reasons I love “Washington On Your Side”

- it starts out so calm and cool with Burr creepin on Jefferson like I just imagine him like “psssst come here I’m starting an anti-Hamilton club”

- Daveed Diggs. that is all. like come on “someone load the gun and cock it” vfugdhjsknldjsnk

- Daveed and Leslie’s harmony during “it must be nice” 

- then Madison comes in and that’s when things start getting turnt and ohhhh great now they’re angry


- goes / grows & leads / weeds / seeds / misdeeds


Part One: http://soaimagines.tumblr.com/post/146000358622/stood-up-note-mentions-of-abuse-you-sat-in

Note: mentions of abuse

Every hair on your body stood on its end.
You had been around Brandon when he was angry before, plenty of times. Hell, that was what got you in this situation in the first place.
But you had never seen him like this before, his whole face filled with hatred, his eyes piercing yours.
You felt the colour drain from your face as you stared wide-eyed at him.
You suddenly realised you were still holding Happys hands and you dropped them immediately, placing them in your lap as you turned your head down.
“You gone fucking deaf, bitch?” Brandon snarled at you.
You could still feel his eyes on you. ‘If looks could kill’ had never had more meaning.
You mouth opened and closed, unable to find any words as you stared at your trembling hands.
He slammed his fists down on the table loudly, every head in the diner turned at the sound.
You shrunk further into the seat.
You heard a growl come from across the table and your eyes flickered towards the sound.
Happy began to stand, his jaw clenched so tight you swore his jaw would break.
You watched as he stood straight and stepped closer to Brandon.
Brandon scoffed and raised his eye brows at you, an evil smirk on his face.
“Seriously, (y/n)?”
Happy stepped closer again, you watched in fear as they stood chest to chest.
“You don’t call her.” Happy growled. “You don’t see her. you don’t talk to her. You don’t even think about her. Or I kill you.”
They stared at each other, rage on their faces. The tension in the air was thick, you were still frozen, only able to watch.
Slowly, Brandon turned to you, a sickening smirk on his face.
He nodded before he stepped backwards and stormed out of the diner.
Tears streamed down your face as your body shook uncontrollably.
Happy sat in the seat next to you, wrapping his tattooed arms around you and stroked your hair.
“It’s okay little girl. He won’t hurt you. I’m here”
You sobbed into his chest, clutching the leather around him.
Despite everything that had just happened, sitting wrapped in Happys arms, you felt safe, for the first time in two years.

You stood outside the diner, next to Happys bike.
A cold wind blew your hair as you cuddled into your jacket, watching Happy as he handed you his helmet.
“Are you sure?” You asked him, hesitating as he held it out before accepting it and putting it on your head.
“Yes, (y/n).” He told you as he swung his leg over the bike and sat, looking over his shoulder at you.
You nodded and grabbed his shoulders, swinging your leg over and straddled the bike.
You placed your hands on his sides, but he grabbed them and pulled so you were leant right against his body.
You wrapped your hands around his torso and breathed in his scent as the bike beneath you roared to life. He turned his head to look at you, checking if you were okay.
You smiled gently and nodded at him before pressing your head to his back.

You walked with Happy towards the clubhouse, past the line of bikes.
As you neared the doors Happy grabbed your hand and looked at you, you smiled up at him.
He opened the door and the scent of cheap perfume and weed hit you instantly.
Leading you inside, Happy squeezed your hand gently.
Your eyes scanned the room and you saw three members of the club sat around the bar, watching as you and Happy approached.
“Happy, Brother, where’ve you been man?” Asked the youngest looking one, a Mohawk shaved into his tattooed skull. His eyes were warm and his face was full of concern as he ran his eyes over you, noticing your beaten face instantly.
“Out.” Happy told him.
The boy rolled his eyes and smiled widely at you. “I’m Juice.”
“Oh uh I’m (y/n). Nice to meet you” you smiled at him.
“(Y/n), this is Tig and Chibs” Happy said pointing to the other two men who watched you with both concern and curiosity.
“You alright lass?” Chibs asked you.
You nodded at him, a soft smile on your lips.
“C'mon” Happy said, pulling you towards the back of the room to a hallway.
“Goodnight (y/n)!” Tig called.
You turned and smiled at him before Happy pulled you down the hall.
He led you to the second to last door on the left, and led you inside.
It smelt like him, and you walked inside, suddenly feeling insecure. You wrapped your arms around your body and sat on the edge of the bed.
“You can take a shower if you want? I’ll get you some clean clothes.”
You nodded at him, “Thankyou, Happy. Really.”
He looked at you and nodded, handing you a towel.
“I’ll be out there,” he gestured back to the hallway. “But il be back soon.”
He smiled at you and you smiled back, watching him shut the door behind himself softly.
You had a long shower, enjoying the hot water washing away today’s dramas.
Stepping out of the shower you wrapped the towel around your body, and dried yourself, wincing as you patted the towel against your bruised ribs.
You stepped infront of the mirror, holding the towel in your hand and looked at your naked form.
Tears filled your eyes as you realised you didn’t recognise the face staring back at you.
So much had changed since you started dating Brandon. You’d lost your family, your friends, everyone that had cared about you. Now you were just an empty shell of a human, filled with the destroyed remains of the happy girl you once were.
You sighed and wrapped the towel around your self and left the bathroom.
You were single now, you had gotten away from him, you could move on.
You saw Happy had placed a pile of clothes on the bed and you smiled to yourself. You lifted the shirt that had the words ‘Samcro’ on it and pulled it over your head.
There were a pair of sweats too, but they looked huge so you decided against it, and got into the bed in just the shirt and your panties.
You pulled the covers up around your neck and breathed in the scent of Happy.
You heard the door open and looked over, he watched you as he pulled the door shut behind him and came and sat on the edge of the bed.
He didn’t say anything, just watched you with his dark eyes.
You smiled at him and reached out, grabbing his hand.
“Thank you Happy,” you murmured, your voice soft and sincere.
He nodded at you before speaking.
“I’ll sleep in the next room, if you need anything I’ll be there.” He began to stand and leaned over you, pressing a kiss to your forehead, making your heart flutter.
“Can you stay with me?”
He met your eyes and hesitated.
“Only if you want to, it’s okay if you don’t..want to.” You said, blushing slightly under his gaze.
“Are you sure?” He asked, his raspy voice sending butterflies to your stomach.
You nodded, and so did he.
He stood and went to sat on the chair in the corner of the room, sinking into it and leaning back.
“Happy, you can sleep in here,” You told him, throwing back the covers and patting the bed next to you, “I don’t bite.”
He raised his eye brows at you, a smirk spread on his lips “But I do.”
You laughed lightly and rolled your eyes at him. He pulled his kutte off and placed it in the chair and you watched as he stepped out of his trousers and pulled off his shirt, standing in just his boxers.
Your eye brows shot up and your heart raced as your eyes ran over his bare body.
He was covered in more tattoos then you had realised, and Jesus Christ he was ripped.
He caught you staring and you blushed, sinking into the pillows.
He stepped around the bed and slid in next to you.
You wrapped your arms around him and laid your head in his chest.
He stroked your hair and you fell asleep almost instantly, suddenly exhausted from emotion.
He continued stroking your hair, breathing in the scent of your hair as he watched you sleep peacefully.
He wasn’t sure what it was about you. He had seen plenty of bruised and beaten women in his life, but none of them had caught his eye the way you did.
You stirred something inside him and he felt compelled to protect you, despite only meeting a few hours earlier.
He enjoyed the way your warm body felt against him and the way you smelled, a sweet mixture of strawberries and vanilla.
He felt himself drift into sleep and he felt happy, happier than he had in a long time.

You woke early in the morning, your legs draped over Happys and your head still on his chest.
Light poured into the room from the window and you smiled to yourself as you ran your fingers over his chest, tracing the patterns of his tattoes.
“Sleep okay?” You heard the raspy voice speak softly and shifted your head, looking into his handsome face.
You could feel his warm breath on your face and you smiled at him.
“I did, Thankyou Happy.”
“Where have you been staying?” He asked you.
“At a hotel, out in Lodi.” You told him.
“I’ll take you there today, you can pick up your stuff. Then I’ll bring you back here and me and my brothers will go to your house and pick up everything else.”
You nodded at him gently.
An hour later Happy sat around the bar with his brothers as you showered, sipping from a cup of coffee.
“What’s with the girl?” Tig asked him.
“She’s with me.” Happy grunted.
The men all nodded and looked at him curiously.
They weren’t surprised that he had bought a woman back, he did that all the time.
But they hadn’t heard him fucking you. The walls at the clubhouse were thin, and Happy liked to fuck loud.
But last night they had heard nothing and they wondered if this was the start of the Tacoma Killer finally settling down.
You walked into the room, all heads turning to you and you smiled at them.
“Morning.” You said warmly and sat next to Happy as he passed you a cup of coffee.
“Morning lass.” Chibs said.

Two months had passed since that night, and you had stayed with Happy at the clubhouse every night, wrapped in each other’s arms. Never making love, never kissing, but still you had felt yourself starting to fall for him.
The club called him 'Killer’, but with you he was gentle, kind and warm.
You hadn’t heard anything from Brandon, and you were thankful.
You had returned to work, at the little bookstore on Main St, and Happy picked you up everyday, or sent one of his brothers to collect you.
Out of all of them you had grown closest to Tig, he had come to pick you up one day as you finished and as you walked outside, books in your hands he’d laughed at you and said “Hop on, nerd.”
If you weren’t with Happy in your spare time you were with Tig, usually getting drunk and telling dirty jokes, doubling over in laughter.
This morning Happy had dropped you off at work, kissed you on the cheek, and told you someone would pick you up once you’d finished.
Now, you stood outside the closed bookstore, looking at your watch.
You had finished ten minutes ago, and no one had turned up. Your escorts were never late. They probably just got held up at Church, you thought to yourself.
Fuck it, TMs a five minute walk away, and you couldn’t rely on them to pick you up forever.
You shifted your bag onto your shoulder and began walking down Main st.
You enjoyed the time alone. You loved hanging out with Happy and the Club, but you hadn’t had alone time in years. You’d forgotten how much you liked it.
The air was cool and the street lights shone down, illuminating the almost empty street.
You passed by the store fronts, looking in and admiring the items.
The flower shop was your favourite, and you looked at all the varieties in the window, smiling to yourself.
Your mood was light and you began to hum quietly as you walked, your feet hitting the pavement in a steady rhythm.
You turned the corner and was suddenly pinned against the wall, the breath knocked out of you as your back slanmed against the cold bricks.
You stared wide eyed at Brandon, as he pressed a knife to your throat.
“You shouldn’t have left me, bitch.”

I was curious as to all the outcomes you can get by the end of episode 2, so with microsoft word’s finest flow chart I began to note them all down. I’ve tested all the “hide truth” and one of the “Blame Nathan” options, but by then I could see the pattern and predict the rest (let me know if any of it’s wrong though and I’ll update it).  

So there are five total outcomes:

  1. Nathan is suspended.
  2. Max is suspended.
  3. David is put on temporary leave.
  4. Max accuses David but no action is taken against either of them.
  5. Jefferson is taken off the Everyday Hero contest.

Blaming Jefferson will always lead to him being taken off the contest so he’s not on the chart. He’s kind of a soft target that was probably there as a safety net for the players who disliked their other options. I also didn’t even know you could get a stalemate! Blaming David with no proof but also not having taken the blame for Chloe’s weed leads to nothing happening to anyone.

So there you have it! It’s also worth noting that on top of those five outcomes you have Kate being alive or not for each of them. That gives ten possible ending situations for episode 2.

I’m really interested in seeing how heavily these outcomes play into the next episode. I think this will be the point where we can see how important our choices really are to the story, or if it’s merely the illusion of choice. Either way I’m excited to find out!

anonymous asked:

I just had the worst week and felt so tired, maybe youll kindly give me some warm cuddly everlark drabble? Something like katniss had a bad day and in the end of the day peeta always there for her? Or something like that? Pretty please? *tiredly wink eyes*

Anon, I cannot refuse this request. In the name of getting something to you as soon as possible, I whipped this up as soon as I got your message, and it’s not been edited. If you like, I have more ideas in my head with actual cuddling in them which I will gladly write for you. Let me know and I hope your week looks up soon. Hugs and kisses! <3

Between the primroses and “Real.”

Her fingers tangle in the wire and even though she’s done this a hundred thousand times, it’s just too much today. Katniss thrashes her hands about with a growl on her lips and then a soft cry as the wire cuts into her skin.

When she finally manages to disentangle herself from her own snare, she flings the jumbled mess onto the ground and tries to cry. Not a single tear escapes her burning eyes as she turns her back on her task and trudges towards the district line, missing her best friend and hunting partner. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, the feelings rush over her swift and unstoppable.

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Fic: Eight Fourths

Title: Eight Fourths
Author: @campaignofmisinformation
Rating: PG-13
POV: Third Person: Mulder
Timeline: The Fourth of July 1992, 1996, 1999, 2001, 2004, 2007, 2013, 2016
Summary: Eight Fourths of July with Fox Mulder.
Author’s Notes: This started out as something short and sweet and got away from me very quickly. @somekindofseizure​ jumped in as beta on a holiday and I owe her all the things. So, uh, here’s whatever this is.


“So, check it out Mulder. We got our hands on an early copy of Dune II! It’s still in dev but already promises to set the precedent for all RTS games in the future.” Langly gestures to a computer screen displaying the words attack, move, retreat or guard.

“Sorry we couldn’t wait for you, man. Gotta stay on top of these things, you know,” Frohike says and claps Mulder on the arm. “So, what’s your poison on this tlhab jaj?”

Mulder frowns. “Tulab jug?”

“Tlhab jaj is Klingon for independence day. Frohike’s been frequenting the Star Trek forums again,” Byers states and adjusts his tie. “Would you like a beverage, Mulder?”

Mulder feigns shock with his fingers over his mouth. “Melvin, trolling for trekkie ass online? I never!” Langly and Byers chuckle.

“Don’t you judge me, Marty. And hey, speaking of ass, how’s that new lady partner of yours? Dana Scully, MD?” Frohike waits for an answer while Byers pours a healthy dose of whiskey over ice and hands it to Mulder.

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lynch.’s Announcement Translations

So here’s the official announcements the band made via their official twitter, I’m sorry if there are already translations out there, I haven’t see any as of now.

An important announcement from lynch.

Thank you for always supporting lynch.

Bassist Akinori, who has been arrested and hold in custody since by Aichi prefecture police on November 22, 2016, is reported to have been indicted due to violation of the Cannabis Control Law (Solely Possession [of weed]) on December 13, 2016.

As a result of a conference between the band members, and our company handling his indiction with severity, Akinoris contract with us has been cancelled as of December 20, 2016 and hereby will withdraw from lynch.

We again very deeply apologize to all the fans and everybody else involved, who where supporting us on a daily basis, for bringing such severe trouble upon you.

As for now, the band will still be refraining from live activities and and the already announced lives will remain cancelled.

All further activities will be announced at another time.

We hope you will still support lynch. in the future.

[Info on cancelled lives and how people can get refunds for their tickets]

December 20, 2016
Bellwood Records

From lynch.: To everybody who has supported lynch. until now

It has been reported that our bassist Akinori, who has been arrested on suspicion by Aichi prefecture police on November 22, 2016 due to the violation of the Cannabis Control Law (Solely possession [of weed]), has been indicted, leading to a conference including Akinori himself. As a result, Akinori requested to retire from the band and even though it was a bitter decision also for the other members, we are sorry to inform you that it has been officially decided that Akinori is leaving the band.

Furthermore, we’d like to deeply appologize to everybody who has supported us in any way to have burdened you with these troubles. We sincerely apologize from the bottoms of our hearts.

Our intention is to from now on continue our musical activities as a four member band with all the best we can do, but the band will still refrain from live activities at the moment. Where and when we will resume those activites will be announced at another time.

December 20, 2016
lynch. (Hazuki, Reo, Yuusuke, Asanao)

To everybody who has supported lynch. until now

I, Akinori, have been arrested by Aichi prefecture police on suspicion of violating the Cannabis Control Law (Solely possession [of weed]) on November 22, 2016, and indicted on December 13, 2016.

At this time, I have conducted a careless act [he uses the word scandal but that sound harsh dude] that goes against the laws of our society. There fore I’d first like to deeply apologize to the members and evreybody else affiliated with the band for burdening you with such severe trouble.

Furthermore I deeply regret causing sadness and disappointment amongst all of the bands’ fans. I wholeheartedly apologize.

I conveyed my intention of leaving lynch. directly to the members, which has been acknowledged and an announcement has been made accordingly.

At last, I wan’t to once again deeply apologize to the other members, all the supportive fans and everybody else involved to have burdened you with so many troubles. I also want to express my thanks to everybody for their great support until now. Thank you very much.

December 20, 2016

There’s a Reason Some Places Are Abandoned

original / the awesome author 

There’s a house in my town–at the end of Briar Lane–that people try to pretend doesn’t exist.

Some people call it The Going House.

Local legend says its called that because it’s the place for you to take the things you want to be rid of. The things you want to go away.

Built adjacent to the remains of the old hydro electric dam that used to power the town, people say that it belonged to the foreman. Or maybe old Mr. Julian who owned the dam.

None of the stories really agree.

It used to be beautiful. That’s what they say. A palace. Marvel of the age.

But that was years ago.

After the dam burned down, the house was shuttered. Mr. Julian still paid for upkeep; but moved his interests to Charleston and rarely visited.

Today, a parking lot and water treatment plant have sprung up across the dam and a copse of trees has reclaimed the land; chocking off the view of the house and gate from the main road.

You can still get to the house though–if you know it’s there and are inventive enough.

The site of the old dam is a scenic overlook today. Kind of off the beaten path, where you can watch the water run over the falls and take pictures in front of the ruins of the old dam’s foundation.

You can get to the Going House from the scenic overlook.

That’s how we did it anyway.

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pls encourage the headcanon that one day Suzanne gets out of prison and writes not only amazing fantasy stories centered the struggle of women in oppressive fantasy worlds (without using cliched abuse tales like Martin does) WITH DRAGONS!!! but also novels that tell ppl with mental illnesses they are not alone and that they are garden roses in a field of weeds. eventually she leads writing shops for young ppl wanting to write young adult novels and lives a happy life with several dogs and she gets all the love and respect she deserves :)

  • kate bishop: clint what's this tape labeled "AVENGERS D.A.R.E"
  • clint barton: oh god
  • clint barton: don't play th
  • 80s clint barton on tv: smoking weed just ONCE could lead you down to a lifetime of crimes
  • 80s clint barton on tv: one time captain america did a weed and it almost destroyed the entire avengers mansion and possibly the planet
  • 80s clint barton on tv: now here to help me give you some educational songs about drugs, here's New Edition