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This is exactly what Coretta Scott King warned congress about in 1986.

Jeff Sessions will fear-monger and stoke anti-Blackness by using everything from casual racism to deeply racist stereotypes, to justify the mass incarceration of Black people for non-violent, victimless “crimes” like marijuana usage.

The Trump Administration is in full White Supremacy mode.

Cannabis Abundance Spell (A Request!)

Had a great idea requested to me by @blondstitution (thank you again!)

They asked for a spell of abundance and prosperity for their cannabis so they won’t ever go without! Honestly, it’s terrible, hate those times wouldn’t wish that on anyone! So I took the day to ponder this and this is what I’ve come up with.

Cannabis Abundance/Prosperity spell, 3 part spell.

Best time for this spell would be during the Waxing moon which next waxing moon is coming through June 24th and July 7th 2017, you can always preform spells any time but the Waxing moon is the best time for abundance type spells. 

Part one items; Green or Black ink’d writing utensil, paper, optional gold accents (markers, ink, washi tape, etc)

The money sigil is for your wallet (or where you keep your money). Without money you cannot get cannabis, unless you’re lucky enough to grow then that’ll be another spell for you soon, so this sigil I designed to keep the flow of money up for you as well as balanced so all your life needs can be met.

(Please forgive the coloring, my camera on my phone is going out slowly lol)

I did this in green as it’s the typical color you associate with growth, money, prosperity. If you don’t have green ink’d marker or pen black will work just as well. Draw it up and embellish it as you wish (gold accents often helps in this department) fold it up and tuck it away where you keep your money. 

Part two items; Green or black permanent marker/paint marker/paint, jar/container you store your cannabis in

This next sigil is for your container to promote abundance and constant supply of cannabis. The leaf is the most common known symbol of cannabis it’s little points in each leaf all pushing upwards, and up is a good sign in growth. The symbol at the bottom is representative of 420, (4, two dots, and 0) to help you feel the full effects each time you smoke and you cannabis be very potent for you.

(Again, sorry, bad photo but you see what I did there)

So on your jar or whatever container you use paint this on top of it so you see it every time you go for it. Seeing it refreshes you mind of your spell work which adds extra strength and intentions to it. If you have to be discreet about it then you can draw this on the bottom or inside of the lid.

Part three items; your grinder, coin that’ll fit inside, a small bowl of moon water (or salt water because if you’re like me, I forget to make my moon water!!), a green candle, your smoking tool of choice, and your cannabis.

Place you candle and bowl on your altar space (or wherever is most comfortable for you) and light your candle. Pour your water into the bowl and add the coin. Pack your bowl, roll your joint/blunt and start your smoking session. You can also use edibles or oils if you prefer. If you smoke every puff blow the smoke onto the water. A chant or spell poem can be recited here; one I’ve written (but feel free to use your own if you wish)

May my jar never empty, may my hits be grand, may my cannabis heal me, may my lungs be blessed. My intentions are for abundance and never ending supply of cannabis for my healing soul.

Once you’re done with your session and you’ve put forth you intentions on to the coin, blow out your candle, take your coin out of the water and dry it off. Place your coin into your grinder so that as you use it you’re coin will add abundance to your cannabis. Now side note; if you do not use a grinder (some people don’t) then you can tape/glue to coin to the bottom side of your stash jar or favorite bong/pipe. 

There you have it! A three part spell for cannabis abundance! 

I wish you all happy puffs, happy lungs, and happy witchcraft <3 Blessings