Name: Cherry Sundae Kush

From: Private Dealer – Pittsburgh, PA

Grade: A+

Type: Hybrid

Price: $60/8th, $110/quarter, $170/half, $300/ounce

Looks: Nugs are pretty chunky in stature that are just covered in wild red hairs affiliated by a broad field of frost consuming much of the surface.  These babies are pretty damn sticky as my grinder kept getting jammed just as I was about to finish.  The scissors were a bit more easier to manage but small traces of the residue from the nugs being chopped stuck onto it as well!

Smell: Instantly after the jar is open my nostrils have been violated!  Roasted dark Spanish coffee beans that have been recently fermented by a skunk makes an intrusion in my whole kitchen.  I could have sworn I had also caught an intricate whiff of big-red chewing gum!

If you ground those beans up with a dash of French vanilla and prepare yourself for a rejuvenating early morning cup of mocha like you never had before!  I couldn’t stop smelling my fingers after I broke the nugs up!  Simply a delicious assembly of organized smells on this one!

Taste: The Inhale gave me a freaky flavor of spicy eggnog.  Reminds me much of the holidays and got me in the smoking spirit.  Cherry Altoids twisted into a concoction of some very kushy skunk sustained the exhale.  My breath was pretty stanky afterwards.  Don’t gorge your lung capacity cause it’s that thick dense smoke that’ll make you choke!

Buzz Type: The switch was flipped on that generates the unlimited supply source of brain licking juice ability.  My legs very soon afterward began to wobble, I didn’t have any inclination to walk anywhere from that moment.  I lost my finesse to speak clearly as everyone could tell I was baked when they heard it in my voice.  I tune out when trying to concentrate or pay attention too closely to something as it happens very frequently.

Time has settled into a stretch giving a slow pace saunter to whatever activity I would attempt to undergo.  I couldn’t stop from noticing after a real lengthy time lapse of twenty minutes.  A nice streak of saliva trickles down the corner of my lip and cheek landing on my collard shirt I wore after work acting like a flooded levee.  I didn’t seem to take any affirmative action because I didn’t want to move my facial muscles.

The position was far too comfortable, not only in the head but rapidly initiates a warming muscle-relaxer solace in my calves and acute joints territory.  I finally came to the conclusion that I’m baked beyond logical reason.  I could feel my eye-lids get very hot and droopy.  I can garaun-damn-tee this will give you devil eyes after clearing an entire roach or taking a rip from the bong.

I enjoy the remaining few hours of this session as I chow down before heading to sleep.  Every time I decide to eat food I cherish every moment like it’ll be my last.  I was balls deep in my bowl of cereal.  This is some excellent sleep-aid that could treat many forms of medical conditions including Hypertension, Depression and of course Insomnia!

Buzz Length: Long.  Peak 2 hours and  15 minutes.  Comedown: 30 min afterwards.  That is if you don’t pass out by the time you return to baseline!

Overall: I have difficult time falling asleep and staying asleep during the night and this was possibly the best medicine I have found that replaces my sleeping pills!  This is basically Ambien in herb form!  I will have to officially keep Cherry Sundae Kush in the pickup cycle from this point on!  –Remmie

Name: Purple Dragon

External image

From: Homegrown

Grade: A+

Type: Hybrid (Sativa dominant)

Genetics: Purple Erkle X Blue Dragon

External image

Price: N/A

Looks: Small-medium tight frosty buds that give off a blueish hue.  Instead of your typical purple with green/purple mixed throughout the flowers, my Purple Dragon

External image
 cut has more of a uniform violet color. 

Smell: Like fresh melon, very fruity, but definitely with that skunky undertone from the Haze

External image

Taste: Candy Chem Funk with slight earthy floral exhale and sweet aftertaste.

Buzz Type: Very balanced hybrid with an immediate head rush and an active but also relatively sedating high. 

Buzz Length: Long, 2-3 hours.  I have a very high tolerance.

Overall: Some of the most visually appealing, aromatic, “really hate to put the scissor to this beauty” weed I’ve seen in a long time.  When first looking at this bud, I felt that there was no way the effects could be comparable to the appearance.  I was mistaken.  I noticed this strain to work exceptionally well for making ice

External image
 water and BHO as well.  Even though this was a relatively low-yielding pheno, potency completely makes up for it in my mind.  One of the best smokes I have come across in the last few years, a classic in my book.  –Papa Kush

Name: Sweet Tooth

External image

From: Barney’s (Coffee Shop – Amsterdam)

Grade: A

Type: Hybrid

Price: $15/g

Looks: Tight buds with different shades of green along with thin red hairs.

Smell: Freshly cut assortment of fruit.

Taste: Has an orgasmic sweet taste that is unlike most other varieties. Taste is almost as good as well grown Diesel or Chemdawg.

Buzz Type: Body felt stoned and the head was in a good cerebral state.

Buzz Length: Medium to Long.

Overall: This strain has always been a special treat for me. This was the second type of weed I tried in Amsterdam on my first trip 4 or 5 years ago. It has such a distinct candy taste that lingers in the mouth. Easy to see how this won the Cannabis Cup back to back in 2001 and 2002.  -Meangreenmartian

Name: Snoop’s Master Kush

External image

From: Little Amsterdam Dispensary (Dispensary – Los Angeles)

Grade: A

Type: Indica

Price: $65/8th

Looks: Small, lime green popcorn buds with short,  dark brown hairs tucked in the nooks.  Fluffy and coated in white.

Smell: Kushy with a slight pine smell.

Taste: Out of the vape, the taste is overpowering,  like sucking down sweet, thick, steamy syrup.  Perfect smoked, though.  So  delicious that I enjoy slowly exhaling the smoke (rather than blowing it  out), letting it stay on my tongue as long as I can.

Buzz Type: Relaxing body high.  Starts behind the  eyes (which will soon be very red) on the first inhale and starts moving down thebody on the exhale.  Horrible munchies, cottonmouth and sleep soon follow.

Buzz Length: Long.  2.5 – 3 hours.

Overall: I don’t know if the name means Snoop is a slave to the stuff or if it’s his preferred Master, but you gotta figure, any weed he’s allowed his name to be attached to has to be pretty dank.  Which  is the case with this one.  This is one of those good investment buds.  Just a few hits had me feeling great for a long time.  A couple of  grams stretched a long way.  –mundane