Paris and Helen

He called her: golden dawn
She called him: the wind whistles

He called her: heart of the sky
She called him: message bringer

He called her: mother of pearl
barley woman, rice provider,
millet basket, corn maid,
flax princess, all-maker, weef

She called him: fawn, roebuck,
stag, courage, thunderman,
all-in-green, mountain strider
keeper of forests, my-love-rides

He called her: the tree is
She called him: bird dancing

He called her: who stands,
has stood, will always stand
She called him: arriver

He called her: the heart and the womb
are similar
She called him: arrow in my heart.

anonymous asked:

once me and my friends were about to smoke weef at this fishing access and an undercover cop pulled in and followed us, there ended up being a k9 and a few cop cars because they thought we were waiting for someone in a kayak to bring us drugs over the water (i live next to a lake that crosses over the canadian border)

oh jesus…that’s intense