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Finally doing my stop, drop, toke for all of you!! @bootymacaroni @yourlovelymonstrosity @zer0ni @2-grams @the-happy-high @eyesthesizeofmoons @latibules @whoduhthunkit @peacefulpothead @bakedoutblossom and anyone I missed 💚💚😙 im tgging @gorgeousganjagirl @cosmic-canna @aneelahss @lameeejaneee @bakedloaf @dontthreathenmewithagoodtime @bbylungx @thetruthneverlies @shitiwannasharewithyouwhenimhigh @psychedelic-freak-out

How to treat a woman do's and don'ts

DON’T: tell her you love her buy, hug her, show affection, buy her roses/chocolates/candy
DO: take her on a romantic date to the 7-eleven for slushies, kill her best friend and any of the male competition, then plan to bomb her to school and roast marshmallows over their classmates’ dead burning bodies