week 165


The red-letter anniversaries are coming thick and fast here in the Parallel Julieverse. No sooner have we finished toasting the 50th Anniversary of Thoroughly Modern Millie, than it’s time to charge the glasses for another milestone in the annals of Julie-history: the Diamond Jubilee of Cinderella. The celebrated tele-musical premiered 60 years ago on 31 March 1957.

It would be no exaggeration to call Cinderella a major cultural event of the late-1950s. The first television musical created by legendary composer-lyricist team Rodgers and Hammerstein, the show was seen by a record audience of over 100 million viewers, enough, it was pointed out, “to fill a Broadway theatre seven days a week for 165 years” (Messing, 61). Even today, Cinderalla remains one of the most widely seen programs in television history (Hischak, 152).

Julie was, at the time, riding high on the success of another Cinderella musical, My Fair Lady so she was the perfect fit to play the fairytale princess. As these production stills attest, she never looked lovelier and the critics were enraptured.

“Perhaps it’s the unassuming simplicity of Mis Andrews, or the crystal clear articulation, or yet again the perfect pitch, that transforms her performance (as in “My Fair Lady”) to the definitive characterization. No two ways about it, she was Cinderella” (Variety, 42).

“Miss Andrews was Miss Andrews, sweet, beautiful and lyrical. Her only minor problem was that she was fully as beautiful behind the broom and under the tiara” (Gould, 49).

“As Cinderella, Julie Andrews was the personification of innocence. Her face, her style, her talent added up to that rare quality that makes a performer a star” (Torre, 5).

So happy anniversary, Cinderella…thank you for sixty years of fol-de-rol and fiddle-dee-dee enchantment!


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weigh in 5/21/17

sw: 174 lbs
last week: 165.8 lbs
cw: 164 lbs

lost this week: 1.8 lbs
total lost: 10 lbs (!!!!!)

I’VE OFFICIALLY LOST 10 LBS 🎉 I’m shocked I’ve made it this far (even though 10 lbs isn’t really that much). I’m starting to believe I’ll actually stick with this healthier lifestyle this time! I’m excited to see where I’ll be in a couple months 💪😄

day one.

Starting Weight (01-01-2017): 178.0 lbs.
Current Weight (05-15-2017): 169.0 lbs. 
Change: +/- 0.0 lbs.

So, day one for Tumblr. Day whatever since January 1st. I’m a pseudo new years resolutioner. Except I’m trying to not be a statistic of “how many people make commitments for the new year and discard it by February.” 

I’m sad my weight is up since Wednesday of last week. I did hit 165.7 and then ???? I don’t know what happened. Hormones maybe? I don’t get periods anymore (thanks IUD) but sometimes I feel like I do get mini waves of PMS-like things with much ado about nothing. Without having that tangible sign of “hey, this isn’t you these are just the dumb chemicals in your brain” popping up every now and again, it’s hard to tell what is real versus not so real. 

I counted calories today. Neato. Except it’s easy when you eat fast food with calories on their website and two meal replacement shakes. I’m torn between whether or not I want to maintain meal replacements. I started it as a 30 day challenge for the real blog and I’m a little over halfway done. It’s not bad, it’s got its pros and cons. I’m not sure if it’s making a difference but I am saving money by not eating fast food for lunch anymore, and I am actually consuming something for breakfast. However, my downfall may be the psychology of “I’ve done well all day eating 400 calories total so I can eat a little more lax at dinner time.” And then boom, not so great. I think this could be semi effective if I reign in the crappy eating for dinner. 

I’m not usually the type to go for pyramid schemes but I do like that I only have to plan for like, three meals a week (dinners that inevitably stretch to left overs). Planning breakfast, lunch and dinner is so daunting. I don’t know how I’ll ever be a mother someday when I can hardly feed myself. 


I did run.  I did my 30 day fitness challenge. I did take a walk at work (not the three breaks I try to do, but at least one.) I did drink my water. I counted my calories, even though it stresses me out and I feel like I’m counting wrong. I’m trying to stick to the 1,200 calories a day because I am super duper sedentary. 

Baby steps? 

oh. I need to actually grocery shop. I hate adulthood.

Breakfast: 1 herbalife shake (200c.) + 1 tea (0c.) + 1 coffee (35c.)
Lunch: Jimmy Johns unwich (485c.) + 1 pickle (20c) + ½ cookie (205c.)
Snack: Coffee (35c.)
Dinner: 1 herbalife shake (200c)
Water: 146 fl. oz.
TOTAL: 1,180 calories 


1 work walk (-100c)
Couch 2 5k W1D1 (-180c)
30 day challenge: 50 squats, 5 pushups, 20s plank, 25 crunches
TOTAL: -280 calories

GRAND TOTAL: 900 calories

The wait is over! 5 months and 13 days later you’re finally home. That’s over 23 weeks, 165 days, 3,960 hours, 237,600 minutes, and 14,256,000 seconds without you. I know you will leave again one day but I also know you will always come home to me. My time without you has made me cherish every moment we share together, every touch is something special. You sacrifice everything for me and the rest of this country and for that I can never thank you enough but I hope vowing to love you until my last breath will be a start. Welcome home Airman, you’re my hero!❤️🇺🇸