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I kinda get why Underverse can't have a crossover with Glitchtale.... Because the fact that Chara and Sans are gone (Sans still inside Akumu 😑) If Cross!Chara goes there, Asriel's reaction will be: 😱😱😱 but Chara never changed. And if UT, US, and UF, and Ink(maybe) Sans goes there just to stop Cross!Chara and demn Nightmare, Everyone will have their jaws dropped for seeing so many Sans(alive). But the Characters in Glitchtale already knows that Sans is gone. (wow i explained all dis)

Well, I’m ok with people’s different points of view about their theories with Underverse and Glitchtale possible encounters or whatev. You are free to create crossovers and stuff with them, but, if we are talking about a canon or logic reason, I’ll give my point of view about this:

(warning: probably you’ll find some bad english because I’m so tired and I can’t type and think properly) 

In Undertale, the original/canon universe or whatever you want to call it, has 3 three main timelines: Neutral, Pacifist and Genocide, right?

But, there are also variations of choices the Player did during their adventures, before, during or after falling to the underworld. We could call those choices like Alternate Timelines, because those choices could change the course of the story in some way.

The Player is not the only one to be able to take a decision and create an Alternate Timeline, other characters would be able to change something, and also that could create another Alternate Timeline.

That means that only the Undertale universe became a huuuuugeee place with any kind of Alternate Timelines because of choices that characters did, including big choices, or small choices.
For example, the “Pacifist” Timeline of Undertale in Underverse is not the real one, is just variation of the original because there was some choices taken before that don’t follow some events from the original route (spoileeeerrs)

The same thing happens with Glitchtale. Frisk broke the reset button, Asriel and Gaster are with them, Bette Noire was released…. all those choices affected the entire timeline, and as @camilaart​​ said, this Timeline is very damaged that is closed from inside. No one from outside can go there.

And probably, Glitchtale is not the only Alternate Timeline (AT) in this situation.

 All of this explanation is about Undertale.

Now, imagine the same, with the Alternate Universes.
Variations of the original Universe where the story or characters are changed, and those Alternate Universes have their only Main Timelines and Alternate Timelines. 

(So much universes and timelines, isn’t it?that’s what I love about this fandom holy shoes)

Following the rules of this theory, some people could consider an AU that has the same story like an AT, but that only depends the changes that are in the story. For example, Outertale (by @2mil127) can be considered as an AU, because the story and characters are the same like in the original game or universe (Undertale) but the thing that makes it an Alternate Universe and not an Alternate Timeline, is that Outertale unfolds in SPAAAACCEEEEE, weeeeeeee!!

(At least that’s my point of view about the AU’s that have the same story but are set in other ambiences.)

Now, let’s go to XTale and Underverse.

In Xtale, the same would happen, about the timelines and alternate timelines- BUT - Xgaster never wanted to have “choices” and “possibilites” in his Universe because of mistakes that happened in his story he could create thanks to Ink. So, that’s why he used his creator ability (a.k.a overwrite) to “evolve” the main story and create the perfect Alternate Universe without timelines and stuff.

That was supposed to be the 10th overwritten timeline. But it actually was the end of XTale cuz wow such a good idea giving some power to somebody who hate meh because of my actions (more spoilers coming soon)

The perfect creation of the tall guy was his experiment. The X-Event that Cross tried to stop sealing into his body.

Nao, the poor skeleguy, without a home, without an universe where to live, decide to use the experiment’s ability to take the best of the other AUs in order to rebuild his beloved timeline number 10 and pretend that nothing happened there. That could bring consequences tho.

He could take any code, no matter which kind of timeline or alternate timeline, but Nightmare who was the first one to appear, his target became the Pacifist Timelines, the main ones or variations that could be the same as the originals from each Alternate Universe.

So the conclusion is: Cross can’t get to Glitchtale because there are soooo many Alternate Timelines per Universe as well as it’s impossible to enter to a damaged/corrupted place like that one.

Also, Betty is doing an amazing job there, why even bother?


If Hockey Pucks Could Talk

  • “Hey! Watch it, how’d you like it if someone just carelessly slammed you on the ice? Rude.”
  • “Weeeeeeeee, oof, weeeeeeee.”
  • “I believe I can fly! Dₑₗₐy ₒf gₐₘₑ ₚₑₙₐₗₜy fₒᵣ yₒᵤ.”
  • “Hi there net, come here often?”
  • “Goalies are my favorite, you always hold me so nicely.”
  • “Lol, you missed.”
  • “Weeeeeeeee.”
  • “Noooooooo– oh god your face, oh god, I’m sorry, I think you lost some teeth, fuck, don’t move just uh…. Sorry.”
  • “Don’t give me to him, no come on, I’ll be good. I promise! Hes gonna let his dog chew on mfmfmgkgidiehhirjd.”
  • “Oh you’re gonna get a goal, here I go, over the lin— just kidding, Imma stop here.”
  • “I’m going, hope you got fast teamma— ᵢcᵢₙg fₒᵣ yₒᵤ.”
  • “Hey, hey, I’m on the left, catch me ple—nevermind I’m already behind you.”
  • “Can I go home with you? I’m afraid of the dark.”

Since my first sketch of Serene’s and Josefin’s new designs was kinda… jumbled together - I decided to sketch it out a little better o-o

Serene decided to make one of her bones for attacks into a sword, so she does use it within battle (the rare chances she has either in practice or ‘in the field’). Undyne did mention to her that “You know, swords are supposed to be sharp at the end” but Serene thought that would be too much if she’s just capturing a human. 

Josefin’s outfit was harder for me to think up on, just due to how the jacket and shorts are a big defining part of Sans’ design. But I thought about different outfits that could be considered ‘lazy’ but still had a fun design in them. What I decided was a very baggy long sleeve shirt with some shapes on the front and stirrup yoga pants (yes - there is a type of yoga pants that wraps around the foot like a legging). She also typically wears a cape jacket - which is typically stain covered. The only times you would see her without that jacket is when Serene had enough of her walking around with all of the stains on there and put it in the wash. 

Another thing I kept in mind was that they do live in a snowy area - which yeah, in the actual game, I believe it’s mentioned that Sans and Papyrus don’t mind the cold cause they are just bones… but I think while Josefin and Serene don’t mind the cold, they still rather be a little warmer. So hence the socks on Serene and longer gloves and undershirt, as well as the jacket and pants for Josefin. 

But… yeah I think that’s all I have with their designs for now o-o

Switch that Quirk

Okay so I saw the picture official art of class 1-A switching quirks and I had this idea in mind. Like say they fight a villain who can switch other quirks around anddd

  • Walking back to the school from battle, Kirishima accidentally doing Texas smash when he snapped his fingers and breaks them.
  • “Ow Midoriya!! How do you control your quirk?”
  • Midoriya eye itch but he can’t strach it because he doesn’t know when his quirk will active
  • “I-I can’t itch my eye….”
  • Bakugou making up for his boredom and making useless stuff and throwing them at Midoriya
  • “I can get use to this” *Throws an action figure at deku*
  • Tokoyami accidentally freezing the desk when he was about to sit on it and later gets shit from it by Iida
  • “See this is why we don’t sit on the desk because” *Hand chops* “Dear god please end me”
  • He later burns Midoriya shoulder on accident while trying to hand back his pencil. But it didn’t take to much affect because Midoriya’s harden quirk kicked in
  • “S-Sorry!” “I-Its fine Tokoyami!”
  • Todoroki being lowkey happy that he doesn’t have his quirk anymore.
  • “Can I keep your quirk…please?” “Wha? N-No!”
  • Lowkey happy for the rest of the day
  • Kaminari trying not to speak for the rest of the day because if he does, he’ll bite his tongue.
  • “Hey Tsu! How to you ta-” *bites tongue* “fuck”
  • Later learns she keeps part of her tongue out.
  • “Kero?” “Stop”


  • Jirou trying to control the acid from burning her clothes.
  • “What the FUCK” *Mina laughter in the background*
  • Accidentally Melted her desk and paper while writing her English paper.
  • “Look Mic sensei I-” “Don’t explain, I don’t wanna know”
  • Mina being relaxed with the quirk, nothing bad happening until sparring.
  • “H-How do I use this??”
  • Tsuyu accidentally shocking Momo.
  • Accidentally shocking everyone else until she reached her limit leaving her an idiot
  • “Weeeeeeee” “Someone get Tsuyu to the nurse kero”
  • Momo hands sweating during class while trying to write.
  • Explosions, burns her paper and pencil
  • “……” “Momo are yo-” “Please don’t speak”
  • Quirks later switch back and everyone is happy
  • Expect Todoroki who is salty

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I love seeing people gush over why they love Destiel, so may I ask, why do you love Destiel?

Well - for the long version, I invite you to read my fics, because that’s where I put everything that I love about both Dean and Cas and also the way they are together and all those things that make my heart go weeeeeeee, and as for the short version -

Narratively speaking, I love how unhurriedly and organically that love between them grew, because most of the time, TV and movie romances are forced and they never give you any explanation as to why those two characters would fall for each other, exactly, and you’re just left with this impression that, duh, hot people will automatically pair up and love itself is just about, I don’t know, dropping half a muffin on someone while wearing a darling dress and your hair’s not combed but you still look dropdead gorgeous ‘cause you’re Emma Stone or some shit (but of course, you don’t know you’re cute, that’s what matters) and the guy brushes off the crumbs and he’s rude about it but you can’t stop thinking about him all day ‘cause of course, he’s Ryan bloody Gosling and BAM, that’s how the magic happens. And that’s mostly why I don’t like and don’t watch romance stuff - because in my experience, that’s not how love happens, and I consider that way of looking at the world more dangerous than gore and horror (hashtag why are Tarantino movies age-restricted and yet we keep pushing Sparks novels on kids). So, well, I wasn’t expecting a love story in Supernatural at all and I love the fact we didn’t have to suffer though what usually happens and how Dean and Cas just - did it all on their own, in a way, in open rebellion of who they are and the orders they were given and the unforgiving world they live in.

And as for the story itself - it just works, doesn’t it? Even if it wasn’t planned, it’s plain perfect, because Dean - Dean is someone who has (had) no faith, and no self-love at all, and Cas was literally put on his path to invite him to believe and tell him he was special (I think I wrote somewhere that based on that, it doesn’t even matter if Cas looks like Misha Collins - he could have been a green goat and Dean would still have fallen for him). And as for Cas - Dean is what Cas’ longed for his whole life - a way out, and a way towards a deeper part of himself Cas knows is there, but is not sure what to do with. A man afraid of flying and an angel afraid of falling meet in the middle, as the famous tagline goes. And I love how they circled around each other at first, how they learned to trust each other and understand each other and finally love each other - and, most of all, how soft they are with each other - Dean’s been taught never to do that, never to open up, never to be vulnerable, and Cas’ a soldier, he was literally bred for battle, and yet - they look at each other and treat each other with such profound care, it’s heartbreaking to watch. 

And at this point, of course, the problem is sex - not only for the writers and the producers and the money people, because what happens if we make it truly gay, but also for the characters themselves - that’s all there is to it - and that makes it interesting, because sex is never an obstacle in ‘traditional’ stories - no, there it’s mostly falling into bed together and there’s never any problem and they both come right, left and centre, but here - here’s definitely where you see how deeply Christian Supernatural is at its core, because Dean and Cas know they love each other now, that’s textual, and I’m convinced Dean thinks Cas simply doesn’t want him, not like that, and Cas is not sure if he should even offer, because he doesn’t understand sexuality very well, so there’s this tension and shame and uncertainty there which - and this is important, this changes everything - is not the usual American teen comedy nonsense like ‘he’ll think I’m a slut’ and ‘abortions kill your spleen and then you die’ and ‘I respect her too much to put my he-stick inside her’ - nope - this is more similar to those stories Supernatural was modeled on, medieval chansons de geste where sex in not a sin in itself, it’s you having a sense of self that’s the problem, and that’s beautiful and tragic and choke-full of that I’m not good enough for you mud we all wade through, every day, our whole lives, so that’s the other thing I love about Destiel - that it uses the timeless trope of the love story between a human and an immortal being in the best possible way - to reflect upon our humanity, to wonder if we deserve to be saved - a question which despite everything, still resonates with us, because that’s who we still are - a breed of apes who randomly became something more and basically spent its entire time span on this Earth prodding in awe and terror at the question why me.