weeds not a drug

cryptidkogane  asked:

i love stoner keith,, best hc,, he and lance smoke together and lance is fukkin lightweight so when he zones out he just sits there smiling (same) and whenever keith looks at him he giggles and tells him he looks super cute stoned and lance is like!!!! (also keith is rly proud when lance takes harsh hits like a champ "atta boy,! good job babe!!")

oh my god this is so cute……. god, yeah my dude, i feel like keith wouldn’t really smoke with anyone else than lance or shiro (bc shiro is his brother and lance once found out by accident and wouldn’t let go until keith actually let him smoke)

i feel like the first time lance smoked, it was out of this huge ass bong and he accidentally drank some of the bong water so he was like ‘nope nah uh uh, not doing that again’ so he usually strays to blunts and bowls but he’ll smoke enough to get fucked up

whenever keith and him r high, they’re rlly touching feely? like, lance will press his face into keiths neck and start humming & keith will start giggling then lance starts giggling then they won’t stop laughing for like five minutes

:’‘‘^)))))) i love my stoner space kids lmao