Dear Maya
Autumn in NYC! One of my favorite times of year to be there. All of the leaves are changing. Did you see the gorgeous fall colors on our favorite girl? An orange jacket - the stunning burgundy suit. You know the saying in the south that you can’t wear white after Labor Day? I say rubbish! I want that white blouse she wore yesterday!

R; knock knock

K: what?

R: knock knock

K: knock the fuck what?

R: knock knock. Now say “who’s there”

K: omg. Fine. Who’s there?

R: orange

K: ????

R: say orange

K: ORANGE. happy now?

R: orange you glad we’re here?

K what?

R: say it out loud and you’ll get it

K: ………….bwhaaaaaaaa. you are such a dork

R: I heard some kids in the park say it. So orange you?

K: you have been reading waaaay too many color books

R: I’ve been seeing red and feeling blue

K: what color are you now?

R: looking around here I would have to say pink

K: yeah heard you couldn’t find any pink leaves in the park

R: no. Mostly “wed weefs and bwowen weefs and wehwhoa weefs but no pink weefs” A few gween weefs

K: I always wondered how the fuck you spelled those. Wehwhoa? LMAO. So precious

R: It’s phonectic. BTW they’re talking about you on Twitter

K: just ………………. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING ON TWITTER. Are you a masochist??? Why would you waste time reading that shit.

R: honey I was just lurking

K: if reading shit about yourself is entertaining then have at it. They are so fucking clueless

R: they liked your outfits yesterday. I liked one in particular

K: bet I know which one and I was wearing a camisole. Jesus

R: I know what is under it which gives me an advantage

K whatever!!!

R: They liked the W article

K: didn’t get to talk about writing & directing my short but If they’re talking about my work then at least they’re not analyzing my personal life

R: speaking of shorts…….damn you have the most beautiful legs

K: don’t you mean “wegs”

R: Yes. You have buuutiful wegs. At least you got to talk about “Certain Women” which is preferable to their bullshit about a “Certain Woman”

K: irrelevance doesn’t merit a mention. Your twitter buddies just don’t want to FACE IT

R: I’d rather not face IT either

K: LMAO, We’re here. I love fall in NY

R: I love falling

K: falling where

R: falling in love with you. Falling into bed with you

K: one track.I don’t think I fell I think you tripped me. LOL. I love you

R: the best track. But I caught you. I love you more

So sweet Maya
Now our favorite girl is receiving more accolades for her work.. Her handsome man has a new Dior campaign. How can anyone not fall for those pictures!! And shot in Paris at n ight……….magical city but even more so at night. What a lovely surprise!
Things usually falli into place in the fall. It’s going to be OK