weed crimes

please give me greek classic adaptations. take them from the chitons and the togas and bring them back to life, pull them out of their history and make them our own

  • southern gothic antigone where there’s a tree outside with a hangman’s noose, eteocles vanishes into the swamp, creon sits alone in the foggy morning and haemon screams to the empty houses. oedipus’ gravestone is crawling with weeds. 
  • mafia crime family iliad where the battles are fought with folded papers and signed documents, where patroclus’ death is sudden and soft and followed by a broken window, where there’s blood on diomedes’ shirtcuffs and on andromache’s bedside and on the inside of achilles’ mouth 
  • nightclub bacchae where dionysus mixes the drinks behind a crowded bar, the pulsating music and the writhing dancers serving as the chorus, pentheus’ glass shattering on the brightly lit floor as he falls