weed paradox

I Wonder (Skate Maloley)

I haven’t written in forever. Life has been insane. This past week I’ve wanted to write something so much and then I heard these songs. - Bri xoxo

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The faint smell of Chanel mademoiselle perfume followed her into the room, it’s contrast to the stench of weed like a mysterious paradox. Her blackberry smirk the only sign that her life wasn’t completely absorbed in doing things the proper way. She watched me, I couldn’t tell if she was staring at me or the drink in my hand. She had an aura that proved she didn’t need me, or any guy for that matter. 

I slip some ice into a cup and mix her a drink, making sure to add just a little bit more tequila than I should. She takes a seat on the leather couch, and I make my way to her, “you look like you could use this,” I admit smoothly. 

She looks up at me, eyes glistening with humor, “my parents told me I shouldn’t accept drinks from strangers.” 

“Well, I’m not a stranger, darling.” I mutter dropping to the spot beside her, “I know you…so well.” 

“Enlighten me.” 


The boy, who I didn’t know his name, took a deep breath and placed the drink in front of me. I knew he hadn’t spiked it, or anything of that regard. However, if I accepted such a thing my whole persona would be dropped. 

“I wonder,” he begins, “you walk in here, wearing the perfume your mother bought you for your 16th birthday. You’re allergic to it, and you’ll have a rash at the end of the night but you don’t care because boys like that scent. You put on a color like that-” he gestured toward your lips, his thumb barely grazing your bottom lip, “because the boy you fell in love with a year ago likes dark lipstick.” 

“You wonder?” You question, trying your best to disregard what he just said. 

“Why a girl like you tries so hard to impress boys like me.” 

You furrow your eyebrows, “why would I try to impress you? I don’t even know your name.” 

He takes your wrist and trails his smooth fingers along the inside of your arm, “because I’m going to be the reason ink will be ingrained in your skin, right here.” You glance up at him and he smiles. His touched caused little goosebumps to erupt on your skin, the music was loud and the people were even louder. The nameless boy with long hair leaned forward and you caught a whiff of the blueberry weed lacing his breath that contrasted with the smell of your bubblegum breath in a way you never thought it could. 

The brunette brushes your cheekbone with his fingers, and presses a kiss to your plump, blackberry lips. 

“See, now you know exactly what’s going to happen before you even know my name–enjoy your drink.” 

Taking Requests! I’m currently studying law which is so much work but I have a lot of time on my hands regardless and so many ideas! Thanks for those who have stuck with me xx