sense8 headcanons:

  • since the accident at the parade Nomi hates going to hospitals, so whenever she has to go, will, sun and wolfgang tag along, bc if  anyone even tries to talk to her w/out her consent they will fuck shit up
  • as soon as kala learns about capheus’ mom, she starts sending him medicine every month, bc they are cheaper for her bc of her job, he insists on paying her back, and she says that it’s not necessary bc she just wants to help him
  • whenever one of them need to take a plane, they always call capheus, bc no matter how many times he has been on a plane, he always loves it so much
  • when sun is lonely she will call capheus, sometimes they watch movies, sometimes he will take her to his favorite places on town, and sometimes she’ll just tag along when he’s driving, bc his positive vibe is always good for her
  • lito teases will about that time they had sex every single time they see each other
  • kala shows capheus all her favorite bollywood movies (he loves them all)
  • kala teaches sun how to dance since she is so good at martial arts
  • riley makes them cheesy playlists when she’s bored (each sensate already has about 15)
  • wolfgang teaches lito how to punch things bc “its not that hard man u cant just fake punch people forever”
  • nomi and lito go to museums together all the time