week 168

LOL idk if you can see a difference much but here’s a little progress picture the left was summer 2013 (probably around 230-240 lbs) and the right was last night!! Anyway I finally get to weigh myself next week, and I’m hoping I’m around 160 now :)

Dirty Little Secret p.2 || Luke (smut)

Pairing: Y/N | Luke
Smut: yes | no
Request: YES | you both thought it was a one time thing.. but was it?

Part I - Masterlist - Request

It had been a week. 7 days. 168 hours. Definitely way too many minutes spent thinking about her. Luke had naively thought this unexpected encounter in the kitchen would’ve helped him get rid of his little obsession with his roommate’s girlfriend but if one thing, it only had made it worse. Now whenever he would look at her across the room, all he could think about were her lips around his cock and the look she’d given him that night. She was definitely keeping him under her spell. 

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“Empire” Building...

Let’s see… 

12 episodes of Empire in season 1.

That’s 1 hour a week.

That’s 12 hours total.

There’s 24 hours in a day. 

24 * 7 = 168 hours/week.

7 hours sleep * 7 = 49 hours

168 - 49 = 120 hours.

If you watch 1 hour of Empire and spend 1 hour talking about it… that’s 2 hours.

So… let’s say 120 * 12 = 1440

If you watch Empire and spend 1 hour talking about it each week…

1440 - 24 = 1416.

So, technically… the 24 hours people spent watching Empire, you spend that time building one.

Here’s my question… WHERE’S YOUR EMPIRE!?!?!?

Even Rome wasn’t built in a flipping day!

How are you gonna say “while you guys lose a day watching Empire, I’m building one”

What Empire are you building, a freakin’ ant farm? A sand castle? Playdough empire? Lego building castles? WHAT?!?!?