I decided to make this network bc I need more qt people to follow and there aren’t any other AM networks that I know about so weeeeeeeeeee

What is it? 

  • the Alex Turner Network is essentially a super rad place for hella cool people who love Alex Turner so much that they hate him.

Why should I join your dumb network?

  • Making new friends yay!
  • A follow from me if not already!
  • Featured on the network page.

To Apply 

What I am looking for?

  • A kind, friendly blogger who is rad as hell
  • Clean theme
  • Quality posts (mostly arctic monkeys/alex turner/the bands in the survey)
  • Good URL is a +

Additional Information

  • First 15 members will be announced Friday, November 22rd.
  • 5 members will be announced every Friday after that until everyone who filled out the survey has been added.
  • All people who enter will be accepted. 
  • Track alexturnernetwork for updates.
  • for any questions, feel free to message me! :-))


If you didn’t love this commercial, you were wrong.