Impala!Sex Fic Recs

we’re gonna celebrate, it’s Baby’s day and the best way is with a list of Impala!sex wincest fanfics

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July 4th, 1996 - 2k - NC-17 - Not all of the fireworks were literal (or why that night really made Dean’s greatest hits).

Hum Hallelujah - 2k - NC-17 - It’s the humming that wakes him.

Wincest - 1k- NC-17 - Dean and Sam have rough sex on the hood of the Impala. Dirty talk. It’s a pretty sexy story if I do say so myself.

Back Seat Driver - 3k - NC-17 - Sam finally got what he wanted. Now he just had to convince Dean. Basically PWP.

The Stars Are Out Tonight - 7k - NC-17 - Dean finds something he isn’t supposed to, triggering a chain reaction leading to stuff that wasn’t necessarily meant to be included in the “Winchester gospel”. But no matter what choices are made and what details are altered, the endgame stays the same.

Like Flicking On a Switch - 2k- NC-17 - S3. Sam wants Dean any way he can get him, no matter if Dean’s driving or not…

We Belong - 7k - NC-17 - Dean Winchester left his dad and older brother behind, to pursue a life outside of hunting. He’s five months away from graduation and happily living in sin with his girl when his past comes creeping back in. Comes creeping in through his apartment window, to be precise.

Dean, you’re drunk, and it’s late. - 1k - NC-17 - Wincest porn without a plot.

Foxclove - 4k - NC-17 - “The fuck is the matter with you anyway?” Sam follows him around when Dean turns away to settle against the Impala. He positions himself square-on in challenge, giving Dean no quarter. I want to fuck you up, Dean thinks, Get your suit all dirty.

You can run away with me any time you want - 3k - NC-17 - Sam tries to hitchhike to Stanford. Dean picks him up.

Keep It Hushed - 1k - NC-17 - In the front seat, the father is snoring resonantly, but in the back there’s movement, quiet whispers of a name.

Car Sex  Sam and Dean, first time having sex in the Impala.

Bridges Burned After a hunt goes wrong, Sam thinks he’s about to get everything he wants. But is he? Impala!sex, Weecest, dub-con? (sorta). Can’t explain too much without giving away the surprise!

Now What?  Sam and Dean share a private moment in the Impala that turns out to be less private than they thought.

Secret   Sammy has a bit of an automatic response to a certain situation in the Impala. its sequel Desperation  Sam gets his wish,  Gift Sam doesn’t know as much as he thinks about Crowley’s gift., Desires Dean has a fantasy that he isn’t telling Sam. Crowley figures it out. and Full Circle Dean and Sam act out Dean’s fantasy.

Slow Ride It’s a sickness, an obsession, a level of sexual depravity that would send most people running the other direction as fast as their legs would carry them.

A Part to Play  Dean knows Sam needs him, loves him, should be with him - now he just has to convince Sammy.

Roadside Service   “Get in the backseat, Sam,” Dean repeats, slower this time like Sam is touched in the head. There’s rain soaking through Dean’s clothes because he might have been fast but there’s just no way that he could avoid the downpour outside. Under normal circumstances, Dean would be bitching up a storm at getting the upholstery all wet. “There’s no room up front.”

Cold and Broken  Love is not a victory march. Especially for the Winchesters.

Hard-Won Inches  Dean’s developed this thing lately where he likes to touch Sam’s mouth while he has the amulet in there, fingers tracing so gently it almost tickles, around the little pouty spot where the cord disappears between Sam’s lips. It’s kind of weird, but probably not weirder than the fact that Sam’s ten and still sucks on his brother’s necklace to go to sleep at night.

Hold me now, I’m six feet from the edge...He loved being with Dad because he just felt more comfortable taking their father’s directions than taking control for himself, but having Dad around had put a real damper on the physical contact and Dean decided that it had to stop.

Reality Check Sometime after Castiel knocked down the wall in Sam’s mind it became apparent to the younger Winchester that all the king’s horses and all the king’s men could never put Sammy back together again. Sam began hearing Lucifer, seeing him during the day as well as the night, his life slowly melting into a stream-of-consciousness nightmare.In a rusted out warehouse Dean gave Sam a way to cope- the physical sensation of here-and-now pain helped to block out the mental agony of Satan in his head, scratching away at Sam’s resistance. But what happened when Sam’s hand healed and pain was no longer available as a distraction?  Well, Dean comes up with a solution to that too, one that ends with nightmares broken, lips locked together, and bodies pressed against each other on the hood of the Impala out under the stars. This is the story of how Sam losing his grip on reality ended up giving the Winchester brothers the greatest reality check of their lives.

The Road Is Life  Set during 2x03, Bloodlust. The Impala is a safe haven for the boys. Always has been.

Ownership  “‘Fraid you’re not allowed to do that. Not when this,” he reaches down and grabs Dean’s dick through his jeans, “belongs to me.”

Asking for it  first time Wincest fic where Sam has rape fantasies.

Filthy Innocence  It’s amazing how Sam manages to keep his doe eyes and dimpled smile, though Dean’s practically turning him into a back alley whore.

Here are some references for shippers!

“Only csa survivors that use this ship to cope can ship it!“ 

"Fiction affects reality!”

“You’re drawing child porn!”

“You’re glorifying it!”

“it’s pedophilia!”

Pedophilia is a mental disorder:

Shippers are not…

Condoning | Pedophiles | Incestuous | Survivors?

Incest is not:

Abuse | Rape


…the fact that in the Soul Eater’s nest, you see the person you love more than anything DEAD?

Bobby saw Sam and Dean (his boys, the people who mattered MOST to him) DEAD. 

And who did DEAN see dead?

Not Castiel, that’s for sure. And why is that? Because the person Dean loves above ALL THINGS on God’s green earth is his baby brother Sammy. 
From Bobby’s experience alone, we know for a fact that Dean could’ve seen two people dead IF he loved two people on the same level, but you know what?

He doesn’t. Bobby didn’t see his friend Rufus dead, and Dean sure didn’t see his friend Cas dead. Why? Because Bobby might be friends with Rufus but he does not love Rufus, and Dean might be friends with Cas, but he does NOT love Cas.

Castiel doesn’t even come close to Sam in the level of depth in which Dean loves his baby brother, and no matter what ANYONE says, you cannot dispute that pure unabashed canon proof that was this episode that showed not TWO dead bodies to Dean, but ONE. The only person in the world that he actually loves



“I’m sorry, Sammy.” Dean said, only after he was certain his brother was asleep. ib: jarpad

Just fuck me up…..I can’t. Oh god. @veganweecest

atlantasfinestt  asked:

Hi! You said in a ask you answered that John wrote in his journal that Sam and Dean had to sleep in the same bed or they couldn't sleep? Do you have any pics or anything? Thanks. Xx

I’ve yet to ever spout any kind of information without solid facts to back it up, so OF COURSE I have pics!! ;D 

This is of course the same journal that also informs us who Sam took his first ever steps towards: 

John Winchester’s journal is a plethora of brother (irrationally, psychotically, erotically) codependency information to the max, from how John is fully aware of it becoming a thing, to how there was literally nothing else he could do about it because it HAD to be a thing or the boys would die.
Whether you ship Wincest or don’t ship Wincest, the entire journal is a wondrously, tragically beautiful depiction of John’s point of view on hunting, being a father, and info upon info on his two sons who love each other more intensely than life itself with each passing day. 

As for your question, It’s the December 11th journal entry that I was referring to. It implies that Dean & Sammy weren’t capable of sleeping through the night until he and Sammy shared a bed together. Gotta love it~. <3

If YOU would like to read the ENTIRE journal for free, here is a PDF file of the book!! It’s a must read for any Supernatural Fan/SPN Knowledge Buff! 

–> Click Here <–

Little virgin Sammy, 16 years old, writhing helplessly while his big brother holds his thighs spread open wide with strong hands and tongue fucks him mercilessly, licking into his sweet hole with that wet, wriggling tongue that curls inside him, making his head thrash side to side and his back arch. Alternating between trying to pull away or push back against Dean’s face, but his big brother doesn’t let him do either, just tightens his grip and keeps Sam pressed firmly into the mattress and works his tongue in deeper, refusing to let up no matter how much the needy teen whimpers and shakes and begs.


Daddy!Kink J2/Wincest fic recs

hi nonnie! sorry for the very late reply, those are what I could find about this kink, hope helps!

Daddy, Please Dean plays more than one role for his little brother.

Won’t You Treat Him Right Weecest (unspecified ages). Daddy-kink. Yeah. I don’t even know what happened here.

Anyone Can Be a Father (Takes Something Special to Be a Daddy) Basically, I want Daddy!kink, but with Sam and Dean, no John. Sam calling Dean Daddy and Dean calling Sam baby and baby boy….hot.

Sugar Daddies!Series  A 16 year old Sam Winchester meets Jared and Jensen, circumstances forcing him to the streets to earn money. Prequel to I live on the right side; I sleep on the left.

All Your Love And Longing Behind  When Jensen, an omega, married Jared’s dad, Jared was still a little kid.  Jensen knows he shouldn’t think of him this way, but at 17, Jared is now a hot young alpha. His husband is spending more and more time at work, and Jared obviously has a crush on him too.

Mates Verse When Jensen is thirteen his mother remarries Jared and Jensen immediately knows that he and Jared are supposed to be mates, but he hides it in order to not hurt his mother. When Jensen goes into heat unexpectedly because of a personal tragedy, he and Jared can no longer avoid their need for one another.

Salted Caramel  Jared is in love with his mother’s new husband.

Sharp Dressed Man  Sam gets in trouble at school. Dean arrives, playing as John. Dean’s wearing a suit, Sam has finds it hot, ensuing daddy issues and punishment that turns heated.

Act Your Age This is the bulge!fic, everyone.  Strap on your panties. An already bizarre case goes full-on freaky when Sam’s 27-year-old mind gets stuck in a 12-year-old body.  Of course he and Dean are determined to get to the bottom of this… but they may get sidetracked a bit.

Desperate Jared gets Jensen completely horny and needy before he goes out to work but doesn’t let him come. Jensen has to spend the whole day in panties and a cock ring and do all the things Jared tells him to.

Lolita  Kink Meme fill: Jared married Jensen’s mom to get access to the beautiful boy.

untitled Dean and Sam have an established relationship, and Sam gets Dean to talk about his fantasies. He’s embarrassed but Dean has a fantasy where Sam calls him Daddy, but Sam’s into it. They start to roleplay, and Dean tries to act like John since he thinks that’s what Sam wants. But really Sam just wants Dean to be his daddy.

Say It  As much as Jensen loves the way Jared adores him and treats him like a prince in their daily lives; he lives for these moments when Jared gets riled up enough to get rough and stop treating Jensen like he’s made of glass.

Usurp   Jared is Jensen’s alpha and step-father. He’s been the focus of Jensen’s messed up affection for years and when Jensen discovers Jared returns his feelings he’s can’t help but try and coax the alpha from his mother’s bed into his own.


sam and dean aesthetic 50/?
↳weecest, high school

Dean Winchester being the one that everyone wanted with his leather jacket and his car. Dean Winchester being the one that everyone stared at whenever he walked by with his gorgeous looks and a voice that seeped into your bones.

Dean Winchester was the boy who could have anyone and he got the one boy that he shouldn’t have. He got the shaggy haired boy, with hazel eyes and lanky limbs that went on for days.

Dean Winchester got his beautiful baby brother.