weed chips

things i want to do in europe

- learn valuable lessons in organic farming

-make and keep an alpaca blanket??? (we are working on an alpaca farm for a while)

- smoke a weed

- fish and chips

- get a tattoo/nose ring??? maybe

- spanish catholic mass

-wales (the homeland of negi springfield from celebrated manga negima)

- cry in the sagrada familia (a life long dream)

- take a selfie where yuri and victor got engaged

- make a wish on that fountain that tamaki thought cursed him in the ouran special chapter

- lmao why is barcelona in so many anime

- kiss a rando in el club

- find Myself

- Journal the shit out of this

“I’m just what you made God

Not many I trust

I'mma go my own way, God

Take my faith to wherever you want

I’m out here, on my son

Won’t stop ‘til I get me some

Club-hoppin’, tryin’ to get me some

Bad bitches wanna get me sprung

Early in the morning, I’m wakin’ bakin’, drinkin’, contemplatin’

Ain’t no such thing as Satan, evil is what you make it”

- Kid Cudi ft. King Chip (Just What I Am)