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What about characters that are constantly high?

I’m not sure based on experience, because of all the people I know who have been high, none of them were around me at the time. (Plus they all only did on occasion or limited instances) Ask me in a few years when the legalization activates in my state and I may have a better answer for you, aha! (I don’t advocate illicit drug use but legal is fine please don’t read into this too much, I don’t want to be a bad influence)

It’ll depend on what they’re on and the strength of it, but under the assumption you’re talking about weed, there are two major types: indica and sativa. (There’s also a hybrid between the two, but I don’t know much about that) Indica tends to relax the body, and is the sort you tend to associate with the sleepy stoner. It helps with pain, anxiety, and insomnia. This kind is more likely to give you the munchies, gives a sense of euphoria, relaxation, and happiness. Sativa is associated with creativity and has more cognitive effects rather than physical (It’s also better used by those with depression, ADHD, and mood disorders). Sativa tends to make an individual creative, energetic, euphoric, and uplifted. So do with that information what you will! I can’t really give any account to more specific behavior, for the aforementioned reasons.

Quick, easy joint filter

What you will need… a card, or some other type of stiff paper; scotch tape; and scissors

1. Cut a piece out of the card that is the width and length you want your filter to be

2. Fold the filter like the picture, its easy

3. Roll the extra paper over the bends and secure with scotch tape

4. There is your quick easy filter! This filter can be reused a few times, about 2-3 but make sure before you use it that you check for clogs. 

Have fun and roll a joint :)

Hey this is more of an advice thing, if anyone knows a lot about dogs then that would be great too but anyone can give me advice on this lol.

So this is about my dog, hes 12 and will be 13 in october. He is a black lab. I recently moved out for uni so left the dog at my mums, but then i rented out of student housing and instead got like normal lettings so I brought the dog with me to where i lived for uni. It made me very happy and calmed me down a lot and it was also really good for the dog who was over weight thanks to my mums over feeding, and he began to get really healthy and fit, because i was only feeding him what he needed, medicines for his joints became rare because he was getting so much better.
But then after the landlord was coming we realised that we should take the dog back to my mums because we were planning on moving out of that house at some point (plans may have changed)
Anyway, took him to my mums and went back to uni. Within a week mum messaged to say that the dog had a UTI and so I quizzed her on what she fed him and what my older brother gave him whilst i was away. She told me nothing he just randomly got it. She took him to a vet, he got anti biotics and apparently the infection cleared. Now ive finished my second year of uni so I’m visiting the dog again, and his health has dropped severely. He needs to pee right away all the tome and pees for longer than he used to. He barks a lot more than he used to, is very stressed out, and needs a lot of help with steps and walking. This afternoon the dog was more stressed out than ever, very upset, restless, drooling gallons and then i overheard my brother tell one of my sisters that he’d fed the dog some weed at some point. I was really angry because that explained why the dog was stressed today. But then i decided to research the effects of weed on dogs and it can cause: incontinence, lethargy, low blood pressure, loss of balance, and abnormal heart rates. Some study also said that depending on concentration and the weight and size of your dog, it can kill them. So im obviously angry, my brother is hardly going to have measured out a good measurement so i confronted my brother gently as hes volatile and he made out like i know nothing. I just quietly told him its wrong and then went to try and explain to my mum, ( i woke her up though so she probably didnt get everything i said ) and she told me that today she gave the dog TWO paracetamol!!! Because he was distressed. The paracetamol we have in our house is 500 mg. So i feel like hes being poisoned whilst he’s here.

I am seriously worried about the wellbeing of my dog, a lot of my mental health rests on his wellbeing and happiness.
So does anyone have any hard facts i can show to my family, or any advice on what to do? I’m planning on taking the dog back with me to the other house but the issue is that id have to take thw train and theres no one to help me and the dog is frightened of trains and its hard work to lift him on my own.

For anyone experimenting with any drugs.
  • Before you decide to experiment with ANY drug, from marijuana to meth and anything in between, make sure you DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!! Learn the side effects, the risks, what it’s supposed to make you feel like, etc. You don’t want to go into it not knowing what could possibly happen.
  • Do not try any type of recreational drug for the first time by yourself. It’s best to experiment with someone who already has experience with whatever drug you are doing so that they can help you through it and they know what to look for if anything goes wrong. 
  • Driving while impaired is dangerous in any circumstance, but sometimes it’s necessary. But if you’re experimenting for the first time, have a designated driver who is (preferably) sober or at least experienced and okay with driving under the influence.
  • If you feel like you cannot drive, DON’T.
  • Try your best to stick with one dealer. The reason for this is simple: trust. For example, my bud dealer is my best friend and I trust him with my life. But that’s after dealing with him for over two years. When you go through multiple people, your chances of getting shorted on you sack increase, as well as the probability of not getting the best quality of stuff you pay for. And as shitty as it is, the probability of getting some stuff that’s laced goes up. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve went to the store and bought rellos and random people holler at me as I walk to my car asking if I wanna buy some bud. That is a super dangerous thing to do, as you don’t know these people and you don’t know what they have on them.
  • As bad as it is for you, if you choose to shoot up, USE A FUCKING CLEAN NEEDLE! The town my dad works in has a 40% HIV rate because of drug use and needle sharing. Is getting high really worth getting HIV?
  • Know your limits. If it’s your first time trying meth, don’t do a whole point line. Pace yourself. If it’s your first time smoking weed, don’t hot box on a four gram blunt. Don’t swallow four or five pills if it’s your first time messing with them. 
  • Speaking of Pills: All prescription pills can be easily identified. All you need is the pill, and Google. There is usually a little set of numbers and/or letters on one side of the pill. If you Google “(Numbers) + (pill color) + (pill shape)”, you can usually find out what you’re about to do. I do this with any and every pill someone gives me, for one reason: Not every pill is what they say it is. Your dealer can say he’s giving you Xanax and while he’s probably telling the truth, all it takes is for one time for them to fuck up and give you the wrong thing and have something bad happen to you. So this goes with the first point, RESEARCH BEFORE YOU TRY ANYTHING!!!
  • Be aware of your surroundings. I don’t get high unless I know I’m in a safe environment, which is usually my house, my dealers house, or his brothers house. I know where I am, I know how to get home, and if something were to happen, I know how to contact somebody, whether that be his parents or my parents or whatever. Plus it’s good to be in a place that you know in case, God forbid, something goes wrong like an overdose or something that would require an ambulance to be called.
  • Make sure your phone is fully charged and on. Just in case.
  • Always have someone you trust know your passcode on your phone or to know your parents/guardian/roommate/partners phone number. The worst thing in the world is not knowing something is terribly wrong when it is. If something does happen, no matter how bad you may get in trouble, you need to let your loved one(s) know.
  • If you feel like something is wrong, TELL SOMEONE! If it’s your first time, yes there is a chance you could just be freaking out because you haven’t done anything before. But still you need to tell someone how you’re feeling. Describe the way you feel in the most clear way possible and if you feel that you need to go to the hospital, then GO. It’s better to be safe rather than sorry.
  • If you do have to go to the hospital, do not lie to the doctors. They are not cops, nor can they call the cops on you. It’s better to tell the doctor exactly what you did so that they can figure out the best way to treat your ailments. If you don’t tell them, you’re only hurting yourself more, and most of the time, the doctors know anyways.
  • STAY HYDRATED!!!!!!!!!! I’m so serious about this one. It does not matter whether you take meth, molly, acid, pills, weed, whatever. You always keep a bottle of water or Gatorade or something with you. Dehydration is one of the leading causes of meth/molly/ecstasy/cocaine related deaths. And not only that, but cottonmouth is a bitch…trust me, you will be glad you did it. 
  • You have to come down at one point in time. If you start losing your high, sometimes it’s okay to smoke another blunt or take another pill. But do not let that happen all the time. That can lead to an overdose really easily. I know the come down for certain drugs, like meth, is really bad for some people, but continuously avoiding that comedown by taking more is only going to make that impending comedown so much worse.
  • And my last point…Don’t lose yourself to the drugs. I’m not gonna sit here and lie…I love to be high. And I have experimented with a lot, but trust me when I say that your life is not worth the couple hours you get to be high for. If you have an addictive personality, I suggest you stay away from meth, heroin, and cocaine as they are all highly addictive. And don’t sit here and say “Oh it’s just one time, it’ll be fine,” because that’s what I thought the first time I did ice. And all it took was one time and I automatically wanted it again. 

I can’t sit here and tell someone not to do certain drugs because they are bad when I myself have done many of them. No, they are not good for you, but it is still a fact that people are going to sit here and do them, so if that’s the case, I’d rather people do them in a safer way rather than harm themselves even further.

If you’d like to add anything else, please feel free :)

There aren’t many things in life that are magic. Embrace the things that let you escape from reality (e.g. love & music).

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Hey this is tmi but I've been on the toilet pooping my guts out for 2 hours in severe pain and I'm this 👌🏻 close 2 Eating illegal weeds to get the pain 2 stop tell me more about the pros n cons about Can I Bus

alright my fellow sufferers its time to Learning About The Weed with ur fav stoner goate

below the cut are my personal pros and cons and other advice and important information for beginners! warning, it’s pretty long, but i wanted to try my best to be as educational as possible. let me know if theres anything i should add or change!

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