August 30th - A grey day, but I needed a ride. It’s been a few weeks since I had a good one, what with the cold and everything else. Conditions were pleasant enough, and it was warm with a little drizzle.

I went out to Whittington, and back across the heath to Weeford. I forgot how nice Weeford is, and what a curious little marooned village it is: built as a demonstration of his architectural prowess by noted ecclesiastical architect John Wyatt, it clings to a hillside in rolling countryside bisected by the A38.

The late summer colour was nice, and the roads were peaceful.

I need more of this in my life.

October 2nd - Passing through Weeford, on the old A5 as the sun set, a tortoiseshell sentry kept watch, gazing up the old main road and enjoying the peace.

A few short years ago this road would have been very busy, and puss would have been in some peril, but today, since the advent of the A5 bypass, few vehicles come this way and puss can scan the horizon in peace.

Peace that is, except for irritating cyclists, insisting on taking pictures…


October 2nd -It was a gorgeous autumn day - chilly, but still and the  the sun shone, it was warm on the face. I finally solved a pressing technical issue on the bike, then headed out to Middletn Hall for tea and cake, then up the canal to Tamworth and back through Hints and Weeford. 

It was the kind of ride that makes you realise autumn isn’t that bad after all, and in the golden hour travelling through Shenstone, with the church occupied and a service ongoing, even the looming dusk seemed magical.