week 100

friendly reminder this shark week that
- for every human killed by a shark 25 million sharks are killed by people
- when we swim we’re in THEIR habitat
- they don’t even like to eat us we’re too bony, when they do bite us they think we’re seals
- sharks have been around since prehistoric times and now they’re endangered animals because of us
-the media likes to portray sharks as deadly monsters bc they look scary but really we’re the ones killing them

What I really love is how Tsuyu has surpassed the bnha fandom and like,, everyone knows and loves her. I have seen so many supportive posts that are like “I hope the frog girl from that one anime is having a good day” I really love that. It is so pure and good. Tsuyu truly deserves this.

  • me: *realizes i don't live in america and it's only online the next day and to add to that i will have to avoid pretty much all social media bc of spoilers til then*
  • me:
  • me: this is fucking bullshit