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“The remembrances of what they’ve already done to us. The losses we’ve already experienced as a result of the Saviors. It makes it very clear that she needs to see what the terrain is for herself, and to understand what their stakes are, what they’re up against, and not just go by something that she has not assessed herself. They’re not being reasonable. They’re not actually trying to work with us in any way. They’re actually trying to break us. And there’s one thing that Michonne is not going to take too easily is being broken, or for someone attempting to break her. The idea of living with something like that is not fathomable to just how she’s wired, into how she’s built.” –Danai Gurira


Rick, I want you to take your ax, cut your son’s left arm off, right on that line. Now, I know, I know, you’re gonna have to process that for a second. That makes sense. Still though, I’m gonna need you to do it, or all these people are gonna die. Then Carl dies, then the people back home die, and then you, eventually.