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Ok but can we talk about how Lucifer is very, very old like minimum the entire human history and longer coz when his dad started with humanity it sounded like he was young-ish so he’s like minimum 200,000 years old and allot of that was spent in hell and time goes much more slowly there. 

And he spent only what sounded like part of his childhood or young life feeling loved and cared for. His feelings of being unwanted likely started when his dad started with humanity and all semblance of belonging or love would’ve disappeared when he was sent to hell. So 200,000 years of not loving or being loved, then he comes to earth and indulges in all the fun he can get. He views his partners as at least caring a little for him (which they don’t apparently) which is probably why he was so upset and determined to find the killer when Delilah was killed in the pilot, he really didn’t care for many people but he appeared to care at least a bit for her. Enough to want her to have a good life anyway. 

So she’s gone and he’s back to having no one to care about, then Chloe turns up and he cares about her! Allot more than he’s cared about anyone else in his 200,000 years of living. Eventually he gets over his fear and multiple emotional walls he has up from 200,000 years of being a torturer in hell. Then he finds out that actually, it was all a trick and once again he’s been had and the person he cares for (in his mind) has been ripped away from him. And he doesn’t believe she would accept him for who he is anyway. 

I just want to give some perspective coz I was thinking about this today. 200,000 years is a fucking long time no wonder it’s taken almost 2 whole seasons for Lucifer to actually admit he cares for someone. And he’s prob gon be a fucked up lil devil when he comes back with all his walls back up and weeee fun angst 

And on Chloe: I’ve seen people be all ‘shes gonna get back together with Dan’ NO BITCH DON’T YOU REMEMBER WHAT HE DONE? Dan betrayed her, allot. Like he was a royal dick face I don’t think she’s gonna go back to him. He practically abandoned her to the criticism of everyone and now Lucifers abandoning her so I wouldn’t be surprised if she puts her walls up again to. Hers are just as strong as Lucifers and it took her just as long to bring them down. 


imma go cry in a corner now bye I’m so looking foreward to May but low key scared coz it’s gonna hurt allot 

Train of Heart (part 1)

WOW, this was long overdue. But hey, I finally finished part 1 and commenced part 2 a bit for this mini Handsome Peacock Sorcerer AU. @handsomepeacock drew an amaaaazing version of Peacock Jack as a kickass sorcerer. 

Anywho, so yeah. =D Had to make a story and I finally found the vital bit of inspo I needed to continue this. Thus here we are.

AU: Handsome Peacock Sorcerer
Pairing: Rhack
Summary: Long ago, Jack was a total dick across the land. In laymen’s terms, he was too much of a jerk for the rest of the world to handle anymore. So the heroes came along and defeated him by cheating. [Just kidding, they cursed him to become an immortal peacock without his train (AKA that bundle of feathers at his butt.)]

Many years have passed since that fateful encounter until finally he happens across a certain fanboy that might be his only chance at breaking his curse.

Hope you enjoy part 1, Handsomepeacock!

Once upon a time in the tiny hamlet town of Flamerock, there was a simple commoner by the name of Rhys. He was a fairly vanilla individual as he worked the usual afternoon shift in the only bookshop within town. The villagers found it fairly odd how the man sincerely enjoyed working alone amongst the yawning pages of strange almanacs and forgotten biographies as well as not-so-fictional bestiaries, but they still accepted him as one of their own.

He was a boringly normal guy with just as dull a lifestyle. Even as his twenty-sixth birthday arrived, he looked back on it all with a soft sigh of disappointment into his mug. Where was the thrill? When did he ever feel his heart pound? Did he ever?

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at the park

my son gets in carousel with four kids
“push, daddy”
I push
kids making fun kid noises
“weeee” and shit
kid on carousel calls out to her dad
“you push next”
dad answers
“I’m out of shape. he looks like he works out.”

established dad dominance at the park

The Hurt Just Leaves Me Scared

Chapter 2 - AO3 by chasexjackson/ananbeth

A percabeth Pacific Rim collab with @flyingcrowbar

The hallways of the base are made up of steel walls and concrete floors. Percy walks them like the aisle of a church, like the corridors of his childhood home; reverent and settled all at once. Whereas to some, the sharp echoing of boots snapping against concrete and the tinny voice over commands might seem cold and clinical, all of it brings Percy a comforting feeling of belonging somewhere.

And he does belong here. He always has. Whether it’s the base in Tokyo or the one in San Francisco he walks through now, Percy is at home. He may have grown up on the Australian coast with sand between his toes and sea salt in his hair, but the very first day he walked into the Shatterdome as a new recruit, shiny and green, Percy had known this is where he belongs.

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Hello everyone! Long time no see! I’ve missed you!!!

I am almost all settled in to my new apartment here in Sunny Los Angeles! I am still a few weeks away from getting a desk and computer set up at home, so i’ve been borrowing technology from friends!

Work is super fun! Nickelodeon is the best! WEEEE!

…I might have gone a little overboard on this one.

I’ve been following Hope Chapman’s work for years now and am super super excited that she’s working on something as cool as Lovely Little Thieves is shaping up to be.

I’ve always had an affinity for 80’s cheese, and this started out as just a drawing of Dawn in a chair and kind of spiraled out of control. WHOoPS.

But this was super fun and I like the final result a lot. Who knows? I might shoot them an email and see if they still need artists.

New Supernatural Game!

I started playing a new game with my boyfriend called: “Let’s see if he’ll say that shit from Supernatural.” It’s his favorite.


Me: Babe … you know what I feel like?

(Slightly not interested) Boyfriend: Hmm?

Me: A Phistaco.

(Slightly more interested) Boyfriend: What?

Me: A Phistaco.

(Confused) Boyfriend: A what?

Me: A Phistaco.

(Annoyed) Boyfriend: Yeah … repeating it isn’t making it better.

Me: A Phistaco.

(More annoyed) Boyfriend: A Fish Taco?

Me: YEAH!! YOU SAID IT!! *twirls around the room*

(Done) Boyfriend: Is this a fucking Supernatural thing?

Me: *continues twirling*

This is without a doubt the worst one so far.

GUEST: Excuse me, do you know if in New York there is a, how to say, holocaust?
CONCIERGE: I’m sorry?
GUEST: Holocaust.
CONCIERGE: …Holocaust?
GUEST: Holocaust.
CONCIERGE: …The Jewish History Museum is New York City’s Holocaust memorial. It’s in lower Manhattan.
GUEST: There is a holocaust in Manhattan? This is good news! I am told there is no New York City holocaust except Coney Island.
CONCIERGE: (silent moment of deep confusion)
GUEST: How much cost?
CONCIERGE: It’s $12 for adults.
GUEST: Ah. Is expensive?
CONCIERGE: For museums in New York, it’s low.
GUEST: Museum? No. No museum. Is, for fun. With children. (throws hands up) “Weeee!!”
GUEST: Holocaust.
CONCIERGE: Please stop saying “holocaust.”
CONCIERGE: (actually said) I’m sorry??
GUEST: Holocausta. Holocaustar. Holocauster.
CONCIERGE: (smacks face) Roller coaster. Yes. There’s a roller coaster in Coney Island.

5 Minute Drabble Challenge

Okay, this may have taken me a few extra minutes, but y’all deserve decent, coherent writing. Also, side note, this characterization/excerpt of Claire will be part of a new fic I am working on, so if you like it, stay tuned for more :)

If you’ve been tagged, you have to write a 5-minute drabble/ficlet/etc. and then tag 10 people. I was tagged by @silencethroughwords (love you, Emm). My tags are under the cut.

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The church was silent save for the ragged breathing of the angel. Claire cupped the back of his neck - he was really an ‘it’, but it was wearing a man as a vessel – as blue essence, grace, seeped out of his neck and into her waiting vial. As the last of it drained from him, blood bubbled at the shallow slit in his throat, marking him as mortal, and Claire plunged her blade into his chest. He let out a choked noise as she twisted it viciously, and he collapsed onto the ground after she jerked it out of his chest. A moment later, he went still.

She closed the vial and unclasped the hook on its cap, fastening it to the cord around her neck which was already heavy with other vials full of other angels’ graces. Claire then crouched down to wipe her blood-slicked blade on the dead angel’s shirt before sheathing it at her waist. Another dick down. A thousand more to go.

She reached into her jacket pocket and pulled out the carefully folded page she’d printed off the internet. ‘Illinois Man Missing Since 2008 Spotted in Lebanon, Kansas’ read the headline. Under it was a grainy picture of a dark-haired man in a trench coat.

Claire tucked the page back into her pocket and stalked out of the church. A thousand more angels to gut like a fish…and she knew exactly who to begin with. 

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