weeds not a drug

this is basically just me n @faemoria‘s contract for going 2 hell tbh.

erromes: that’s fitting tbh bc in the beginning of naia’s blog i had like three weed blogs following me. #signs

faemoria: ah they knew the path they were destined to walk and followed the light that would guide them #the lord be with you as you 420 blaze it

erromes: a seraph, wings and eyes on fire, appearing to naia: 420 blaze it.

faemoria: moses, approaching the burning bush: what are you
faemoria: god: a dank nug

erromes: ‘be not afraid…for you have found favor with 4/20’
erromes: 'how can this be? since i have never partaken in the devil’s lettuce?’
erromes: 'the power of the hotbox shall overshadow you, and you will be called Lit As Fuck’

faemoria: the ultimate blazing: being blazed in the fiery pits of hell

erromes: 'for you are a roach, and to a roach, you shall return’