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Dae! We need more Smol Ham! In fact we need more Smol everything!

Be careful with what you wish for…

Also. BONUS smol because I can’t resist.

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I think weed should be legalised but everyone should agree to still be secretive about it. what’s enjoyment without a heavy dollop of enriching shame

It’s a cozy Saturday night for me, and I ain’t feelin bad about it 😊💖
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renaissance high school AU
  • michelangelo: the angsty gay art kid who hates literally every other person even though everyone respects him.
  • machiavelli: honors student but still rollin in the hoes and always in trouble. makes really long political posts and gets into fights on facebook. gets expelled for his schemes.
  • raphael: the chill art kid that smokes a lot of weed and is loved by everyone. gets even more women than machiavelli.
  • leonardo da vinci: jack of all trades nerd who smokes even more weed than raphael. loves animals. actual genius.
  • lucrezia borgia: queen bee. owns every boy in the school. uses them for test answers.
  • isabella d'este: the other it girl. has it all: style, grace, gets amazing grades. fucking hates lucrezia for stealing her man.
  • julius ii: angry alcoholic football coach. may be a huge dick but gets results and the school worships him. bisexual art hoe also somehow.
  • lorenzo de'medici: the sugar daddy principal. knows how to run the school and keep people in order. talks big game on expanding art and science programs.
  • rodrigo borgia: that one sly fucking math teacher. knows when you're cheating (because his class is too hard) and exacts punishment swiftly. flirts with other teachers in the lounge.
  • savonarola: the puritanical disciplinarian. convinced the entire student body is evil and does everything in his power to stop their debauchery. hates rodrigo in particular. would light the whole school on fire if he could.
  • cesare borgia: school drug kingpin who put every other petty dealer out of business. spiked the punch at prom. has a knife fetish.
  • caterina sforza: silent freak. everyone's afraid of her. bookish. could probably kill cesare if she tried but she gets her weed from him.
  • leo x: school secretary who constantly embezzles money to buy weird exotic pets at shady conventions. never seen without a literal buffet on his desk. kinda creepy.
  • martin luther: disgruntled student who talks a lot of shit and writes graffiti in the bathroom stalls about all the fucked up shit people are doing.

this flowers instead of gems thing is so cool… some Thoughts from someone who likes flower symbolism too much

  • if we have a half flower/half human hero, she should be a daisy! they represent innocence, purity and cheerfulness, all of which are great traits for a kid hero. also, daisies are technically weeds but everyone loves them anyway which is Symbolic.
  • you also get big daisies and small daisies. so her mum is a big daisy but she’s a small daisy!
  • i think a rose probably has to be a major character… like maybe i’m going too much off rose quartz from su here but “every rose has its thorns” so making rose betray the group somehow would be cool… i’d make her either a red rose (the obvious), a yellow rose (betrayal and dishonesty!!), or a white rose (when dried this means “sorrow” which is very interesting).
  • nettles can mean life and death, or they can mean protection if you believe shakespeare… so here’s a character that joins the good guys later. probably a warrior-type with that sting.
  • a violet could be good. i’m mostly thinking “gay” here. but a purple violet can also mean daydreaming, so she could be a really cute spacey gay…
  • the flowers are ruled by queen sunflower. or at the very least, sunflowers should be super high-class, just look at em.
  • someone suggested lily of the valleys being high class and like - why not all lilies? orange lilies can mean desire, passion or hatred which would be a really cool villain concept!
  • there’s two unnatural rose colours which have meanings, blue (the impossible, mysteries) and black (death, farewell), both of which could be kinda cool backstory characters. technically black roses do exist irl but they are really fucking rare.
  • lavender means both “devotion” and “distrust”, which… like. hello. that right there is your character arc.
  • okay there’s a flower called bird of paradise and it means things like magnificence and beauty and honestly this is just asking for a character with petal-wings and a whole lotta style.
  • the iris symbolises wisdom and eloquence, which could lend itself well to a mentor-type figure.
  • there’s a flower called lobelia which just straight up means “malevolence” like wow…

like we need a proper tag for this because i have So Many Thoughts

yall have such wild and interesting lives and I cant contribute to the “SMH as things I’ve done/said” meme because my life is so goddamn mild in comparison lol, but one day I’m waiting for the meme reach its height and straight up read one that’s like: 

Bitty: I surpassed this mortal dimension and visited my alternate lifetime if I had been a pie instead of human; I was not maple apple but instead blueberry, and I cried. 
Jack: Consumed one (1) entire puck right in the middle of an ice rink because no snacks and was anxious
Dex: a dryer once ate me. i lived inside of it like how Geppetto lived inside the whale until i was rescued 
Nursey: fell asleep against a tree while writing poetry and then melted into the trunk and became a wood nymph. i absorbed anyone and anything upon contact
Chowder: actually raised by sharks for years and is a shark hybrid until I begged Ursula’s twice-removed cousin to give me legs in exchange for my potential to do the splits 
Shitty: gave an inspiring speech about the intersectionality of feminism, race, and weed on a bus and everyone was clapping. its true because i was also the bus
Tango: asked too many questions and ripped a hole in the space-time continuum. entered a realm where alternate universe me could not speak but had all the answers. I sat in a room with no door and no windows with alternate universe me. it was very quiet in that universe. 
Whiskey: a lax bro crawled through my window to profess his love to me in a sonnet and we made love for the next 30 hours. 
Holster: was marathoning 30 Rock and reached the 72 hour mark when Tina Fey crawled out from the TV screen and into my living room to hug me, not unlike the girl from The Ring. 
Ransom: cried the entire time during my final exams and begged the Hockey Gods to either stop time or for a hockey player with strong arms to cradle me and take me away where we can make love for 30 consecutive hours, and accidentally summoned Zdeno Chara to the classroom during the exam 
Lardo: became a Rothko painting immediately upon entering a local museum - it wasn’t even an art museum it was a history museum 
Kent: once fostered 100 cats for charity and became the 101st cat after unlocking the ancient power of transfiguration
Tater: Turned into a potato for 24 hours. Literally into a whole spud.