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This season of Silicon Valley is so weird because I’m like I cannot deny you captured how awful corporate meetings are and exactly what people in sales and design are like and the frustration of terrible short-sighted bosses but I just keep being like “why don’t you understand that I watch TV to think about literally anything besides what corporate life is like?”

Model MP5 Rubber Band Gun - Gadget Rise
Enter Bandman-Introducing our MP5, inspired by the most widely used sub machine gun of military and police forces around the world. This awesome piece of craftsmanship, cut from Hard Rock Maple, unleashes the power of 24 bands up to 30 feet, giving you the ultimate leg up in your office warfare. Comes with 100 bands. Roger That -Modeled after the MP5 sub-machine gun -All wood construction. Made from solid hard Maple. No plastic parts! -Semi-automatically fires 24 rubber bands up to 30 feet -Comes with 100 rubber bands, instructions, and is packaged on a wooden display board -made in the USA!

(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XUWsyWOZn4)

I have this series that I’m really loving doing haha If the title sounds interesting give it a look and subscribe for more videos! I’ve done a couple cool series like Kirby 64, Pokemon Platinum, and even HuniePop! (Devil May Cry 4 coming soon as well!!!) Thanks :)