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Hoodies and Headphones

Anon asked: And now if you have time, a fic combining some of the headphones and sweater hc’s??

This is 100% fluff and I don’t know man it’s been a while since we’ve had pure fluff so let’s get into it

“Jeremy. We need to talk”

Oh great, that was always a perfect way to start off a conversation. Yeah that totally didn’t set Jeremy on edge. Not at all.

Michael was facing his closet, arms crossed. Apparently he wanted some sort of response because when the boy sitting crisscross on his bed stayed silent he turned around.

“Jeremiah Heere, I said we need to talk.”

Jeremy huffed and dug his feet further into the bend of the mattress he was making, “What turned on Mom Mode today?”

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Party Mum

Group: BTS        


Summary: You host a house party and regret it until you see your boyfriend

Genre: oneshot, some fluff

Length: 3k

Warnings: cursing, sex implied, underage drinking, mild drug use

A/N: first ever oneshot is out. I’m a mixture of excited and nervous but I hope you enjoy!

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Concept: Stanford pines stumbles back to his dorm after studying in the library for hours. He opens the door. The lights are off and the dorm is illuminated by 30 different lava lamps nestled in every corner of the room. Ford vaguely remembers these lava lamps but he’s never seen them all on at once. Fiddleford is laying on the couch in a tie dye t shirt and boxers, smoking weed. His hair is out of its ponytail and spilling over his shoulders like Botticelli’s Birth of Venus. Bizarre but calming music of a genre Ford has never heard before plays plays in the background.

Fiddleford greets him and moves over so that Ford can sit next to him. Ford kicks off his shoes and settles into the couch, letting the tension in his shoulders ease. This was never what he pictured for his life, but somehow, it feels like home.

anonymous asked:

I would like to think that at one point in time Pink Thug smuggled weed in his underwear for some reason (this thought came from the time my when my older brother made a drug deal but had to hide the weed in his boxers so noone would suspect a thing)

I’ve known three people who have done the same thing and I don’t doubt Thug would as well. God lord, he probably does it all the time too, cause he’s a damn idiot. Why do I even bother with this boy? He’s an ass and an asshole, oh right, that’s why. 

sO you know when you wanna rp but have no idea what to put as a starer? Well, I spent the last half of an hour going through pages from the ‘texts from last night’ site and below the cut is 30 texts that I think would make funny starters and conversations (maybe I just have a weird sense of humor and these really suck idk) But I hope someone finds this somewhat helpful. Idk.


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