weed out the fakers

I really think there is something to the widespread idea of people who say they’re disabled being “fakers” -

That feeds in to feeling like you’re “Faking” no matter how much evidence you get to the contrary.

Because it’s “so rare” and the kind of thing that “only happens to other people” and faking is “so common”.

So trying to weed out the fakers isn’t helpful.  It isn’t the work of an ally.  It just makes *Real* disabled people feel like they should keep quiet about their needs.

I Found You

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     When the concept of soulmates was first introduced to the world, everyone was thrilled. They wouldn’t have to worry about going through relationship after relationship trying to find “the one”. Everyone was thrilled, that is, until people started dying. It was discovered that if you hadn’t found your soulmate around the ages of twenty four to twenty seven , you would die.

     The name on your wrist haunted you. Park Chanyeol. Fantastic, as if Park wasn’t the most popular family name in Korea. How were you supposed to find him if you didn’t even know where to look. At this point you had accepted your fate. Although there were a few more years, you had given up hope. You were never going to find him.

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What truscums think they are doing: protecting the integrity of what being trans really means (generally a medical condition that is meant to be fixed) and thus keeping their communities safer by weeding out the fakers that only want attention, because those fakers are the cause because later cis people don’t take them seriously.

What truscums actually do: Denied support and space for people to figure things out, exclude narratives that don’t adhere to their own understanding of gender because it’s “inconvenient”, make other trans people adhere to strict gender roles and fit into gender expectations in order to be taken seriously, sometimes openly mock and laught at minors because they don’t want to do that, alienate trans people who can’t medically transition for health reasons, laught at those that simply don’t want to or did and still can’t pass, make it seems as if gender is a negotiaton thing that anyone, including cis people, can disagree on, wich ultimately is exactly the same thing that transphobic people do even to them anyway.

I don’t care if they are trans themselves, but if you tell me doing any of that is supose to help out trans people, I won’t believe you. 

note to self-diagnosed OCD sufferers:

you are important and I want to help you figure out how to cope with intrusive thoughts and compulsions. I have a paper diagnosis and I will fight tooth and nail against people who say you’re not allowed to describe your intrusive thoughts and compulsions as OCD.

you know your own mind better than any other person in the world. if you find that coping mechanisms that work for OCD sufferers work for you and if you feel like OCD sufferers know exactly what you’re dealing with, I don’t feel threatened by you saying “I have OCD.”

there is nothing that people with OCD gain from being cruel to OCD sufferers who don’t have a paper diagnosis. wanting to “weed out the fakers” isn’t worth the trauma it causes to people who actually have OCD but lack the resources to obtain evaluation.