Train to Richmond. This time, I had luck on my side, and everything went well. The story is ready to go!

Next week, I want to finally power through The Tomb, get it out of the way so I can start something new.

By the way, here are two sunset shots I took last week in an old quarry I used to go to as a kid:

Hope you’ll guys have productive week. Let’s show them how this writing thing is done!


@wholesome-week day 5: Interdimensional travel!

eh it’s just a sketch since mixing styles destroys any trace of talent I have

Headcanon that if Marvel comics did exist in their world, Marco would idolize Iron Fist, Shang Chi, Black Widow, Daredevil; the most skilled human fighters in there and he’d be thrilled that it’s a legitimate dimension to go to (infinite possibilities and such)

@alphyneweek Day 7 Week 5

The GFs in the train - on the way home. :3 … It doesn’t look like train does it? Anyway, I was inspired by the first original prompt for this edition of Alphyneweek, but the prompts changed while i was drawing it. So i decided to use it as a last prompt. If it’s stupid and it works then it’s not stupid!

I really liked this edition of Alphyneweek! I was posting pretty consistently and had a lot of fun while doing so. And I’m quite happy with the results. I feel like i need to thank my favourite artists @zwiebelprinz @spurkeht @satsuci @cosmiccu for encouraging and putting up with my shenanigans! You should definately check their work out if you haven’t done already. They are really great artists and great people. :)

Also, check out this picture on my twitter over here!

Sorry I haven’t been on lately guys, I’m 5 weeks into my travelling and been so busy! So far I’ve done Egypt, Spain, Portugal and Paris! I’m in Amsterdam now and holy shit I’m so stoned haha, but seriously Amsterdam is amazing I would love to move here one day! Not even for the weed, just the whole vibe is so damn cool!! Anyway I’ll stop my stoned ramblings now, night guys xxxxx


We just got back from a long week of travel. A 5 day Gulf of Mexico cruise out of New Orleans (Carnival Triumph was a great ship) to start and then 2 days of work in Pensacola & Fort Walton Beach and then a weekend exploring Florida Caverns State Park and Panama City Beach. The highlights were sharing the Mayan ruins in Yucatan and the Florida Caverns with my three lovely ladies.

I got a phone call this past week from my nuero-oncologist’s office. My doctor had a schedule change and had to cancel my appointment on Friday. The good news is that they are still going to conduct the MRI and share the results Friday afternoon. We all know it’s going to be good news because I’ve been wearing the Optune at or above 85% compliance with 75-80% my doctor’s target. I learned this past week that bringing it on and wearing it on and off on vacation is very “doable.”

I owe many thanks to all those that reached out in the many different ways to wish me a Happy Birthday today. Each one is a little more special to me now. Stay tuned for my MRI results that I hope to post this coming Friday.