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Gas Station Queen|| Young Verse!


Well who ever said Americans couldn’t party? Because if Jude had to be honest, that party in L.A matched her own parties at London and her admitting that showed something. 

It had all started with her having the biggest argument with both her boyfriend Lysander and her cousin Ros. The first argument sparked with the later and she looked for support from her boyfriend who had shut her out in return. This of course led her to kicking him out from the hotel room they had been sharing and not satisfied, she had gone for a walk out.

But of course taking a walk in L.A was an open invitation to anything. Which was what she got. A group of her age out of a bar invited over and gave her some free drinks. Before she knew she was with them like if she knew them for life and she ended up going with them to the big event near the Strip.

The part was grand. After some drinks she found herself dancing with the folks around or drinking in a corner with some other people. At some point though she looks up and meets the gaze of a guy that had a red hair but was hard to tell in the dim light. Yet she smiles at him, like any drunk person would before being dragged to drink some more.

By the time she woke up on the floor it was 5am and she was still drunk. But looking around she notices how many people had crashed down, that was a sign of a good party. Slowly she gets up, trying to make no sound she passes over people who had crashed out. Yet still being tipsy she fails to find the door. Frustrated after opening another wrong door –wardrobe– she takes a sharp turn but bumps into someone.

“Hey!” she says though quickly hushes at seeing it is the redhead, who really was a red head. “Sorry” she adds with a drunk giggle. “Any ideas where the exit is?” she asks looking at him.