Tag to Toes! Analeigh’s new trick from school! Thank you, Wee Folk, for making our morning routine a little easier! #analeighrose #3yearsold #weefolk #getoutthedoor (at The Meier Manor)

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Today I was the volunteer parent in Analeigh’s class at school. To see these 8 sweet, energetic, creative, and playful little ones all together was just wonderful! What a class! My heart felt so full leaving today and knowing Analeigh is having that much fun every day at school!

I also had total flashbacks from my childhood! Check out this vintage dollhouse! I remember it and these Little People so vividly from when I was little! I have a feeling it was vintage then too ;) #weefolk #analeighrose #littlepeople #tudorhouse #80schild (at Wee Folk School)

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