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Our last day- A sheith fic

Shiro wakes long before his alarm.
This is his last day with him for a year.
A year. A whole year. 12 months. 52 weeks. 365 days.
He has to endure all that time without Keith.
The thought of it pains him as he stares down at the sleeping pilot. He runs his fingers through his soft raven hair. They’ve only been together for a month; it took both of them so long to confess their feelings for eachother, in the end it was Keith who made the first move. God shiro is so damn grateful that he did. The older man is stirred from his reminiscing as his pale counterpart shifts in their bed. “Morning love”, Shiro whispers. Keith can be irritable in the mornings and has to be coaxed into the world, much like a kitten. The smaller boy ignores his responsibility to get up and simply curls farther into his lover, nuzzling his head down into Shiro’s strong arms.
“ Keith you have to get up, I want to spend as much time with you today before-”, Shiro can’t bring himself to finish his sentence. The reminder of this being the day that shiro is to leave brings keith out from his burrow. Keith looks up to Shiro with sad blue-grey eyes. Damn he’s going to miss those eyes; and those lips, soft and pink, a perfect fit against his own. He’s going to miss everything about Keith, he’s perfect. He’s going to worry about him too, is Keith eating? Is he fighting? Who’s going to look after Keith when he’s gone, the younger boy certainly can’t do it himself; he’s a mess on his own, sometimes he doesn’t sleep for days simply because he forgets. Keith notices the frown on shiro’s face and the line he gets on his forehead when he’s thinking hard, “What’s on your mind takashi?” He returns with a soft smile, “You”. The faint blush that appears on keith’s face is unmistakable. “What would you like to do today, it can be whatever you want”, Shiro offers the boy, he wants today to be special. Keith ponders for a moment; thinking about how he would like to spend this day with shiro. The boys eyes light up as the idea pops into his head, “Can we go to our place?”. Shiro smiles, “That sounds perfect”.

The ride there is not long on the hover bike with Keith’s skilled piloting, he is the best at the garrison after all. His driving is swift and at times reckless, but still, he is very good at what he does. The desert sun beats down on them. That is one thing Shiro won’t miss, the desert. It’s hot and there’s sand everywhere, shiro despises sand. He settles his head on Keith’s small shoulder, tightening his grip on the others waist. Shiro breathes in the familiar scent of his lover, mint and citrus, it smells like home. The small shack comes into view, it’s their place. It’s not much but it’s theirs; it’s a tiny rundown shack in the middle of the desert. Shiro had found it years ago, it was abandoned. He had turned it into a sort of escape for himself, a place to get away from the stress of the garrison. Then Keith came along and it became theirs. They went away to it whenever they could. It was amazing, to be able to be themselves, with no one else around. The pilots sigh as they step into the doorway of their escape. The familiar sight sending a wave of peace over them. Keith gathers snacks from their stash of food, mostly Keith’s favorites. Shiro has already settled himself on the couch, “do you want to watch a movie?”. Keith turns around, his mouth stuffed full of gummy worms, “mh hmph”, he attempts to reply. “Okay you dork”, the other laughs. Seeing as they are in the desert with the only thing around for miles being the garrison their movie options are very limited; shiro had managed to scrape up a few films though. The problem is they are all in Spanish; and seeing as neither boy speaks Spanish… they just improvise. Actually, the pilots enjoy the movies; sometimes they make up their own dialogue which always ends up with the two of them hysterical. The lovers curl up on the couch together; Keith pressed up against shiro as close as he can, like he always does. The boys eat their snacks and watch the Spanish movie. Everything feels perfect. They won’t see each other for a year; but they will be okay. They will make it back to each other. For now, everything is good.



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Week 4 of the 52 Week Challenge by @whycantistudyinpeace
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Our internet has been down this whole weekend so sorry for the inactivity 😭 this was my spread last week inspired by @lostlxmb ♥ (also didn’t have enough space on my weekly spread for the challenge so I had to put in on this coming week’s spread aha. A little sneak peek of it for y'all 😁)

Rebirth - Optional Bias (Part 1/3)

Hello! This is probably going to be the most graphic scenario I have for now. Some is inspired by BTS’ I Need U (Original) MV

Characters: you x optional bias (ft. others who play a small role)

Genre: Angst

Rating: M (for violence)

Warnings: mentions of depression/suicide, violence, vulgar

Word count: 2,218

Backstory: you had been facing depression for a long time and finally hit a brick wall, but then, a miracle emerges into your dark life which you refuse to accept.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3


365 days. 52 weeks. 12 months. All which exist in a single year.

But no time could be compared to the heartache that crept onto your shoulders as you dragged your lifeless body around, wondering what could have been.

It all began a few weeks after your final goodbye with the love of your life. During the time you knew him, your life was fine and well with a few mishaps here and there. But they were minor ones that didn’t damage your mentality whatsoever. And yet, ever since that day, your life was just struck with the wound of a broken heart.


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Conner Kent/Cassie Sandsmark

Recommended Issues Reading List

  • Young Justice (especially #4, 6, 55)
  • Wonder Woman vol.2 #153
  • Superboy #94
  • Wonder Girl #3
  • Teen Titans vol.3 (especially Annual #1, #5-6, 16, 18, #24-25, 54, 85, 87-88)
  • Infinite Crisis #6-7
  • 52 (week 2, 4, 11-12)
  • Legion of 3 Worlds #4-5
  • Adventures Comics #3, 7
  • Teen Titans v4 (especially #23)
  • Superboy nu52 #10

I havent been following Superboy or TT nu52 so I might have missed something, please let me know if I have :)