weed dish

So remember when I had Son help me pull weeds and do dishes and then he lost his chance to play Minecraft by throwing a fit during dishes?

This morning I told him we were going to pull weeds (we did the front beds last time, not the back) and he RAN upstairs to get dressed.

And he was pretty meeeh about pulling weeds at first. He prefers using the dandelion popper to actually pulling weeds. But once he got started, he did fine.

And then we came inside and he got right to work putting away clean dishes (after washing his hands, of course).

So I asked him why he put away the clean dishes all by himself without being asked and he sheepishly asked if he could play Minecraft.

He sounds so happy in there holy shit.

I do wish I could share his save file or world somehow, it’s massive and he’s been building in the same world since he was wee.

Mostly roller coasters. He’s not really into redstone contraptions.