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alriiiight. it’s finally here! so, i basically just did a bunch of things i liked, hoped you guys will enjoy them as well! and i’m sorry about indulging my love of deadpool, i couldn’t help myself.

we are killers [CAS & in-game poses]

– 15 poses –

– replaces the commitment issues trait in CAS –

you need these awesome guns from @karzalee

download cas: mediafire simsfile

in-game [you need andrew’s pose player!]: mediafire simsfile



@sims4-marigold – unbalance off shoulder long sleeves [clothing recolor]

yes, i’m a spideypool shipper. sue me.

– 15 swatches – 

– custom thumbnails [standalone]

– mesh not included [you can find it here] you need it to see my recolor –

download: mediafire simsfile



@leahlillith​ – wild night [hair re-texture]

i added 15 swatches to my hair recolors. don’t know yet if i’ll update the other hairs i’ve recolored so far, but going forward, all the hair i will retexture will have 60 swatches.

– 60 swatches –

– custom thumbnail [standalone]

– mesh not included [you can find it here] you need it to see my recolor –

download: mediafire - simsfile



for my tou, go here

through here for all my s4 recolors

tag #radioactivemess if you use!

thanks to all cc creators! @toskami @pyanka @pralinesims

~ and have fun ~

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alpha belt hot pants

@sims4-marigold – alpha belt hot pants [clothing recolor]

– 45 swatches –

for my tou, go here

– custom thumbnails [standalone]

– mesh not included [you can find it here] you need it to see my recolor –

through here for all my s4 recolors

tag #radioactivemess if you use!

download: mediafire simsfile

thanks to all cc creators! @toksik @theslyd @chisimi @salem-c @madlensims @pralinesims

~ and have fun ~

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okay so I know everyone is panicking about time-jump (flashforward), other people are talking about flashback - everything because of Devon’s hair & Aaron’s tweet (other posts x x x

And we know that Katie was at The 100 set which basically means we might get Harper-Monroe flashback. (I don’t see it tbh, Jason always says that if they’re doing flashback then it has to have “it’s own story”, it has somehow to push storyline forward..) but I guess it’s the only interpretation for Katie to be back at set so it might happen?

Either way. Maybe both things happen - we have some flashback (explains Karie being at set) and flashforward (explains gap, Aaron tweet, Devon’s hair)

I think we have flash forward for sure, not in first episode obviously but in episode 2 (at the end? or even in 403). Just like lots of you assume. My question is - when&how do you think it will happen?
Jason said “they’re picking up where they left off” and obviously 4x01 is still Polis then they’re probably coming back to the Arkadia, wondering if they should tell everyone about the threat. Clarke and Bellamy’ll tell Raven everything - Raven wants to tell others - then they’re telling everyone/only trusted people in Arkadia and work on some plan.

We also know what Marie said - that Octavia will join some group of grounders we have already seen but she won’t say which one. My guess is obviously Ice Nation since Zach (Roan) is regular. (it’s kind of impossible for Octavia to join Luna’s people because O will become assassin).

And I’ve seen people thinking what Bellamy will do - will he join “done fighting squad” or “save our people squad” which yeah, it’s obvious Bellamy would do anything to save others but who is the most important for him (even if she doesn’t deserve it at all)? -Octavia.

(I know some people don’t want to have flash forward because they don’t wanna lose any Bellarke scenes)

So what if Bellamy goes after Octavia at the end of 402 for example and then we have time jump? I mean, obviously he wants to save his people but Octavia is the most important one and she doesn’t know about the threat. So what if - he tells (with Clarke) others, Raven has some sort of plan and he can’t really help her so he goes for a mission to find his sister? (so we skip the story of how he is searching her & how raven tries to work on sth)

(I have fanfic in my mind but I’m too lazy to write it down)

Please tell me what you think, I want to know your opinion.

(I want a flashforward because it also means Bellamy and Clarke got time to grive)

I will tag some people but you don’t need to read it if you don’t want to.

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A State of Constant Departure by @solitary-sister

“You said you’d never forgive me.”

Hannibal shows no signs of having heard him. He is focused on peeling potatoes. Their skins pile in the sink, a few flitting to the floor in uncharacteristic carelessness.

“Is this that?”

There is dirt on his hands and the white flesh of the potato. Hannibal washes both and, at last, speaks.

“Did I say that?”

“Yes.” Will leans in as if meaning to catch the words. “Yes, you did. On the phone.”

Moving to an old wooden cutting board, Hannibal takes up a dull knife.

“This,” he sighs, “this is denial.”

“Denying me what I denied you? Only in closer quarters?”

“It’s not you I’m denying. Not in the way you mean.” Hannibal presses down hard, leaving a pale line in the wood. “I am denying your presence.”

“I don’t understand.”

“That which is not present,” he tightens his grip on the knife’s handle, “cannot be taken.”


Affter a long class teaching boxing at my gym. i’m tired AF!!! Picking on the way home some sushi i order by phone .and later take a shower and relax….but later…i will try to have….🍆 HOPE NO ONE FUCKING BOTHER ME !!!!

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Antonio: Kaitlin, just let me explain.

Kaitlin: Explain? You want to explain? Seriously how stupid do you think I am? I saw you!

Antonio: So what, Kaitlin? You’re the only one who gets to keep their options open? 

Kaitlin: I’m sorry, what did you just say to me?

Antonio: Kaitlin you’ve been dating 24 guys I have sat here and watched you leave the house with them, I know you’ve kissed them I know you’ve been showing them all over town. You get to do that and I don’t?

Kaitlin: Don’t try and put this one me, Antonio. You knew when you started this what you were signing up for. If it was too much for you, you could have left at any time. But to sit here, while we’re on a date and try to bring another woman home with you, for after I’m gone is the lowest dick move I’ve ever seen in my life. So, if you want to go chase after women, you have free reign because we’re done.