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tfw you have many asks to attend to, but you have a thought that literally keeps you up at night due to the excitement of writing it the next day.

Bachelor/Bachelorettes during a zombie apocalypse!!! (made sure not to include gore btw!)

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random number generator says: 26: ‘far too long since we’ve seen each other’ hug

“Bodhi!” Jyn yells, stomping out of the bathroom and down towards her brother’s room. “Where’s my–oh, fuck.” 

Cassian nods at her, from where he’s leaning against the hallway wall. He’s not wearing a jacket today, which means it must be really hot out; Cassian’s jackets are a running joke in the Erso household. It is summer, she supposes. But it also means that he’s just wearing a t-shirt and she can see his arms and he must have started working out more in college, because he’s definitely not the weedy boy who grew up running in and out of their house. 

“Didn’t know you were here,” she says, trying to sound chill. 

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Season 3 episode 1.
Eliot: *beats someone up*
Nate: that was a little sloppy.
Eliot: new glasses.

This makes me happy.

I have been thinking about Hardison and Duberman since the first time I saw the Reunion Job. I have read some really good stuff about how Hardison is the opposite of the “black man” in most tv shows. He’s also, in a lot of ways, the opposite of the tv geek, and it’s the Reunion Job that really shows it.

The geek/nerd was a staple of 80s/90s tv, especially tv for teens, so I grew up with it. The geek is a weedy white boy (always a boy), often with glasses, typically with some kind of nickname (Sponge from Salute Your Shorts, Screech from Saved by the Bell). He was really smart but socially awkward, his interests - science, video games, computers - were always the butt of jokes. He often had a crush on one of the pretty girls, but never got her. He was always just cool enough to spend time with the main characters one way or another (Screech was Zack’s childhood friend, Sponge was in the same cabin at camp as the other characters). And there were always nerdier nerds to compare him to - the ones with braces and bad haircuts, who always wore plaid button down shirts and pocket protectors and we captain of the chess team.

Now Hardison is unapologetically and proudly a geek. Star Wars, Star Trek, zombie movies, sci fi, Lord of the Rings. He’s all about computers and tech and is generally well read about science. He’s acknowledged to be the smartest of them.

He is physically the largest of the crew. He is the most emotionally stable (honestly, I think he’s the least likely to get emotionally involved in a job, but that’s something to talk about another time), and has the easiest time socializing and just making friends with people - yes, better than Sophie.

Hardison has friends outside the team - friends who share his interests. For all of Eliot’s teasing, Hardison is a well respected and beloved part of the group and they acknowledge that he has pulled their asses out of the fire multiple times.

And I really didn’t notice much of any of this the first time around until watching the Reunion Job. Why? Because Duberman is the classic tv nerd. What separates him from Hardison? Easy. The Internet.

Hardison repeatedly says it’s the Age of the Geek, and he means the Internet. All kinds of oppressed groups have flocked to the Internet to reach out and find others like them. You don’t have to feel like you’re alone and there’s something wrong with you because you can have regular interactions with people halfway around the world - people you will never meet in person but who share interests with you.

Hardison never was the tv geek, no matter how he dressed in high school (we all dressed like that in high school…). He didn’t have to try and earn crumbs of respect from the Popular People. He had all of the Internet to provide positive feedback for him. there was nothing the local jock could say to get him down because there were people all over the country he could connect with on his own level.

Also, Hardison gets the girl.

I can totally see this happening. And now I want to write something on it:

Snickering to herself, the short Hufflepuff girl morphed into the likeness of their Headmaster and cast around for her first victim. A weedy looking Ravenclaw boy caught her eye and she grinned, a tad madly, as she made her way over to him.

The boy looked extremely startled and a little bit frightened as, what appeared to be Albus Dumbledore plopped down beside him. The Headmaster was grinning and the boy felt even more scared. “So, dear boy,” the “Headmaster” started. “Have you ironed your socks today?”

“Uh… Uhm….” The child stuttered, wondering how on earth he was supposed to answer that. Was he supposed to have ironed his socks?

“Now, now,” a voice tutted from his other side. Turning, the boy went white. Sitting on that side was none other than… Albus Dumbledore. A strangled noise escaped the child’s throat. This was a dream right? It had to be a dream. He was dreaming… Squeezing his eyes shut, the boy mumbled “I’m dreaming” over and over under his breath. When he finally dared crack one eye open, nothing had changed.

The Dumbledore on his right was calmly spreading jam on some toast and the Dumbledore on his left was smiling at him. It was that same smile that had terrified him not five minutes ago. With a despairing cry, the boy scrambled off the bench and ran out of the Great Hall as fast as his legs could carry him.

The Dumbledores regarded each other. “Quite an excellent job Nympahdora, however you missed a mole under my left ear.”

The left-Dumbledore seemed to shimmer slightly and in his place was left a madly grinning short girl with bright pink hair dressed in Hufflepuff colours.

“Thank-you sir,” she responded automatically, not even minding his use of her hated first name. “I’ll get it right next time. Same time next week?”

“Most certainly my dear. This is far more fun than listening to Severus moan about how he feels the students are stupider than last year. Good day to you Nymphadora.” With a last twinkling smile, the real Albus Dumbledore swung himself back over the bench and sauntered back to the High Table, whistling cheerfully to himself. What fun indeed!

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I’m a celebrity and I may or may not be following your blog which is dedicated to me. reading your comments and tags are hilarious and very flattering and I’m somewhat smitten Klaroline au pleaseeeeeee

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS PROMPT YOU LOVELY HUMAN!! I got really into this universe, such a goodun. To other people who are waiting on my drabbles… I am writing them, but I was struck with the inspiration stick with this one! Hope you enjoy!

What most people didn’t know about the infamous bad-boy, Hollywood heartthrob Klaus Mikaelson was that as a teenager he was the opposite of a bad-boy, and the opposite of a heartthrob.

Unlike the rest of his siblings – who had come out of the womb perfect and beautiful – he had been not attractive at all, and his awkward phase had lasted from the age of 12 - when he shot up and became scrawny, weedy and lanky - through all his teenage years - when he had been scrawny, weedy, lanky, had glasses, braces, pimples and a social anxiety born into him from years of psychological and physical abuse from both his parents - all the way through to the age of 23.

By this time, however, Niklaus had mastered coding, every version, variation and rerelease of GTA and WOW amongst other games, had got a diploma in cooking – because he had been bored one summer – become best friends with a stranger on the internet, completed an undergraduate degree in both art history and the dramatic arts, and had starring role in a BBC mini series called ‘When We Overlook the Nerdy Hackers’ - a role which he was definitely type cast for.

But on his 23rd birthday, he looked determinately in his mirror. He knew he was incredibly intelligent, and a talented actor - many years of pretending he was fine when his insides were screaming in pain had trained him well. But to make it big in Hollywood, unfortunately, you couldn’t rely on talent alone.

So, Klaus packed up his life in London, logged off from the internet for good – abandoning all the friends he’s made – and flew to the states, where he found he the best personal trainer he could afford and the most reputable one on one acting tutor he could find, so he could chase his dream.  

He trained, and practiced, and sweated and cried, until his 24th birthday, when he looked in the mirror again and smiled.

He had done it.

Gone was the scrawny, weedy, lanky boy he’d been a year ago. If he was honest he was almost unrecognisable from who he’d been 12 months ago. He felt the tiniest bit of guilt eat at his insides, thinking about all he’d left behind, but he had to do this. He couldn’t be that person anymore.

To cap it all, he’d been offered a leading role in one of the most anticipated films of the year.  

And so awkward, nerdy, social outcast Nik died forever, and Hollywood heartthrob, bad-boy Klaus was born.

He honestly blamed his bad-boy tendencies on the fact he had never socialised properly as a teenager, and so the attention and partying went straight to his head.

But he didn’t mind, he was living the high life, and throwing it back in the faces of all those who had ridiculed him for having big dreams.

Ten years passed before awkward Niklaus surfaced again, and in that time he won two Oscars, been nominated for five, starred in countless blockbusters, had been with more girls than he could remember, and had become even more attractive to the point where he had one People’s Magazine’s sexiest man alive six years running.

The day he reintroduced himself to his nerd side, was the day he had been on a talk show and they had read some very raunchy fan fiction written about him and Bulgarian supermodel Tatia Petrova, who he’d had a very short lived fling with – models were way too highly stung for him.

While he had laughed through the interview, and kept his cool while the host trash talked the person who had written it, but Klaus couldn’t help but feel upset by what had happened.

Despite his determined transformation, he still vividly remembered what it was like to feel completely alone and have only the Internet and your own dark imagination to keep you company. He remembered the hours he spent writing stories similar to the one that had been read out, or drawing fanart, or participating in fandom events, and even though that wasn’t him anymore, he would never forget those times. Could never forget them.

When he got back to his home after the interview, a niggling feeling. He ate, and showered, but the feeling which had been born inside him during the interview engulfed him,

He flopped his bed, and as the clock ticked past midnight, Klaus pulled his computer toward him, not to FaceTime his family, nor to fetch a booty call – like he usually would. Nope, instead he opened a site he’d not touched since he was 23.


The site read.



Log in

Forgotten your password?

The layout and set up of the home screen was still the same, but it looked so different to what his teenage memories recalled. Excitement was thrumming through him as he tapped in his email address – lonelyhybrid@gmial.com - and then his password.

As he hit log in, Klaus was stunned by the difference him before him. And was slightly guilty to see the large number of unread asks, but other than that he remembered exactly why he’d loved this site. The people were hilarious, the gifsets were so much more creative than he remembered, and there were people who seemed to get everything he was feeling.

Klaus spent hours on the site. Initially, he trawled through his blog – the-lonely-hybrid.tumblr.com – then through his dashboard.

He was excited, and a little self-conscious, to see his face staring back at him from many different posts. It seemed someone he used to follow back in the day, had become a Klaus Mikaelson dedication blog. It intrigued him, because it seemed that all-about-klaus followed him back.

He was intrigued to work out which of his mutuals had become so infatuated with him, but he was also feeling guilty again. All those people who had helped him through all his emotional problems, and just up and left them, with no explanation.

As he followed the link to the blog’s main page he couldn’t help the smile that spread across his face.  

The title of the blog read The Other Side of Klaus Mikaelson.

The bio read –

Just a small town girl, desperately hoping to find her Klaus.

As he began combing through the blog, he honestly thought he could feel himself falling for the person who ran it a little bit. The bright, shining personality of the blogger was evident in every single post.

Each post was written with such care, and every gifset was crafted to only show the best parts of him. There was nothing about his tendency to break girls’ hearts, or his drunken tantrums at paparazzi. There was no mention of pregnancy scares, or his famous feud with Damon Salvatore.

No, everything on the blog was designed to show people his softer side. There were pictures of his trips to Africa – where he spent three months every year teaching the children – something the press rarely reported on as it wasn’t glamorous enough. There were gifs of him appearing on his younger sister’s YouTube channel – something he loved doing, because no one could make him feel good like Rebekah could. And there were long metas about how his bad-boy persona was really just an act to cover his insecurities.  As he read those, he wondered how she managed to pinpoint his inner most feelings when he could hardly reconcile why he acted the way he did.

He read every single tag and it was all he could do to not hug his computer.

#oh my gosh, #klaus mikaelson, #precious snowflake, #sinnamon roll, #he’s far too cute to be allowed on this earth, #klaus cuddly teddy bear mikaelson, #cute, #queue

While he kind of resented being called cute, he kind of loved it too.

He stayed on the blog, entranced by her words and encapsulated by her voice, until the morning sun began to stream through his still open curtains. In amongst the parts about him, he was able to make out her other interests. There were a number of posts about her thoughts on climate change and feminism, and he was stunned by how convincing her arguments were. While her writing style was familiar, he still for the life of him couldn’t remember why he followed her all those years ago.

As the day drew on, and dawn became mid-morning, he kept scrolling through post after post, becoming as enamoured with her as she was with him. His eyes and body was tired, screaming out for sleep – or at least food – but Klaus couldn’t tear his eyes away.

When the posts began to change, from her fascination with him to TV shows, characters, ships, world politics, amongst other things, he had to stop himself from swooning with feels. Being affected by feels was another thing that hadn’t happened in ten years. Apparently he and the mystery blogger had extremely similar tastes in pop culture, and similar opinions on worldviews.

Klaus felt his stomach do backflips and he squirmed a little on the bed when he saw a gifset, much earlier than when her vigorous blogging of him began, from him in the BBC series and the caption read – gosh, isn’t he the absolute cutest! #klaus mikaelson, #why have i not seen this show before, #when we overlook the nerdy hacker, #he’s the cutest nerdy hacker I’ve ever seen #klaus mikaelson hack my heart please! #or my body #either one #kthanksbye

Klaus couldn’t believe that anyone would have thought that him then was cute, and it made him so incredibly happy. He rolled onto his back and grinned, unconditionally, at the ceiling for a few moments. He needed this girl him his life.  

Hey people! There is actually another 5000+ words to this… I got really into this idea. Let me know if you think it’s worth posting more…. 

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a prompt hmmm how about college roommates au? they first meet when they have to share a room (hermann is a foreign exchange student?)

Newt’s not exactly brokenhearted when his roommate announces toward the end of the fall semester that he’s going to be spending the next semester in Prague. Mark is two years older than Newt and a film student and the most ungodly pretentious person Newt has ever met and Newt knew he hated him when in the first week of them dorming together, Mark made fun of one of Newt’s monster movies. Honestly, Newt is kinda impressed they lasted a whole semester together. That’s pretty good, for Newt. Roommates never last real long for him. 

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Ahh spooks I'm really proud of myself!! I was in shop class and the only feminine presenting person in the woodshop and some fuckin weedy white boy came up to me and leered at me saying ""girls don't belong in the shop"" and I stared him dead in the eye and asked if he was gonna make me leave, widening my stance and I felt like fuckin wonder woman when his pasty ass crumbled and started stuttering about a joke thanks for giving me so much confidence!!


psst. here, look, a screen cap from turn turn turn.


fitz has just promised garrett oodles of pain at his own weedy hands

(and boy does he deliver but i digress)

let me point you towards may. she’s got the slightest of smiles on her face.

and this lady is usually stone cold, and the sitch they’re in doesn’t provide an atmosphere conducive to smiling.

she’s fucking bursting with pride in this kid. this is the same science dweeb who said on his first field mission that he did not have to get his hands dirty in the field. who was perfectly happy back in a non-mobile lab at the academy. she knows he’s fucking terrified, and yet he can still threaten the guy who’s been running circles around them the entire season.

and then if you keep watching, the smile fades. because if garrett has his way, fitz will live. broken physically and emotionally, his mind picked clean by hydra vultures, but he will endure, and phil and her get the easy way out.

and imagine: if this is what they’ll do to fitz, a brilliant engineer, what will they do to simmons if they catch her, the genius biochemist with possible GH325 secrets bouncing around her brain?

(the answer: absolutely nothing. they’ll just threaten to hurt fitz.)