Gonna do this mixtape spotlight tomorrow, but the sorry for missing so many weeks #weedjam is Flatbush Zombies ft. Kilo Kish Jupiter sound. Nothing less than a tripjam, but what else would you expect from a mixtape titled D.R.U.G.S. One thing you should know about me is that i have a HUGE crush on Kilo Kish. So when  found out she was on this mixtape i had to hear it! If you like Drug music then you should have this tape, and if you love good music you should have this tape. TOKE UP!!!!  

  • Centurion (ft. Vince Staples)
  • Earl Sweatshirt
  • Doris

So decided to grab a leaked copy of Earl Sweatshirt’s album ‘Doris’ and This shit is Awesome!! I’m on the last song now and I still haven’t been dissapointed. Not with a single track. Not even a single Bar!

Since I heard Hive & Burgundy prior to hearing the whole album I didn’t think I would get another song with Vince Staples, but I was wrong. Vince Staples one of my new favorite artists is featured on another track entitled “Centurion.”

Vince opens it up and his flow is perfect over the menacing beat. When Earl’s verse starts the beat gets even more eerie. Between Earl’s bars and Christian Rich’s production the song turns into a HipHop Horror movie. This one is still a great song to drive…or fly to. Just maybe not at night when you’re alone

Bonus #weedjam! Mac Miller x Schoolboy Q - PlaneCarBoat. The best part about this song is tht i have no idea what it means!!! Maybe something about Chiddy Chiddy Bang Bang. The beat is so chill it sounds like a modern day western. Easy to smoke too i would consider this a Smoke circle jam perfect to jam around friends or Buds <=== See what i did there. Cant say much else about this except “ It’s a plane, It’s a car, it’s a boat. It’s a PlaneCarBoat!” Smoke up!

The #weedjams single this week is Cassidy - R.A.I.D., and it come with a history lesson. Back when I was a Young buck the first real rapper I listened to was Cassidy. Looking back i was lucky because Cassidy is one of the best rappers ever. Honestly although he wasn’t a mainstream hit his freestyles and underground tracks were enough to introduce me to real rap. Instead of Philly kids looking up to a rapper like him they have Meek Mill……..or Millz whatever. I didn’t even like Meek when he was just a local rapper, but now he’s with the most famous group of fraud rappers MMG(excluding: Old Wale, Stalley, and Gunplay). Some hip hop magic lead to a mini beef between Cassidy and Meek. When I heard Meek’s Repo track I thought it was okay but i knew Cassidy could kill him. Then this happened. Cassidy lyrically tears Meek apart for 10 minutes over an excellent collection of dope old school beats. Some people talk shit about this track, but honestly this is Philly Ether!

Honestly Meek’s career should be over, but knowing the pop audience Meek will continue to make party tracks. Still this is as close as we will get to real rap beef in this decade.

Favorite Line:“You were wrong for making that song Tupac Back. I seen the video like, Where the Fuck is Tupac at?. I saw ya boss like naw Tupac not fat! I had Philly on lock before Tupac got cracked”

First #SAVEMONEY #weedjam is Joey Purp - Just. Even though this song is just a short promo track, its a dank jam! The visuals are hella faded too since it was dropped around 420. Some savemoney heavy hitters in an epic smoke circle. You could see the purple (Not Joey) from the inside of the blunt. Great song for chill ass circles or facials. So get high, and Save Money “yall”!

#WeedJam number 2 is Should Known by Childish Gambino. One of my top 3 favorite rappers (and the first one on that list) Gambino dropped this track on the much anticipated royalty mixtape. One of the few without a featurette, but few rappers could do this joint justice. Another kickback song or a solo smoking track that will have you in deep thought! Smoke something and play this one!  

I Gotta do this #Weedjam cuz i just found this Dank ass track! This joint is from one of my favorite Philly Hip Hop groups Pearl Gang. They’ve been putting out Chronic jams for a while nowdon’t believe me check their SoundCloud soundcloud.com/pearl-gang. They dropped this joint on 4/20 and I was too faded to pay attention because this track is sick. The gang is on some sort of hiatus, but if you like their songs tell them on twitter @PearlGangMusic and tell em’ @ThumbsUp_Jrod sent you. Stay Chronic! 


w#weedjams video was inspired by the #weedjams single at 6 minutes and 10 seconds of Cassidy’s R.A.I.D. the instrumental for Gangstarr (GURU)-You Know my steeze.

The beat is smooth and simple I could listen to the instrumental on repeat for hours. Gangstarr’s lyrics would speak directly to a hip hop head. The video is pretty 90s. When i get some cash i could see myself buying the single on vinyl.

Favorite Part:When Gangstarr escapes mainstream prison at the end