Write high, edit sober (1)

Courage, stored where you’d least expect it - within your darkness.

Recognise it, pull it out, and use it as the toughest armour against your foe.

Know you are now protected whole, your darkness accepted as part of your one.

Be what you desire, deep in that fire that burns for you to live dammit!

Don’t let ‘em dampen your dreams with the soggy remnants of their own – Fly away, be free, ‘cause it’s your purpose!

This isn’t me, but it is. Something, telling of the above in real time - My life lesson. ’Learn it in the next one’, is what I’ll be sayin’ in the morn.

The jams are boomin’ and I delight in the gift of word-smithin’ – Bite me cause I just took a chomp at it all.

Never shy from the light – Go ahead, make your day, forever. Who knows where you’ll end - do you give two shits?

Be, play and laugh. It’s no matter if you win or lose those little aspirations over, only that you play to the fullest and never question why - for that’s when the crowd yawns and demands - ‘Play on!

So play on, player of life – you’re lucky to be on the field and not in the stands yelling.