You see, I have been playing Harvest Moon More Friends of Mineral Town. I am in summer second year and I was waiting for my big bed so I could marry Gray, as soon I got it, I went and proposed to Gray. So I like to imagine that the farmer was waiting for the opportunity to F.U.C.K the blacksmith apprentice as soon as possible.

The milk in the refrigerator is past the sell date, has an odor, and is curdled and lumpy. Would you?
- Keep it, because you don’t know when you could get to the store to buy more?
– Then why would you keep a book on the shelf with misinformation because you don’t know when you could replace it?
- Keep it, because otherwise your refrigerator would look empty?
– Then why would you keep outdated books on the shelf to preserve a false collection size?
- Give it to a neighbor to keep in his or her refrigerator?
– Then why would you send outdated encyclopedias or other materials to a teacher for classroom use?
- Donate it to a food pantry for hungry children?
– Then why would you send outdated resources to be used by children in this or other countries?
The facts are simple: either the resources remain in the collection or they don’t. When in doubt, keep it for another year. After all, the milk may not be all that spoiled; it may be still usable and have value. The arguments commonly used to discourage weeding simply will not wash.
—  Gail Dickinson, “Crying over spilled milk.” (2005). Library Media Connection, 23(7), 24-26.