week 130


I beat The Witcher 3 in one week. It is easily the best game I’ve ever played, believe it or not… Like, woah. Anyway, decided to draw some future!au Geralt concept (lmao, Mass Effect, basically). I took too long doing this, so just flats before my brain melts. : )

peridot's morning texts to amethyst in petri dish
  • 1 week after first date: Good morning, my sweet violet! I wish I could be there with you, so as see your face when you awaken — it is more radiant than any sunrise. I hope to accompany you this afternoon to some location of interest, and perchance taste the precious nectar of your kiss.
  • 130 weeks after first date: get the FUCK up lazyclod its time to EAT ASS and DESTROY SHIT WITH GIANT ROBOTS
BTS when you grab hold of their hand


Extra post this week in celebration of 130 followers :*

I’ll make different situations, alright? Just let yourselves be surprised~ Enjoy! Al eonni sends all her love <3

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You rub your hands together as you walk next to Jin because it’s so cold outside. When he hands you one side of his earphones, you can feel that his hards are really warm and soft. You grab them intuitively. Jin is shoked by how cold they are. He holds your hands and tucks them into his coat pockets to warm you up~ 

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You grab his hand while walking next to him because you felt a rush of affection all of a sudden. You drop it again quickly though, surprised at the boldness of your own action:

You: “Ohhh…sorry, oppa…I…”

Him: grabs your hand and starts holding it “They call me Min Yoongi, rapper, Daegu’s boast, member with the most swag, excellent hand-holder. In fact, I might be the best hand-holder in all of Korea. Min Yoongi should hold your hand more often”

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Rap Monster: 

You’re watching a rather scary thriller at the cinema together. Namjoon is enjoying the action scenes and plot twists, but you feel like you could die every time a shadowy figure pops up in a dark alley or something explodes all of a sudden. One time half-way through, a scene scares you so much that you grab hold of Namjoon’s hand. Namjoon takes your sweaty hand in his and starts caressing it, “You don’t need to be scared, baby, oppa is right here.”

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*misunderstands at first and teaches you a secret handshake*

You: “Oppa, that’s cool but…I wanted to hold your hand because…I like you so much.”

Him: “Ohh…OHHHH!”, grabs your hand again quickly and holds it tightly,“Come here, ______~ I like you too!”

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You just wanted to hold his hand innocently to give him a hint at how much you really like him, but Jimin gets clingy right away. 

Him: starts cuddling you, caressing you hand and resting his head on your shoulder “You are so warm, _____. And you smell so nice. Your hands are so soft, too. Let’s stay like this, shall we?”

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V: OMO I’m swooning over this gif

You start holding Taehyung’s hand while crossing a busy intersection, and afterwards he just continues holding it, giving you the look  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Kookie and you are walking through a crowded shopping district of Seoul when you decide to grab his hand in order not to lose him….and because it’s a good excuse to be close to him. Kookie is pleasantly surpirsed but tries to play it cool like it’s the normal thing to do, like you two had always walked holding hands like this. 

From now on, that’s the way you walk almost everywhere you go together~

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Tensions Remain High At Israeli-Gaza Border as Israeli airstrikes hit Gaza

Top photo: A plume of smoke rises over Gaza following an Israel Air Force bombing, as seen from near Sderot on July 9, 2014 in Israel. Due to recent escalation in the region, the Israeli army started new deployments at the border with the Gaza Strip. In the past 3 weeks more than 130 rockets were reportedly fired from Gaza into Israel - Photo by Lior Mizrahi/Getty Images

Middle photo: A Palestinian child injured during the Israeli air strikes targeting Gaza lies on a stretcher at a hospital in Gaza on July 9, 2014. The latest escalations come amid heightened tension over the killing of three teenage Jewish settlers in the West Bank last month and the subsequent murder of a 16-year-old Palestinian boy by Jewish settlers - Photo by Khaled Sabbah/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Bottom photo: A wounded Palestinian child is taken to the hospital following the Israeli air strikes targeting Gaza on July 9, 2014 - Photo by Khaled Sabbah/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Broadway Box Office: Misty Copeland Drives 'On the Town' Up the Chart
"On the Town," the well-reviewed Broadway musical that has struggled to attract ticketbuyers for much of its time on boards, seems to have found its magic ingredient: Misty Copeland, the history-ma...
By Gordon Cox

On the Town,” the well-reviewed Broadway musical that has struggled to attract ticketbuyers for much of its time on boards, seems to have found its magic ingredient: Misty Copeland, the history-making ballerina who began a stint in the revival Aug. 25. Unfortunately for the show, Copeland, who recently rose to prominence as the first African-American female principal dancer at American Ballet Theater, can’t stay with “On the Town” for long. She’s only in the musical for two weeks — at the end of which the production will close. But in the meantime, “On the Town” ($914,434) registered a whopper of a box office jump last week, with sales skyrocketing 130% compared to the prior frame.

Barduil Week; Cultural Differences

Five times Bard and Thranduil discovered cultrual differences, and one time they didn’t

Despite their surprising number of similarities, there were also a great deal of differences between Bard and Thranduil.

Bard blamed their vastly different cultures, there were always going to be things that they just did differently, it was testament to how they felt about each other that none of this ever came between them, at least for long, they always got used to it in the end.

Most of the time it was fairly amusing, at least in hindsight. They always found a way to make it work.  

The first time they encountered a slight difference was actually the first time they met. Back at the battle, Thranduil arrived with his aid, saving all the survivors from Laketown and really Bard hadn’t stood a chance.

Thranduil had invited him to dine with him that evening in his makeshift war tent that was more luxurious than any house Bard had ever been in.

Bard had been trying not to stare too much (not at the tent but the beautiful elf sitting in it) and later Thranduil assured him that he had failed, but what he hadn’t failed to notice was something rather odd about the meal.

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As of right now, we are negative $200. My paycheck is going to be a whopping $375. We have to pay the phone bill ($144) on the 21st, The electric (with over dues, about $130) next week, and the car again in two weeks ($189). All of those will be shut off, and the car will be repossessed. And rent, $844, is due by the 5th, or we will be evicted. And everyone knows that in this shitty country, when you get evicted, you can pretty much NEVER get an apartment again. 

If we don’t get help, we’re fucked. I’ve applied to 25 positions in the last two days, and I’m going to keep doing so, but none of that is going to help right now.

Please, please, if you have anything to spare, we are desperate. I can knit things (I’m working on the stuff from this month, I promise) if you like. Please. If you can spare anything, our paypal email is minnesnowtablues@gmail.com.

Please, please. I’m so scared.

why oh why

Do I feel the need to downplay my accomplishments? I wanted to post about how I just squatted 130 for 5 sets of 5 (that’s all of Allie 25 times!), and immediately my brain goes to “But that’s not that much.”

But for me, that’s a pretty damn good amount of weight. I felt strong and only struggled on a couple reps. So screw it. It wasn’t just 130.

Next week is 4x4 at 140. It’s nice feeling tough again.