Day 24: Habitat for Insanity

Today was a long, HOT day of work. Using my own scientific method which measures the amount of sweat accumulated in my undercarriage, I figure it’s about 95 degrees fahrenheit with 80% humidity. 

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We’re really trying to get the front room to the point where it’s livable since we have buds coming to volunteer this weekend at our Habitat for Insanity project where crazy people can peel paint for six hours a day for a good cause.

I started by finishing the last wall we couldn’t complete last night because the joint compound was still wet.  First I sanded the wall since if I was a member of the 90′s hip hop girl group Salt n’ Pepa, I’d be Sandra ‘Pepa’ Denton.  Then I washed that wall down to minimize the dust and then primed it with Killz primer. This wall was actually kind of tough to paint because there is still some texture to it which means it’s hard to saturate (especially if you don’t have the correct rollers…which we don’t).  But it’s done so yay.

Then we put some caulk around the room since the walls don’t quite meet the trim (great idea whoever thought of that!).

Next we tackled the wall where we stupidly removed the baseboard thinking we could come up with a better solution.  Spoiler alert! We really couldn’t. Thankfully we didn’t take them ALL off before we figured that out so we just had to fix the one wall we screwed up:

What you’re seeing above is like a shit parfait (from the bottom): wood laminate, original wood floor, brick wall, plaster wall that ends six inches above the floor. We tried to buy a piece that would kind of blend in to the old baseboards but it’s hard to find a piece that thick so we cut pieces of drywall to fill in the hole and create a surface flush with the plaster. We attached it with contractor’s glue which takes a while to dry properly so here it is being held up with bricks and such:

Then we applied the new baseboard and adhered with contractor’s glue and nails:

Then G tackled the window trim which we had to replace since we ripped off the old trim like idiots (lesson learned: don’t do that).

By this point, I’d been in the heat for around 8 hrs and the combo of the heat and the glue was making me loopy and the puns were somehow even worse than usual.  I just want to give you some context to G’s frame of mind when he rigged up this system for drying the glue on the bottom trim of the window to the wall:

Here’s how the windows turned out though.  The before:

And the after:

We still need to paint the whole room (including trim), figure out what we’re doing with the floor (either buffing the original wood or reflooring) and we’d like to do something cool with the fireplace.  But it’s in good enough shape to move our stuff into so we can demo the room we’re currently living in so that’s a little progress made today.